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Gerald’s Game: Why it is worth watching?

Gerald’s Game: Why it is worth watching?


Geralds game is a 2017 Netflix original. Are you a horror movie lover? Then you must have heard about this movie. It’s almost in everyone’s recommendations you search up. So what is so special about the movie? Let me drive you through it.

Gerald’s Game: Plot

Gerald's Game: Why it is worth watching?

Gerald’s Game is a psychological thriller-horror Netflix original movie. An adaptation of the Stephen King novel named the same. The movie revolves around Jessie and Gerald who decide to go on vacation to re-discover the romance in their relationship.

After reaching the location, Gerald wants Jessie to try a sex game to bring the pleasure back in the relationship which they have lost. Seeing the handcuffs, Jessie already is a bit scared but lets Gerald try his fantasies. As Gerald tries his sex game on Jessie, he wants her to cross the limits this time.

Jessie, getting scared, tells him that she does not want to be part of his hurting rape fantasy and wants him to uncuff her. Getting into a fight, Gerald gets a heart attack by overdosing on his medicines and dies. (That’s karma! Believe me or not!)

Now, Jessie is cuffed to the bed, and unfortunately, they have cut everyone off before getting to the location. There’s no one around.

So how will Jessie survive? Will she be able to get out out of those handcuffs?

Apart from this, the movie shows how she has been through an ugly past and has not yet recovered from it. (And boy, believe me! She has some pretty messed up past and no one, absolutely no one knows it.)

Gerald’s Game: Direction and screenplay and other discussions

Gerald's Game: Why it is worth watching?

Gerald’s game sounds like a one place movie, right? You are handcuffed to a bed and the only person who was with you is dead. Now, what exactly can you do to keep the audience on their seats?

The movie does flip between the present and the past often so there are characters other than just husband and wife. But almost 75% of the movie is in the room. Let Mike Flanagan tell you how will you keep the audience in one room.

Mike Flanagan has been creating his audience in the horror world. He knows just how to give creeps to the people by making the movie a classic. You have so much more than just jump scares, you have so much more than exaggerated loud scenes, you have something more than just dolls haunting you. (No offense!)

Gerald’s Game is for sure not the one to make you jump right off your seats. It rather keeps you still on your seats. It keeps you occupied. It gives you chills. And that is what psychological horror should be about and Mike knows it. Mike knows that Stephen didn’t want ghosts to be the main fear, he wants our secrets to be the one to haunt us this time.

Gerald’s game could not be in everyone’s favorite list because people in this generation have made jump scares a horror genre, but horror has so much more to give. And that’s why mike keeps it simple. He keeps us in silence, he keeps in dark, he keeps us cuffed.

Gerald's Game: Why it is worth watching?

He wants to feel what handcuffs that will probably lead to death feels, what ugly secrets that are locked in the heart feels, how seeing death feels, how inner anxiety and depression feels like. He wants us to feel disgusted with the fear and yes, he makes us feel that.

If you have watched any of Mike Flanagan, you will exactly know how he likes to build horror. Let me give you an example of “The haunting of the hill house” which is his Netflix original show. And some people still claim that is one of the most boring show they have ever seen. (Yeah right!)

If you compare “The haunting of hill house” to Gerald’s game you will see what he brings with his horror. He brings emotions, he brings tension, he brings thrill that will stay with you even after watching the whole thing. (I am not exaggerating, but after I watched the movie my heart won’t stop pounding for straight two days. And even my wrist had cramps because of one of the scenes in the movie where it gets all bloody. Trigger warning for that!)

And Stephen is himself a king (No puns intended), even his bad novels are not bad. They are not just as good as other ones. And Mike Flanagan respected it while making Gerald’s game. The screenplay, the direction everything he has done with the movie, even some changes from the book just makes the movie so good.

I have been called out so many times for liking the horror movies that are like this, but being a fan of the horror genre, I think I want something that is something more than just what people made it these days. And I say the same for Gerald’s Game instead of saying “Bad adaptation of a bad novel”. (Cause my respect and love for directors and writers stops me. And the directors who take risks and are honest than just changing the whole concept of the movie, believe me, we need them more.)

Gerald’s Game: Acting

  • Carla Gugino in Gerald’s Game

Gerald's Game: Why it is worth watching?

Carla is the one that never surprises me. Because I know she is amazing. I loved her in the movie because she makes you believe that she is handcuffed throughout the time even though there’s another role of her playing the illusion of her mind. (It’s like flipping between two completely different roles)

She carries that tense, the emotions, and the anxiety with the same intensity throughout the movie and you can’t tell one moment where you will find her different from what she has been handcuffed. She is there for 99% of the movie and I did not mind that. She was amazing throughout the movie. (And well, she is goddess, I mean, look at her. She is the definition of the word “Woman”)

  • Bruce Greenwood in Gerald’s Game

Gerald's Game: Why it is worth watching?

Bruce green would play Gerald in the movie and is as good. It’s not like he was just there for the Sex game scene.

He also plays one of the illusions of Jessie’s mind and he was amazing bringing the tension to the scenes, the one being bad, the one manipulating Jessie.

Gerald's Game: Why it is worth watching?

Along with that, Henry Thomas, Kate Seigel, and Chiara Aurelia played their part as amazing even if it was for a short time.

  • Gerald’s Game: The conclusion.

Gerald's Game: Why it is worth watching?

So it’s almost clear till now that I was impressed by the movie. Yes, it is not the best storyline I have seen but for me, the movie can impress me in various ways. (Actually, I was still moved by the story so I don’t know what I am saying)

Gerald games are something that brings tension and thrill with horror. It’s not just a typical horror movie. It is a thriller movie, it’s a psychological movie, it’s a survival movie which brings horror in different ways.

This is the thing about Mike, he always brings his cast and crew back and puts all his efforts to make a movie one of his fine pieces. So if you are a Mike Flanagan fan, this movie is for you. If you are a fan of anything psychological this movie is for you. And from the review, you must have got what makes the movie special apart from its storyline.

Let us know what do you think of Gerald’s game? Will you watch a one-room psychological horror? I will meet you soon with more of Movie and shows reviews and try to explain what made me like it until then, stay strong, stay safe. Peace!

  • Ratings

Acting: 4.5/5

Direction: 4.5/5

Background score: 3.5/5

Overall rating: 8/10


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