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Horror movies list: Top 9 horror movies| Netflix| Amazon prime| Youtube

Horror movies list: Top 9 horror movies| Netflix| Amazon prime| Youtube

We know it is not the spooky season yet. I mean it is not the spooky season for months to come. Then, why are we writing down this list, cause we are proactive and wanted to gear you up for October 2021? Horror movies have a way of making us feel no alone. In a way, they make us feel someone is with us all the time and there for us. Be it the time you are looking in the mirror or 3.00 am, they make us feel seen.

How many times have we challenged our friend to watch a horror movie alone? And we’re sure they wouldn’t be able to complete it. How many times have we pretended that a movie was not carried enough when most of the running time of the movie was spent hiding behind a pillow. But that stops now. We have compiled a list of some of the best horror movies out there! To help you get over the fear of the faceless and making you 3.00 am’s easier.

Movie nameRelease dateStreaming on
His houseJanuary 27, 2020.Netflix
Under the Shadow23 January 2016Netflix
Pan's labyrinth27 May 2006Netflix
Pet SemataryMarch 16, 2019Amazon Prime
The ringOctober 18, 2002Amazon Prime
Pari2 March 2018Amazon prime
Bulbul24 June 2020Netflix
Raaz1 February 2002Youtube
Tumbbad12 October 2018Amazon Prime

Best horror movies on Netflix

 His House

horror movies on netflix

His House has a lot to offer when it comes to the versatility of the problem the protagonists are facing. Not only are these Refugees for red to settle in a land that would treat them differently because of excess melanin in their skin, but they also have to put up with the presence of an unknown entity in their house, a classic hour movie move. The couple has lost their child and is not even over her loss when their new home is about to get destroyed.

It was an epiphany as to why the movie was named His House. The movie surely does leave you in a grey area, regarding human nature and where humanity is headed. His house is one of the rare horror movies, which relies on their strong storytelling than jump scares and it shows. My suggestion is to watch this movie you will not regret it.

Under the shadow

horror movie under the shadow

Under the shadow shares one common thread with his house, in both the movies, the external world is not perfect and in both the movies, the protagonists are suffering from something as scary outside the house and the evil presence inside it. The movie takes place in a war-struck Tarhan, the Capital of Iran, and is the story of a medical student Shideh and her daughter Dorsa.

What makes this story more horrifying is the duo cannot run out of their houses when the entity causes raucous there, not when they are in the immediate danger of being bombed or being the victims of the next airstrike. The movie is the perfect depiction of fighting with the bigger danger while simultaneously fighting with the smaller danger. Based on old lore, the movie will have you hooked to the screen, even when you want to take refugees under the blanket.

Pan’s labyrinth

best Horror movies

Many say it’s not a horror movie. But something that has everything that creeps you out and blows your mind at the same time. That is what we are living for! Enough has been said about Pan’s Labyrinth, the Del Toro masterpiece. The movie takes place in Spain and follows a 10-year-old girl, our protagonist of the story. The during the course of the movie the lines between fable and reality blur, thus making you question the materiality of things. We see Ofelia and her stepfather and how their worlds are miles apart. The movie also makes you question things on moral grounds and makes you ask yourself who was the real monster in the story.

Pan’s Labyrinth is a cinematic masterpiece. With subtle references, alluring acting, and another worldly director the movie takes you to another world, like a spectator who was not meant to join the action but see the evil unravel. PAn’s labyrinth was told in the style of a fairy tale and the deception couldn’t be better.

Best horror movies on Amazon Prime

Pet Sematary

horror movies on amazon prime

Pet cemetery, starts as a basic horror movie. White family moving into a new house, to get away from the mess of their previous one. Ut, since the movie is based on a Stephen King novel, I decided not to judge it too quickly and give it a try and boy was I happy about that decision, I would let you take guess.

The movie, in general, is not about any chain of event, but about the choice which started those chain on the event and how that choice resulted in more wrong choices. A theme is prevalent in the movies we are about to discuss in this section. The movie has absolutely no jump scare scene, and even then you wouldn’t be made to make out of pet cemetery without saying multipole prayers every single minute. It the power of Stephen King, which we saw in The Shining, IT, and now Pet Cemetery.

The ring

The ring

The movie takes a different turn than her counterparts, the ring is about an urban legend. A group of death-defying, hot-headed, and rebellious teenagers decides to try their luck. And take part in something they shouldn’t have and the result we got the movie. The ring is unlike any other horror movie I have ever seen. The antagonist of the movie is powerful, and not someone who existed in lore or tales from the past, she is very much recent and of the same generation that we exist in. Second, the end of the movie is unexpected and much more cryptic than any other movie in the same genre. Although, after watching the movie you would be careful in picking up videotapes.

Best horror movie Bollywood


Horror movies bollywood

A cult movie, a rarity in Indian Cinema. And from the production house of none other than Anushka Sharma, we get yet another banger. Now if you have read my previous blogs you know how much I admire her for actually trying to change the face of Indian cinema than only preaching it. Pari twists the use of a seemingly innocent and popular Indian nickname in the most horrific way. Based o demonization and the power of love, the topic to be explored in a wide sense.

The cinematography, director, and color palette adds to the tension in the movie. You are at the edge of your seat because of anxiety and the need to know what happens next. This movie should be on the top of your watch list. Horror movies like this are not appreciated enough and now it’s time to do it.


horror movies bollywood

Bulbbul is yet another gem of Anushka Sharma’s crown. The vivid storytelling makes the movie a treat to watch. One of the facts that I did like about the movie was the use of colors to depict transition in past and present and to reflect certain emotions. The movie mainly focuses on tales about witches and how they came to acquire certain and famous characteristics. The movie also saw an awesome performance from Tripti Dimri, who played our protagonist and namesake of the movie Bulbbul.



This movie has been part of most of our nightmares as a child. The movie has the perfect setting for a horror movie. A young married couple in love moves to a new house in the woods. Where the only sounds are of birds flying or wolves howling. What follows is a disembodied shouting and screaming, apparitions, and noise of random gunshots coming from the woods. Although we are happy that the movie ends on a happy note, the scream alone is enough to give you goosebumps.



Possibly one of the most ambitious projects in the Hindi movie industry. Also one of the best Bollywood horror movies. Tumbadd does not take the usual Bollywood hour movie turn. The movie again depends on the choice of the human or our protagonist. Which sets the wheel of doom in motion.

The movie again follows the way of Pan’s Labyrinth and starts the movie with a fairy tale that may or may not be connected to the story and how the fairytale comes to life. Kudos to the producers and writers for changing the face of Indian cinema. Set in a small village of Maharastra, we see a man reach adulthood and move out of his house and come back again to this small village because of his greed. What follows is chaos, living folklore, and regretful decisions.

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