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High web series: Review, plot, cast and everything you need to know

A phenomenal drug is out there in the market which might make or break the world. this is the premise of High web series. MX Player has gotten into the mix on streaming tv-series and movies and has added a number of collections under their very own MX Originals category.

High web series is another such MX player web series streaming on the platform for free. The show presents a unique take on the drug world with an interesting plot and strong cast to back it up. In this article, we discuss and review High web series so that you can ultimately decide whether to stream it or skip it.

High web series plot

High web series kicks off with the introduction of the main character Shiv Mathur, who is a heavy drug addict. Shiv starts his day with dope and ends with, well dope.

But he is a good-hearted person who unfortunately falls into the web of narcotics. On one such unlucky day at the club with his friends, Shiv gets unconscious due to a drug overdose.

His friends perceive that he cannot be taken to a hospital and risk the police getting involved, hence they get him to a rehabilitation center run by Dr. Roy and his juniors Dr. Shweta and Dr. Nakul.

Further, Shiv spends time in the rehabilitation center and soon realizes that a shady activity is undertaking behind the curtains. Through the doctors, he encounters a fresh new drug tagged as ‘magic’. Shiv experiences what he never has done before, a feeling of losing his addiction which is soon overpowered by the euphoria of ‘magic’.

After the initial setup, we see that the drug magic soon hits the street and from there on drug peddlers, gangsters, media, all get caught up in the circle filled with suspense and thrill. Drug Lord Munna, conman Jackson Lakda, an aspiring journalist Aashima Chauhan and the aforementioned lead characters face off against each other which creates the plot of High web series.


Akshay oberoi

high web series

The cast of High web series is one of the significant underlying aspects that carry the show forward. Akshay Oberoi plays the lead role of Shiv Mathur and hasn’t he done a fantastic job. Akshay has been a part of the silver screen for a while now and we would go a bit far and say that this has been his best performance ever.

Prakash belawadi

The doctors/ scientists at the rehabilitation/ research center are played by Prakash Belawadi (Dr. Roy), Shweta Basu Prasad (Dr. Shweta), and Nakul Bhalla (Dr. Nakul). There is a certain nuance that the creators have tried to depict with them, the kind of that should’ve given a Breaking Bad vibe, but the actors playing it are just satisfactory for their roles.

Ranvir shorey

Ranvir Shorey is another standout performer with his portrayal of Jackson Lakda. Ranvir has done this time and again, and doesn’t fail to impress with the High web series as well.

Mrinmayee Godbole

Mrinmayee Godbole is also going to win your hearts with her role of Aashima Chauhan, the journalist. Mrinmayee being a Marathi actress hasn’t seen much of the Hindi side of television, and this has been good exposure for her; as well as for the audience towards her.

Kunal Naik, Madhur Mittal, and Puranjit Dasgupta are other noteworthy mentions who deserve appreciation for their respective characters.

Direction & storytelling- good aspects

Director Nikhil Rao has an eye for these things, and he depicts the drug world with utmost clarity and is successful in creating the imperative aura. The storytelling is also brilliant as the series follows a back and forth narration, from the 70s to the present time.

In the past timeline, the creators depict the escapades of scientists who are in search of a magical herbal product, and the present timeline deals with Shiv and the drug world.

Every episode starts off with a trail from the 70s, the jungle- the mist- and the dark ghosts of past and future, it contemplates a compelling first-time view. His co-writers Emil Thomas and Nishant Goyal also deserve credit for creating such an intriguing take on narcotics and presenting a suspense-filled thriller watch.

Bad aspects- editing and dragged episodes

The overall output at the end of the nine episodes is quite satisfactory, to say the least. And yet at points, it feels very dragged. Hence the editing of the series could have taken it up a notch and bettered themselves, but it is still bearable. At this point in the web series department, the use of cuss-words in Hindi just seems overdone. Is that the only way to portray a villain character or the anger of the protagonist?

Adult series(Do not watch it with parents)

There is too much violence and adult content in this series. To say it out loud, it is an adult web series and not to be watched by minors. There’s substance abuse, physical intimacy, and other such aspects whose portrayals in the series is not at all appropriate for youngsters.


Overall High web series is a good production cooked with a fine finish to it. There’s a surprise element in almost all of the episodes that keeps the suspense alive till the end. The performance of the cast is wondrous. The very first episode itself lays a good foundation for the show to dwell on. It is a bit long and could’ve been cut shorter, but if you got the time then High web series is a decent watch with an ingenious take.

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