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Gullak Web Series – Cast, Review, Plot, Season 1 and 2

Gullak Web Series

Gullak released in 2019 is another masterstroke by TVF. Amongst all the thrillers and suspense-filled spectacles, Gullak presents the right amount of family love and drama to balance them all out. Spanning over two seasons we explore the middle-class life of the Mishra family. Here is what we think about TVF’s Gullak, and you’ll have an answer to whether you should watch it or not by the end of this review.

The word Gullak simply translated means a piggy bank, and that’s who our narrator is for the web series Gullak. Sitting on his table, this Gullak observes and tells us the story of its family through the voice of Shivankit Parihar. TVF does not build the series on any specific plot structure or idea, instead, it keeps it very simple and down to the middle-class family’s situations and daily lives. The Mishra family consisting of the honest working father Santosh Mishra, the ever sarcastic homemaker mother Shanti, and two typical partners in crime to irritating sibling pair of brothers, as they take over the silver screen in this family entertainment.

Gullak – Cast

To the already amazing storyline is the fantastic performances of the cast. Whether it is the four pillars of the family or the opinionated neighbors, the casting has been spot on. Jameel Khan as Santosh Mishra is absolutely a joy to watch, whether it is trying to handle the fights of his children, or an attempt to please his wife. Geetanjali Kulkarni plays the character of Shanti Mishra and is another fine-acting performance. Her yelps and shouts, wrongly miss pronounced English words, her worry for their children, all of these are played out by Geetanjali with utmost perfection.

Harsh Mayar portrays the role of the younger brother Aman Mishra. And Vaibhav Raj Gupta plays Annu the elder one. Both these characters are equally important as they breathe much life and joy into the web series, owing to a splendid exhibition by both of them. Sunita Rajwar plays the nosy neighbor Bittu ki Mummy, always poking around with her sheer taunts and comments. She is a representation of a lot of people we have watched live around us, and Sunita is inch-perfect with her portrayal.

Gullak – Full cast and crew

Jameel Khan As Papa
Geetanjali Kulkarni As Mummy
Vaibhav Raj Gupta As Anand Mishra
Harsh Mayar As Aman Mishra
Shivankit Singh As Parihar Gullak
Sunita Rajwar As Bittu Ki Mummy
Deepak Kumar Mishra As Tyagi Ji
Saad Bilgrami As Lucky
Ashwini As Prinsu’s Guard
Ajay Pal As Dairy Guy
Abhishek Jha As Master Ji
Bilal Khan As Bikram
Gaurav Sarathe Betaal
Avinash Bundela Custumber
Sweta Joshi Bua Ji
Shaid Khan Fufa Ji
Shivangi Bhadoriya Dubey Didi
Kusum Devi Doctor
Shiwangi Jaypanwar As Chaudhrain
Aparna Joshi As Chauhan Bhabhi
Samarth Mahor As Delivery Boy
Mukesh As Painter
Harsh Pandey As Hrishikesh
Banu Prakash As Prinsu’s Man
Shailesh As Pujari
Shreyasi Sharma As Mausi
Rohan Sharma As Customer
Durgesh Singh As Photographer
Kirti Sinha As Sharmain

Gullak – Season 1

We traverse across days in the house of Mishras where different household problems pop up and it is dealt with in a heartwarming way. The man of the family Santosh Mishra, who works at the local electricity division, is a hardworking and modest government employee. No matter what happens he believes in walking the way of the truth, honor above all. Though later on, it gets to him whether being too honest left him and his family behind on riches. But Santosh soon realizes that his family itself is the finest asset that he could ever have.

The two sons Anand Mishra or so-called Annu and Aman Mishra are the troublemakers of the house. Always picking on each other like a game of Tom and Jerry, and yet can never stay apart from each other for a long time. We see Annu preparing for his Staff Selection Commission exams but eventually fails to clear them by the end of the season. School going Aman is the jovial and cheery teen of the house, always laying the traps to annoy his Jerry.

Then we have our loudspeaker of the house Shanti Mishra, who cannot make a single point without yelling. Amidst the men of the house even she has to make her stand, doesn’t she? But Shanti shares as much screen time as do the patriarchs, adding to the motherly love and care with her shares of nook-jhook with her husband.

Gullak – season 2

Gullak season 2

Season 2 of Gullak follows a similar pattern of storytelling as it runs around the daily chores and activities that happen within the walls of the Mishra family. Annu is now unemployed since he failed to clear his test at the end of season one. Aman has now reached his 10th standard, with the boards looming over his head, he finally has to start studying now. Thus season 2 takes on relatively consequential to the family issues but maintains its sheer sense of laughter and humor.

Direction and writing

Nikhil vijay gullak

The first season of Gullak is written by Nikhil Vijay and directed by Amrit Raj Gupta. And season two is jotted down by Durgesh Singh and on the director’s seat, we have Palash Vaswani. The narrative and plot sequences in so very beautiful in their nature, and is a true representation of the Indian middle-class families. The different metaphors used throughout the web series, small attention to detail, the atmosphere that the whole house creates, all adds to the delightful experience of watching Gullak.


Gullak is an absolute must-watch. TVF has always come up with such creative and innovative ideas, and Gullak is a medal for them to wear and show off. Somewhere amidst the chaos of the heavyweight celebrities and the mainstream web series, Gullak failed to garner to the audience. But if you’ve got a good eye for the content of the highest quality, think not twice and have Gullak playing already.


Where to watch Gullak?

You can watch Season one of Gullak on TVF play. Season one and two are both streaming on Sony Liv.

Is Gullak on TVF?

Only the first season of Gullak is available to play on TVF.

Can we watch Gullak for free?

No. To watch Gullak you will require a subscription to Sony Liv. Sony Liv offers a premium subscription at Rs. 299/- per month or you can also avail it at Rs. 999/- per month.

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