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Hello Charlie: Review, Cast, plot, and more!

Hello Charlie: Review, Cast, plot, and more!

Amazon dropped Hello Charlie on 9th April 2021. Where comedy movies can just be a great way to take a break from daily life, they can also be a disaster. So, in this article, we will let you know if hello charlie should be on your watchlist or not!

Hello Charlie Cast

Aadar jain

Elnaaz Norouzi

Shlokka Pandit

Jackie Shroff

Rajpal Yadav

hello charlie cast

Siddhant Kapoor


Charlie (Aadar Jain) alias Chirag Rastogi arrives in Mumbai from Indore without a plan. Because his late father was in debt, the enthu cutlet, who had no skill set, must find a method to return the family’s loan. He accepts a job to deliver a gorilla from Mumbai to Diu as a fast cure. The money is tempting, but there’s a snag.

Hello Charlie REVIEW

Story, Writing, and Characters

hello charlie review

The beast in the issue is really Makwana, a fugitive disguised in a gorilla costume (Jackie Shroff). After defrauding numerous banks, the banana-hating fraudster intends to depart the nation in stealth, thus the “ingenious plan.” Things don’t go according to plan when he gets mixed up with a genuine circus gorilla on the loose after an aircraft accident. Is Makwana going to be able to get away or not?

Pankaj Saraswat, the writer-director, attempts to offer a clean, family-friendly, old-school comedy. However, what you get is an unfunny, out-of-date, and uninspiring set of events that annoy rather than delight. A hare-brained Charlie’s job-seeking antics still manage to keep you moderately interested, but once the gorilla track begins, it all goes downhill.

Had there been some chemistry or awkward camaraderie between Charlie and Makwana on their arduous road trip from Mumbai to Diu in a truck, it may have made for a good watch. In hello charlie, inside the fuzzy outfit, all you see is Charlie having verbal diarrhea and Makwana rolling his eyes. They encounter several hurdles and encounter a variety of forgettable people along the way, stretching the plot and testing your patience. Even if you know where the movie is going from the start, you still hope it would improve. Unfortunately, it does not, and it remains terribly clichéd.

Bad Humour and Acting

The problem with humor is that you can’t make it. In a comedy, clever writing and comedic timing are essential. In the absence of either, if the other ingredient is strong enough, a predictable narrative can still be hidden. Dhamaal by Indra Kumar, Golmaal by Rohit Shetty, and No Entry by Anees Bazmee didn’t have particularly distinctive plots, but the comedy of mistakes stood out for its spontaneous execution. The actors were able to elevate a mundane narrative and turn it into a funny comedy.

The ‘car scene’ between Vinay Apte and Arshad Warsi in Dhamaal, for example, isn’t particularly remarkable in terms of concept, but the execution is. In situational comedy, two characters bouncing off each other are important. The protagonists aren’t an overly enthusiastic Aadar and a disinterested Shroff (for good reason).

Last but not least, Aadar, more than Jackie, is the one who needs to remove their mask. The actor is attractive and has a lot of potentials if he can shake his Ranbir Kapoor hangover. Even if unintentionally, his voice, gestures, and facial expressions are identical to those of his cousin, which does not work in his favor. Elnaaz Norouzi does a good job in her brief appearance. To get right to the point regarding the movie, it’s high time Bollywood stops monkeying around.


The running humor in Pankaj Saraswat’s (far from funny) comedy Hello Charlie is that Mr. Makwana is a banana-hating businessman on the run from the authorities. Makwana, played by Jackie Shroff, is a man with a silver toupee, ponytail, and a large fraud charge on his back who is attempting to escape the nation.

Mona darling (how unique), his arm candy, recommends he flees in a gorilla suit. She gets the crazy notion after seeing a news article about the popular film Monster Monkey.Shroff/ Makwana viewing monkey videos to get into the act is the only hilarious part. Mona (Elnaaz Norouzi) now hires the stupidest kid on the block to drive Makwana cross country to the port of Diu, with the costume and plan in place.

Charlie is played by Aadar Jain, who one would describe as a “simpleton.” His sole redeeming trait is that he’s a kind guy. He’s completely bereft of street smarts or any relevant abilities. So a lovely, simple gentleman with a borrowed truck is transporting a man he thinks is a primate but is actually a fugitive from the law.

A gorilla might be repairing a punctured tire on the side of an Indian highway in the Hello Charlie universe, and no one will stop to look or snap a picture. Not to note Charlie’s lack of interest in the texture of Toto the gorilla’s fur, skin, or ability to change tyres.
A genuine gorilla has escaped an aircraft accident, further complicating matters and creating a case of mistaken identity. Charlie also has a disagreement with an opportunistic circus owner who wants to buy Toto. Padmini performs a show-stopping song and dance routine at this Gujarat circus. Under an allegedly children’s film, why is a Punjabi item number being performed in a circus tent in Gujarat?

Padmini (Shlokka Pandit), a dancer-performer enslaved to the circus owner, proves to be an unexpected ally for Charlie. They liberate Toto together, but will Makwana be able to avoid the cops and Charlie’s idiocy? The gorillas absolutely outperform the human performers, who are restricted by a mundane tale. The brilliant colors, craziness, and annoying characters who inhabit this comic escapade suffocate any remark on scams and frauds in the country.

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