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Grim Reaper: Introduction and future of another MCU Villian

Grim Reaper: Introduction and future of another MCU Villian

Grim reaper

Eric Williams aka ‘The Grim Reaper is one of the retro villains of the Marvel Comic World. With deep-lying connections to Vision and Scarlet Witch. He has one of the well-built narratives of his early life, transformation, and inaction scenarios. In the beginning, though the Grim Reaper did not have any supernatural powers, his scythe and his robust fighting skills were more than enough to cause trouble to our heroes.

The origin 

grim reaper

Eric Williams and Simon Williams were two sons to Sanford and Martha Williams. As typical as it could get, Simon was the childhood favorite of the house. And Eric turned out to be the bad boy. His mother Martha would often quote him as the ‘born bad’ kid as well. The father’s responsibility is to discipline and develop him as a kid. He was often a victim of his father’s own abuses. Simon being the studious one always tended to get the intimacy of his mother. And Eric day by day seemed to have fallen deep into the bad books.

Even as a teenager Eric kept creating nuisances and getting himself into trouble turning into a thief very young. After their father’s death, Simon got custody of the family business: Williams Innovations. Whereas Eric was left to his robbing job. He then joined the Maggia Mafia in Las Vegas.

With the growing competition in the market and rival party Stark Industries, Williams Innovations under the ownership of Simon began to fall on a decline. To save his company from sinking, Simon agrees to swindle money from the company to invest with Eric.

The transformation

But in the action, Simon gets caught and jailed. Baron Zemo offers to bail Simon out from jail in exchange for defeating the Avengers. Simon gets transformed into Wonder Man in order to possess powers to face the likes of Tony Stark alias Iron Man (because of whom Simon seems to have ended up in jail) and the rest of the Avengers. Simon gets altered into Wonder Man by Zemo’s ionic ray treatment. But the transformation leads to weakening Simon’s metabolism and that could lead to him dying within a week unless he was given its antidote in regular periods.

Thus Zemo ensured Wonder Man’s loyalty towards him to destroy the Avengers. But after Simon spends an ample amount of time with the Avengers, he grows kind towards them and does not have the heart to fight them. In order to now save the Avengers, Wonder Man sacrifices himself for the cause.

Grim Reaper VS The avengers

grim reaper VS avengers

Eric Williams when learns that his brother is dead goes all out and blames the Avengers for what happened and is now set to destroy them. With his contacts in Maggia, he approaches the ‘Tinkerer’ and gets himself his scythe weapon. Under the name of ‘Grim Reaper’ now, he becomes a professional criminal and defeats the likes of Clint Barton (Hawkeye), Dr. William Foster  (Black Goliath), and Janet van Dyne (the Wasp), but gets battered by a surprise Black Panther advent.

The Grim Reaper after that makes a couple of efforts to destroy the Avengers. With his team of Lethal Legion consisting of the Power Man, the Man-Ape, the Living Laser, and the Swordsman, the Grim Reaper squares up once again to attack the Avengers but fails at it again. The Lethal Legion wasn’t able to take down Vision who was cybernetically programmed with the behavioral patterns of Simon Williams (the Grim Reaper’s brother) by the robot Ultron.

The Grim Reaper later on ally’s with the Space Phantom to battle the Avengers. He tries to manipulate Vision now to join forces with him in exchange to which the Grim Reaper offers to transfer Vision’s mind into Wonder Man’s body, in a way also resurrecting his own brother. After rejecting the Grim Reaper’s proposition a couple of times. Vision finally agrees to be a part of their plan only in a way so that he gets close to them in an attempt to save the Avengers. The Grim Reaper, Space Phantom, and Hydra Soldiers face off against the Avengers which does not end in the Grim Reaper’s favor.

Grim Reaper future comics 

In the next editions of the comics, the Grim Reaper is seen to battle it out between Vision and the Wonder Man (gets resurrected thrice before joining the Avengers full time). He has the need to find out who his true brother is, Vision or Wonder Man. Later on when he finds out that none of them is his brother he intends to destroy them both nevertheless failing over and over.

After the Ultron-12 attacks the Avengers jet and it crashes, Grim Reaper traps all the Avengers in electricages inside a cave. With the intervention of the Mockingbird, the Avengers are freed. Vision and Wonder Man chase the Grim Reaper through the caves however the cliff beneath tumbles down and the Grim Reaper succumbs to his own death.

His lover Nekra studies black magic and learns how to raise the dead in order to resurrect the Grim Reaper. She is successful in doing so. But the Grim Reaper is now in a zombie body state.

Later on, he gets killed by the Wonder Man twice before resurrecting again. This time Nekra’s spell requires the Grim Reaper to absorb a human life every 24 hours. And when the Grim Reaper is resurrected he makes Nekra herself his first victim. He summons the demon Lloigoroth and asks for supernatural powers in exchange for killing people.

Grim Reaper Comics

The Grim Reaper was later a part of the Secret War storyline. As he was one of the villains who had been given technology by the Latverian Prime Minister to kill the heroes who were involved in the Secret War. Next in the Dark Reign timeline, the Grim Reaper forms a new Lethal Legion lineup. But in the end, are defeated by the Dark Avengers and H.A.M.M.E.R agents and get imprisoned in the Raft.

In the Chaos War timeline, the Grim Reaper was chosen as one of the servants of the Chaos King along with Nekra who were entrusted to kill the Avengers. During this encounter, Vision denotes himself killing the Grim Reaper as well in this process to save the Avengers.  The Grim Reaper is brought back to life by the Apocalypse Twins using the life and death seed and serves as one of the Horseman of Death. The Apocalypse Twins are defeated and the Grim Reaper escapes this time.

Afterward, the Grim Reaper initiates a surprise attack on the now celebrity synthezoid family of Vision. He strikes down Vision’s twin kids Viv and Vin with his scythe. But their mother Virginia flips out in rage and fights back the Grim Reaper and manages to kill him. Virginia buried the Grim Reaper in the backyard and keeps it a secret from Vision.

The weapon and Superpowers

Grim repear super powers

The Grim Reaper’s stand-out weapon was his Hi-Fi scythe which was modeled by the Tinkerer. The scythe is built on his amputated right hand.  And with it, he could jut out electromagnetic power blasts. On touch, the scythe would pass out electric shocks. It could put a person into deep unconsciousness and also reinstate back to normalcy.

At first, the Grim Reaper’s powers were all humanly built with no supernatural powers of his own. But after his resurrection, he gained certain mystical powers. And through necromancy, he could restore the souls and bodies of the dead. Through these psychic powers, it was possible for him to teleport himself from one place to another and also to convoke demons. It gave him a sixth sense through which he could acquire information about a person or object. His scythe could spin at such a high speed that it could also be used as a shield or an impromptu helicopter.

Grim Reaper’s Death

grim reaper death

He was buried in the Vision’s backyard was a secret kept from him by his wife Virginia. Though later on Vision learns about this truth and is baffled. But to keep his family safe from any complications he chooses to let this be a secret. During the Damnation Storyline (2018), the Grim Reaper is seen to be brought back to life when Doctor Strange uses his sorcery to reinstate Las Vegas.

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