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Horisan to Miyamurakun: Get ready for the show again!

Horisan to Miyamurakun: Get ready for the show again!

Horisan to Miyamurakun is one of the most popular Japanese manga. After many adaptations, versions and anime formats, it is set to come on the screen again, in live-action in 2021, announced last year. 

What is it about? 

Horisan to Miyamurakun is a 2008 webcomic by Hiroki ‘HERO’ Adachi. The story revolves around two high schoolers who meet by pure work of fate – or the female lead’s brother – and develop a deep connection and relationship. After saving Souta Hori – the brother – from playground bullies, Izumi Miyamura meets Kyoko Hori.

At the Hori residence, they discover each other’s secrets that they have been hiding from all their peers for so long. From then on, it becomes an unspoken agreement to keep the pretence up. With the help of Souta’s insistence both our lead characters end up spending a lot of time together and fall for each other. 

Horisan to Miyamura Manga Cover

Who should you look out for in the story? 

  • Kyoko Hori – the popular schoolgirl, with a loving but struggling domestic side (which she tends to keep hidden). Kyoko is the perfect elder sister.
  • Izumi Miyamura – the social recluse/nerd in school who has a grunge look and handsome face outside. Compared to his heavily pierced ‘emo’ look he is soft at heart.
  • Toru Ishikawa – a part of Kyoko’s best friend trio, who grows on you throughout the series.
  • Yuki Yoshikawa – last of the trio and Kyoko’s closest friend (not enough to tell her secret though). She seems attracted to superficially ‘pretty’ things/people.
  • Souta Hori – the harbinger of love and the catalyst of our leads’ relationship. You could just not resist adoring him.Horimiya aesthetics

Horisan to Miyamurakun versions 


The first time the story came to readers was when HERO self-published in 2008 it on his own website in a small 4-panel comic. 

Horisan to Miyamurakun Webcomic Cover
Horisan to Miyamurakun‘s Webcomic Cover


The first Manga adaptation of Horisan to Miyamurakun, also known as Horimiya (a ship name for the lead pair), came out in 2012, with HERO as the writer and illustrator Daisuke Hagiwara, with the help of another publication house. The last volume came out in September 2020. According to 2014 records, it stood #6 in Japan’s Bookstore Employees Ranking. 

The writer went on to publish another series Horisan to Miyamurakun Omake (meaning ‘bonus’) a few months after Horimiya came out. It does not have a definite plotline but just random small stories starring Kyoko and Izumi largely. 

Both the manga have the similar number of volumes (14-15). 

Horisan to Miyamurakun Manga Cover


The video animation adaptation for Horisan to Miyamurakun (manga version) was first released in September 2012, in OVA format. Since then, there have been only 4 episodes in sporadic time intervals, but they have created a space in the viewers’ hearts with the help of Kyoko and Izumi’s chemistry. The episodes around 20 mins long (the average length). 

The television adaptation of the anime first aired in January this year. They are set for a 13-episode series. 10 out of 13  episodes are yet to release or even have a set release date. And the anticipation is real for many as the hype seems to grow amongst anime lovers all over, especially Japan due to its relatively high popularity. 


Horisan to Miyamurakun – Live-action film and drama 

They announced the Live-action drama (7 episodes) and film in November 2020. They are set to release in February this year across Japan. The cast and crew are almost the same for both the adaptations. The film will have the story for the first 3 episodes off the drama and extra scenes, set to release in theatres.

This is followed by the drama series’ TV premiere from February 16. The lead roles are played by Oji Suzuka (Izumi Miyamura) and Sayu Kubota (Kyoko Hori). The directors are Lord Yoshino (drama) and Hana Matsumoto (drama/movie).

In the trailer and creatives released on the official website for the adaptation, all their aesthetics seem to be perfect from Miyamurakun’s baggy school uniform to Horisan’s auburn hair in a bun. 

Horisan to Miyamurakun Live Action

Why haven’t you seen much of it compared to other adaptations?

Here are a few plausible reasons:

  • OVA updates have been sporadic. Even after it was quite popular in Japan and most of the storyline was done.
  • The many adaptations and versions of the webcomic might have created permissions and royalty issues for the publishers.
  • The heavy reliance of animes on Official Merchandise. There was a heavy lack of merchandising for Horimiya, which in return did not make up for its market. Now as the live-action drama and movie have started up, merch promo also seems to have picked up in the form of pop-up stores. 

Horisan to Miyamurakun Live Action Actors

This teen romance story has a lot of drama packed in it. It has a bit of everything. From cliches, fate, friendships to secrets, heartbreaks and love. Horisan to Miyamurakun is set to send you into a rom-com induced daze. 

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