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Horror web series list: Horror shows to watch right now

Horror web series list: Horror shows to watch right now

horror web series list

These days, most audiences are always consuming some or the other kind of streaming show. What started as a distant unproven concept in Netflix’s eye has become something that every studio is quickly racing to achieve. With all the content these services offer, here is a list of horror web series recommendations. These are sure to provide you with enough content to satisfy your scary TV needs.

Namerelease dateStreaming on
Supernatural September 13, 2005 Amazon
Penny DreadfulMay 11, 2014Amazon
The haunting of Hill houseOctober 12, 2018Netflix
The haunting of Bly manorOctober 9, 2020Netflix
Chilling Adventures of SabrinaOctober 26, 2018 Netflix
RatchedSeptember 18, 2020Netflix
Stranger thingsJuly 15, 2016Netflix
The walking DeadOctober 31, 2010Netflix
American Horror story October 5, 2011Hotstar
Lovecraft CountryAugust 16, 2020Hotstar
Betaal 24 May 2020Netflix
Ghoul24 August 2018Netflix
Typewriter19 July 2019Netflix

Horror Web Series on Amazon Prime Video


Supernatural first aired in 2005 and had fifteen seasons, ending just recently in 2020. This is the OG of horror-based TV and horror web series. It has paved the way for so many other horror web series and was a revolutionary work of television in its heyday.

In fact, the show still holds up. Sure it might not be as PC as audiences are used to in 2021. But it doesn’t cross any truly offensive lines. And those first few seasons were very much a product of their times just like the other shows in that decade were. Speaking of a product of its times, I guess Supernatural is still somewhat a product of our times. Considering it ran for so long and has built a strong fandom behind it that it could have a fifteen-season long run.

As someone who watches the show, I can understand why. Supernatural has extremely compelling storylines that still hold up against most ghost/monster-based shows today. Some people might say that these storylines are not that fresh, or seem a little familiar. What they forget is that Supernatural was actually the first show to have these kinds of story arcs and villains. In reality, it is the other shows that have tweaked and worked with their formula over the years to make their own story seem more original.

But Supernatural was the first to get there. Take the lore about burning the bones of a dead person to kill its spirit, this show is what made that whole concept mainstream.

What makes it special?

Nowadays, so many horror web series and movies use it that audiences have started to find it generic. But Supernatural got there first, just as it did with a lot of other fantasy elements. The world-building on this show is so great and always moves at an efficient yet organic pace instead of just throwing twenty concepts in the audience’s face.

They have such clever ways of incorporating fantasy elements like angels, demons, and other monsters that even most horror web series today struggle to work with. Now you might say, that if the show was original back then, it is just going to be generic now, why should I watch it?

And my answer is the characters. Who wouldn’t love Sam and Dean?! The two of them are just so much fun to be around as the audience. Even if the story is dated, these characters are the special sauce that makes Supernatural a must-watch even today and for the foreseeable future to come. Of course, there’s so much more I could cover about how crazy this show gets (in the best possible way), or how the story gets better every passing season.

But if I got started about all those things then I’d probably just end up writing some kind of thesis that needs to be published instead of a recommendation article. So to sum it up: Supernatural is great, it still holds up, and you should totally check it out.

Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful is a horror web series that stars Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, and Timothy Dalton. This show takes place at the end of the nineteenth century in London. And explores many different supernatural entities and monsters. This horror web series is somewhat of an amalgamation of different horror characters and monster stories. All being explored by the main characters. For example, the first season has the Frankenstein monster and other fictional creatures.

Later seasons will have other threats from popular folklore for the characters to interact with. Penny Dreadful has a very mysterious and intriguing atmosphere along with three complex lead characters. All the characters are very well realized and three-dimensional, which is always a delight to see. This show has also been nominated for multiple awards and has acquired a strong fanbase in its short-lived run. If you’re looking for gothic horror, or a period piece, then look no further than Penny Dreadful.

Horror Web Series on Netflix

The Haunting of Hill House

horror web series

The Haunting of Hill House premiered on Netflix back in 2018 and became a surprise hit. The show gained immense popularity almost overnight. As it deservedly should have. Haunting of Hill House feels more like watching a ten-hour movie than a horror web series.

What I love about this show is how quickly it gets the audience to invest in the characters and their story. Haunting of Hill House does excellent work developing. And fleshing out all its characters in a surprisingly short amount of time while also setting up many mysteries that keep unfolding throughout the course of the ten episodes.

All the episodes have been brilliantly directed and shot in a way that builds suspense. And gives horror fans the kind of visuals that many movies and shows promise, but only a few deliver.

What mainly sets the Haunting of Hill House apart from other stories is that it is a lot more about the family and the relationships that the different members have with each other rather than the ghosts and history of the house. Don’t get me wrong, the ghost elements of the story are important and do play a significant role in the story. But at the end of the day, it is the characters that make this story stand apart. Haunting of Hill House is a must-watch for anyone interested in horror web series.

The Haunting of Bly Manor

Haunting of Bly Manor comes from the same creative team that was behind the Haunting of Hill House. It also features some of the cast from Hill House returning in different roles. Naturally, like its predecessor, the Haunting of Bly Manor benefits from having very well directed episodes that create a rich world for the story to take place in.

Where it differs from Hill House though, is that the Haunting of Bly Manor is actually a love story in disguise. And quite a modern love story at that. The show does a very good job of showcasing the different romantic relations in question. While also having a lot of creepy events going on in the foreground to keep the horror fans hooked. Between Hill House and Bly Manor, many fans including myself prefer the latter. But that doesn’t mean Bly Manor isn’t good in its own way.

Slow-paced but worth it

Hill House had a rich story that took every minute of the ten episodes it needed to do the show justice. While Haunting of Bly Manor tends to drag for just a little bit in the middle before picking up its pace. What might also make it the weaker installment as compared to Hill House is that it really isn’t that scary. Sure there are moments where it is a little unsettling. But it is not as scary as Hill House was.

That said I think the story has many positives to qualify as a good horror web series to watch and does a very good job in showing audiences that many different kinds of love stories exist, and all are equal. This kind of representation is of growing importance in our times, and the Haunting of Bly Manor handles it perfectly.

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

horror web series on netflix

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina ran for four seasons on Netflix. If people think that comics can’t get dark, I would point them in the direction of this horror web series. The show covers some really serious themes and topics like cannabilism, satanism, cult mentality, and many more.

The first season is scary in that really pushes the edge of the envelope in terms of going right up to that point that you think no show would really go to. Like you wouldn’t think some 9-foot tall monster-looking version of Satan would go around murdering a bunch of nice people in a suburban little town just to get to a half-witch teenager, but he does.

Or you wouldn’t think that a show would actually put children and babies in danger of being eaten and killed by hell demons. But over here they do. Sabrina is dark. But benefits from having its main character balance out this heavy tone by being a normal kid who comes with a lot of teenage girl drama that results in the world seeming really grim at some points. But also bright and fun at others.

Fantasy based

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina isn’t for everyone. But I definitely think the show is worth a chance. Watch the first few episodes and you’ll know whether you like it. Every episode has some kind of a fun adventure, and the characters are always faced with dire life and death circumstances that never make a dull moment throughout the series. If you like witches or magic-based worlds like Harry Potter or something. I think Chilling Adventures of Sabrina would be a very fun horror web series to watch for you.

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Ratched debuted in 2020 on Netflix. It a horror web series that tells the origin story of one of the most iconic and popular fictional villains of classic cinema i.e. Nurse Mildred Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest. Ratched has all the twists and turns to keep you coming back for more every passing episode.

The show is highly entertaining and the story never drags. Something that sets Ratched apart from other horror web series in this group is the truly amazing production design and cinematography. Every frame is set to display the most beautiful and vivid display of color schemes and set design that makes a very visually appealing environment for the show to take place in. The direction on all the episodes is impressive and immersive.

Usually, shows with really good storylines and characters don’t draw a lot of attention to the direction and cinematography since the audience is more concerned with the characters and what is going on. But in this case, the way the show is shot actually enhances the quality of the Ratched in a surprising capacity.

Ratched also has a brilliant cast with Sarah Paulson playing the lead character. Her acting is for a large part what shoulders the entire show because she has a way of really capturing the audience and making them want to spend more time with her. While Sarah Paulson’s take on Mildred Ratched is quite different from that of Louise Fletcher, her Nurse Ratched still makes for a very compelling horror web series to watch, as evidenced by Ratched’s recent Golden Globe nomination.

Stranger Things

horror web series stranger things

Stranger Things is one of the most popular horror web series to exist right now, and probably will be for a long time to come. This show is one of the principal jewels in the crown that Netflix wears as the top streaming service. Stranger Things has a little bit of everything to make it one of the best shows out there right now. It has great characters, a great theme of friendship, very good supporting characters who always have extremely enjoyable B-storylines, great world-building, and a truly terrifying set of villains.

Stranger Things effortlessly balances the contrast between dark, scary moments and warm heartfelt ones. Every season of the show offers a very satisfying mystery. And gives the audience plenty of character growth and plot progression to make them coming back for the next installment. What also helps the show is its originality. Stranger Things feels like nothing we’ve ever seen before. And continues to deliver on that promise by delivering season after season of pure grade-A streaming entertainment.

Stranger Things stands as one of the most-watched Netflix shows of all time and is one of the few shows that people actually binge as fast as they can as soon as it hits the streaming service.

This show is similar to The Haunting of Hill House because it also feels like watching a movie instead of a streaming show. The budget is amazing and all the monsters look extremely well realized. The story throughout the seasons is very well thought out. And is filled with excitement, joy, and of course, some amount of terror. Stranger Things is, by all means, a must-watch horror web series. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out.

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is one of AMC’s most popular shows. And is one of the few TV shows that are so popular. It actually has its own universe with multiple spin-offs taking place in the world this horror web series has created. The only expanded TV universe to do this is probably the Arrow-Verse and their lineup of DC content. The Walking Dead first aired on TV about ten years ago with only a six-episode long first season. And became an instant hit!

The show is based on a series of comic books by the same name. And is one of the most popular zombie-based entertainment properties ever known. Many people might not think that zombies are an interesting enough supernatural concept to spin eleven seasons out of. That might be only partially true because The Walking Dead is famous not only for the zombie apocalypse setting. But more importantly the characters it creates and how they play a part in making the show as great as it is. The Walking Dead has some of the best character growth and development that any show can achieve on TV.

The success

With characters so interesting and complex, it is no surprise that the horror web series has spanned for more than ten seasons. And is still going. What is also interesting about The Walking Dead, is the amount of commentary that it manages to showcase in its storylines. The show explores a lot of themes about how society works. And how the human divide is its greatest enemy. Even more so than the zombies. And many other topics that make the show a lot more than just man-eating zombies.

That said, the man-eating zombies are great and just as awesome as one would expect. I would warn anyone watching this show to not eat anything before or while watching it. Because the zombies here mean business and the cameras are never too shy from showing viewers all the gruesome details. The Walking Dead has been one of the most popular watched network TV programs. And serves as more than a worthy contender for those interested in watching a horror web series.

Horror Web Series on Hotstar

American Horror Story

horror web series on hotstar

American Horror Story is the second horror web series on this list that is produced by Ryan Murphy. This is an anthology series where every season explores one major type of horror story scenario/gimmick. So season one is about a haunted house, season two about an insane asylum, and so on.

With nine seasons under its belt, American Horror Story has certainly made its name and carved out its space in horror TV. Since all nine seasons have a different premise. And run like self-contained mini-series. (Yes, I know except for season one and eight. I’ll get to that) I thought I could mention the ones that I think are really good. And you can decide where to start for yourself. So season one is about a haunted house and plays like most haunted house stories. If you liked Haunting of Hill House and are looking for something to scratch that itch, I think this will do quite well.

Seasonal Review 
Season 4

Personally, I really liked season four, which’s called American Horror Story: Freak Show. And it is about a circus where every freak has some kind of dark past. And there are quite a few otherworldly ghost elements that come into play. I like this one because it has delivered on what I think is the scariest American Horror Story character to date. And I say that knowing that they did a version of the antichrist. So the season four ghost in American Horror Story is scarier than their take on the antichrist. That should be a good enough sales pitch for you. Season three is about witches.

You’ll probably like it if you’re into the Sabrina/Harry Potter type of stuff as stated before. But it has nowhere the levity that Sabrina brings to her show, the tone is dark and grim through and through.

Season 5

Season five is called American Horror Story: Hotel. It is based on an actual, supposedly haunted hotel in LA and is pretty entertaining. This is also the season with Lady Gaga in it! So if you like the sound of that you should check it out. While season five is really entertaining and fun to watch, I did think it was the least scary as compared to most other seasons.

Season 6

Season Six is underrated in my opinion. And has a solid story about a haunted farmhouse that works really well. It is by far the most original installment when compared to all the other American Horror Story seasons.

Season 7

Season seven is really unique in that it is about the political landscape of the US. And explores how scary the divide between people due to their different political beliefs is. Most American Horror Stories always have some kind of an out worldly element to them, like the boogeyman, witches, etc. But the big threat of season seven is actually the surprising lack of empathy and understanding that people from different communities show each other. And how the world would be if there were less empathy shared between them.

You can pick your own season

I think that makes it really unique and definitely worth checking out. Season eight is a cross-over between the characters from season one and season three. It’s alright, that’s about as much as I can say. I guess if you really like season one and really like season three, then you’ll like season eight. That leaves season nine and season two. If you watched through all the other seasons and absolutely loved them then you’ll be sure to enjoy both of these.

But I think they don’t match against the quality of the other seasons. So if you’re looking for a lot of variety. Or just a short set of episodes that don’t require a lot of commitment, you can just watch one season of American Horror Story. It just might be the perfect horror web series for you.

Lovecraft Country

horror web series

Lovecraft Country is about a man named Atticus Black who teams up with his uncle and childhood friend to go on a quest to find his missing father. This is a show that is not only about terrifying monsters. But also the despicable and horrible manner in which the African American community was treated in the 1950s. The first episode shows audiences the kind of frightening realities of being a black person in the Jim Crow south. And having to live in the presence of laws that would endanger your life just because of the color of your skin.

The scary monsters do make an appearance, but the amount of hate that racists inflict. Which is a very real thing. By the way, is the most disturbing threat in Lovecraft Country. Apart from having very good direction and VFX in each episode, Lovecraft Country also benefits from having a really good cast. Jonathan Majors is really great as the lead character. So is Journey Smollet, she did a very good job as the Black Canary in Birds of Prey. And continues to shine here as well.

After the first episode, Lovecraft Country shifts to the monster of the week type of show. But still held strong audience numbers in terms of viewership. And has become one of the best horror web series of 2020. This is also evidenced by the show’s multiple award nominations. If you’ve always been fascinated by Lovecraftian horror then you should obviously watch this show.

Horror Web Series Hindi

There are not as many Hindi horror web series out there right now. That might change very quickly though, with Netflix creating more and more Indian content. I’m sure there will be a lot of Indian-based horror content for fans to enjoy. As of now, there are mainly three highly popular, or mainstream Hindi horror web series.


horror web series hindi

This horror web series is about ancient British zombies who terrorize a local Indian village. This show ran for one season in 2020 and consisted of four episodes. While the show has not been well received, it does have a niche audience. As The Walking Dead proves, zombies can be very popular and appeal to many audiences when done right. Maybe Betaal isn’t for everyone, but you can decide that for yourself.



Ghoul is a horror web series that stars Radhika Apte. This horror web series has only three episodes and is better received than Betaal. Ghoul is about a prisoner possessed by some kind of, for the lack of another term, ghoul. This ghoul then terrorizes the main character. And the prison until the main character has to face him and discover the surprising truths behind why it haunts her and the prison to begin with. Ghoul is the second India-based project that Netflix produced and is liked by many critics and audience members alike.



Typewriter is about a family that moves into a haunted house. And the young children who are fascinated enough by it to try and hunt the ghost who haunts it. This horror web series has been dubbed as India’s version of Stranger Things. The similarities are quite obvious. Considering that there are a group of kids who try to take on threats way beyond their comprehension.

But while Stranger Things went on to become one of the most popular shows of all time. Typewriter has a much smaller following. However, with only five episodes, Typewriter serves as a quick weekend binge-watch. Especially for all those interested in these types of stories.

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