When we first came across ‘Haq se’, an Indian rendition of ‘Little Women’ there was genuine excitement and intrigue towards the series. Nevertheless, ‘Haq se’ has its high points and low points, sometimes underwhelmed by the melodrama in it, other times filled with overwhelming dialogues that touch your heart and soul. It’s another attempt by Ekta Kapoor into the OTT world via Alt Balaji. Here is our review of the Haq Se web series where we discuss the different aspects of the show so that you can ultimately decide whether Haq Se is worth your time or not.

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Haq se – Plot


Haq Se web series follows the lives of the Mirza sisters who reside in the beautiful valleys of Kashmir. Each one of them holds a discrete aspiration and ambition. They are nurtured by their mother Rabiyah Mirza, whose husband is an Army doctor and away from home most days. Starting from the eldest the daughters are Meher, Jannat, Bano, and Amal. Haq Se web series focuses on the different dreams these sisters have and the manner in which they try and achieve them. It makes them all distinct, as it usually is in reality. And in these different routes that they encounter, is the harsh and cold truth of what life in Kashmir is like.

Haq Se – Characters

At the forefront of the family, we have the ever-tolerant Rabiyah Mirza. She is the ultimate mother who knows to love and care for her children so as to not make them feel the void of their father. She knows where to preach lessons and where to punish her daughters. Farida Dadi is the housemaid, at all times bickering and fed up with the actions of the children, but always in a fun sort of way. She’s a delight to watch on screen and will invariably leave you with a smile.

Next, we have Meher Mirza who aspires to become a pediatrician. She is the eldest of the lot and carries the nuance and maturity for it. Jannat Mirza is a journalist who believes in talking about the real issues that exist around her. Through her writings, she aims to educate the world about the discrepancies and taboos that Kashmir lives in.

Bano is the sweet and innocent one, who holds no negative opinion of anyone. She is an easy go girl who keeps to herself and her music. Whereas the youngest Amal is the exact opposite. With her wrongly pronounced English words her pride is at the top, as she intends to get herself into the field of modeling and eventually become an actress. Though her actions might be a bit irritating at times, her crazy measures and humorous dialogues are what make the family dining place much lighter.

Tabish Azad is the Laurie of Haq Se, he resides with his grandfather Ghulam Azad who is a well-known politician in Kashmir. And finally, another lead character is Dr. Naushad Rizvi, an arrogant and rude practitioner owing to his tragic past, who plays a love interest opposite to Meher. Raghu Thapar also enters later into the series as a traveling photographer who earns to make a documentary on the Mirza sisters.

Characters- Haq Se vs Little Women

The characters that Louisa May Alcott created almost a century and a half ago, are still an inspiration and encouragement to a number of personas we see on screen today. The creators and writers adeptly went ahead and came up with names of characters for Haq Se web series, off the initial alphabets of Louisa’s well-known characters. Meher? Meg? Jannat? Joe? Sound similar? We’ll leave the rest for you to decipher.

But what Haq Se web series failed to follow up is the kind off character development path that Louisa undertook. She carefully carved out the characters to shape them into what they are today. Hence most importantly the novel is one of the best-known examples of bildungsroman, and what we get to see in Haq Se is merely the end product of the characters that Louisa built in the first place.

Haq Se Web Series – Cast

Parul Gulati as Jannat Mirza
Surveen Chawla as Dr. Meher Mirza
Rajeev Khandelwal as Dr. Naushad Rizvi
Aanchal Sharma as Bahira Mirza
Nikessha Rangwala as Amal Mirza
Rukhsar Rehman as Rabiyah Mirza
Tahiirz as ajal
Simone Singh as Fatima Khala
Pavail Gulati as Tabish Azad/Azi
Karanvir Sharma as Raghu Thapar
Ravi Khemu as Hashim Mirza
Sahil Javid Khan as Saqib

Haq Se cast is one with fine experience and adds to the charm of the series. The ever-dazzling Rajeev Khandelwal plays Naushad Rizvi, and he has the aura and professionalism that is required for his character. This might be one of the best profound performances by Surveen Chawla in the lead role of Meher Mirza.

Parul Gulati plays Jannat, the ever short-tempered and strong opinionated personality, and it all comes naturally to her. Rukhsar Rehman has already made a name for herself with years of on-screen experience, she is yet another brilliant performer with first-class performance. Aanchal Sharma and Nikessha Rangwala play the two youngest daughters.

They do bring in a lot to the main plot and both have given in satisfactory staging. Pavel Gulati and Karanvir Sharma also share the screen on Haq Se. Pavel as Tabish Azad does brings in a fine character into action in the most sublime way possible to him. And Karanvir as Raghu is another entity dear to the series.

Good aspects of Haq Se Web Series


One of the stand out features of the Haq Se web series is the blending of Kashmir and its struggles into the storyline. Anubhav Bansal’s cinematography captures the raw essence and beauty of the valleys and has a neat finishing to it. Also to mention is director Ken Ghosh’s beautiful crafting of the plotline that keeps the audience engaged.

He often leaves subtle clues and rolls off some suspense at the end of the episodes that make you want to jump into the next one right away. Renuka Kunzru specialized in the dialogue writing of the series and how meticulously acute she has been in it. Most of the hard-hitting structures in the series are dialogues and they have been crafted with utmost shrewdness.

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Underwhelming aspects of Haq Se Web Series

Haq Se starts off on a conspicuous note but soon enough the initial good hustle bustle is slowly buried in the chaos of Indian daily soap drama. The romantic moments shared between Dr. Rizvi and Meher, or even amongst Fatima and Junaid are often too cliched and deep-rooted into Bollywood. Soon enough the typical love triangle angle is brought into the series to make up for the already added spices of the daily soap. And how many times have we seen the hatred to love, enemy to lover scenarios?

Even after basing it on such brilliant characters and incorporating the issues of the land, the touch of the Indian melodrama is vividly evident throughout the series. In some sequences, certain details of the particular scene are missed out. Hence the writer, director, and even the actors on screen have reached the expected arrangement but the audience is often left out. Various subplots and conflicts are just forgotten or disappear from the course of the storyline simply for the convenience of it.

Haq Se season 2

Haq Se web series was released back in 2018. The twenty episode long series ended on quite a divergent note, with the hope of it blossoming into something very much evident. The series had garnered quite a good audience and there was an initial talk of a return Haq se season 2 quite possible. But over the years the talk has been drowned and it seems unclear as to what the creators plan for Haq Se next. As of now, there have been no official confirmations and even the talks have smothered down.

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It takes sheer courage to work on a project that reflects the work of Little Women. Not to forget even basing it on Kashmir and merging the conflicts into the plot. Surely good marks for individuality. But the intensity to thrive on that creativeness is soon lost in the mere depiction of melodrama to create an extra appeal. Too many cliched and have-seen-before scenes are sore to the eye. But the series is backed up by some remarkable individual performances that cannot go unnoticed. Haq Se spans over twenty episodes that last on an average of 20 minutes each, and with the ongoing suspense, it is genuinely a quick watch. We would certainly recommend the Haq Se web series for someone who wants to try something new and innovative as long as you won’t mind the melodrama of Indian daily soap.

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