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Hawkeye 2021 miniseries: Also a game idea

Hawkeye 2021 miniseries: Also a game idea

Hawkeye is an American television series that is all set to release in 2021. this miniseries is based on a Marvel comics character which is designed by Jonathan Igla, going to stream on Disney+. This series is a continuation of the incidents which took place in the Avengers end game which was released in 2019.

In this series, another superhero is going to be introduced named Hawkeye. This is going to be the phase 4 segment of the Marvel cinematic universe.

About Hawkeye

Creator: Jonathon igla

Language: English

Genre: Action, drama

Streaming service: Disney+

Cast: Tony Dalton, Hailey Steinfeld, Jeremy Renner, Fra fee, Vera Farmiga, Brian James, Zahn Mcclarnon, Alaqua cox.

Hawkeye: Memoir


Clint barton a.k.a Hawkeye at a young age lost both of his parents. He spent six years in an orphanage. He and his brother barney barton ran away from the orphanage to join Carson’s carnival.

Clint attracted the attention of the swordsman who then appointed him as his assistant. The swordsman took the help of a trick to train Clint barton to become a predominant archer.

Clint barton found out that the swordsman is stealing money from the carnival. Clint was beaten to death by a swordsman and he escaped from the village. After that, his relationship with his brother and trick reduced as well.

He then adopted his archery skills which were thought of by trick and swordsman to become a predominant archer known as Hawkeye, also known as “world greatest marksman”. He was inspired by the iron man and thought to become a costumed hero.

After a little misunderstanding, he was accused as a criminal. Later he met a black widow, a secret agent for the soviet union, and fell in love with her.  In one of the battles with iron man black widow disappeared from then he decided to become a ‘straight shooter’

Hawkeye: One more game Idea

Matt fraction’s take on Hawkeye started with a brief narrative opening: ‘Clint Barton, a.k.a Hawkeye, became the greatest straight shooter known to man. Later he then joined the Avengers. “When he is not being or playing an avenger this is what he does”.

It’s definitely not the first time that a comic based on superhero is focussing on main leads personal life rather than world-saving adventures but matt fractions have done a great job in placing the archer in a right place as a lovable context.

Right from dealing with landlords, having relationship issues, and as known as one of the less famous superheroes, Clint barton did his best in mixing it all up. Coming to the good stuff in hawkeye, 2012 it’s no action it’s in the main lead which is the protagonist role.

Clint bartons character under fractions eye is like whenever he is not shooting antagonists he will be at confusion about what to do with himself. Every time he feels out of place, feeling uncomfortable. The very first time we see him pretty confident is when he is chasing a car, firing arrows at antagonists.

So, the major distinction between hawkeye and clint barton is that hawkeye is aware of what he is doing and clint barton barely able to cope or keep up with what’s happening on a daily basis.

Sometimes, we observe in a lot of stories that the director tries to end up the character in cruelty. So that when that character ends the audience will have a contemptuous smile on their faces. But instead of ending hawkeye’s character with cruelty and meanness fraction shows pity on this character.

So, in the eyes of a fraction, this character is too massive or heroic for the real-world and very very normal for the superheroic world.

Hawkeye: The Avenger

This character appeared in marvels avengers too. So, it’ll be super fun. To talk about this character in a sentence it’s not too heroic in the same way it’s not too human. It’s somewhere in between.

It is because hawkeye tries to take everything that the remaining people make fun of and turn that into his strength. As the character, we love him for the things once we made fun of. It’s just that he turns all those points into reasons to love him in the end.

His humanity adds to the list of his weakness, at the end we respect him because of his low self-esteem. This means as the character pass by we even love his low self-esteem. And also everything we felt normal at the beginning will stand out of the box in the end.

If a game could try to design it right then it can be also said through proper storytelling. It allows us to believe in living life of what is considered to be different from normal by one person who is trying to balance between two completely opposite worlds.

Maybe someone should design a proper game based on hawkeye. Until then let us wait and watch this series.

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