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How to sell drugs online fast season 2: Review

How to sell drugs online fast season 2: Review

How to sell drugs online fast season 2: Review

So Netflix has dropped it’s season 2 to How to sell drugs online fast and if you have watched the first season you know what’s coming. Let’s see if season 2 is worth watching or rather you should skip it.

But first, we also have a season 1 review and what to expect if you are new to this show. To avoid the spoilers, check out the previous article about the series here.

How to sell drugs online fast: Review+ What to expect from season 2

How to sell drugs online fast season 2: Plot

How to sell drugs online fast season 2

So, if you have decided to read this article directly, you probably know what the main plot is all about in this show. A young teenager trying to impress his girlfriend by starting an online drug business and how he comes up with the idea.

The second is all about how he is trying to grow up his business and how will that go for him. We know that the first season ended up by his ex-girlfriend ending up in his room finally developing the feelings for him.

Now we were all left with suspense that did her girlfriend ended up seeing those things in his room or not. The second season ended up being him trying to decide whether he should let his girlfriend know that he is this big drug mafia or not with him dealing with lots of other troubles figuring out that this business is so much more than what he thinks.

How to sell drugs online fast season 2: Story-writing and Direction

How to sell drugs online fast season 2:

So we have talked about this in a previous article that how the show tries to focus on every single character than just being about the main character who is basically narrating the show. We know what is going on Moritz’s girlfriend, Lisa’s life and we also know whats going on with dan and Lenny. We just don’t go through Moritz’s life experiences and the troubles and issues he has in life but we know about Lisa, we know about Lenny, we know about dan, we know about everyone.

The show is about how teenagers start a drug store online, but we don’t just get to know about how he does that instead we get to know how directly and indirectly the business affects the characters and of course their personal issues in life. We know what they are feeling, we know why would they react certain to a situation like that.

Despite the show being a comic type of thing, it makes us feel lots of things in ways not making us really bawl but feeling bad and knowing that yeah, we do feel these things sometimes and the exact way some of us would deal with it.

Talking about the direction, we know this new genre type of thing for Netflix, where the show has shorter episodes and try to show you things really fast without any waste of time. Just like “End of the fucking world” and “I am not okay with this” (I don’t really know if there are more like these but of course would wanna see more like these”) it tries this weird awkward comic show where the things have lots of emotions but are portrayed in less dramatic type. Trying to touch realism and making the show believable in a comic way is the coolest thing on its own.

kudos to the editor of the show too because of the cool editing of the show. If you have seen the first season of the show you would know what I am talking about. There is this cool way of showing social media related things and the internet things which seem really cool.

The show does seem polished than the previous season, maybe because of it being the second season of the show and them spending more to make it look cooler because they know now what they do now. ( They know its a real teenage comic type of show and what to do hence).

How to sell drugs online fast season 2: Actors

In the previous article, we have seen how the actors in the comic shows are never really talked about and how they should be appreciated. To get a look into that, read the previous article on the season one review. The link is given above.

But I really do wanna talk about how not only the show seems polished but also the actors in the show. It’s like them being knowing the characters really well and getting comfortable with it or maybe its something totally different. But yeah to me the actors really seemed polished and comfortable in this one than the first season. (Or maybe it’s just me and I am totally crazy but okay)

How to sell drugs online fast season 2: Conclusion

The show is pretty cool. From direction to editing to the story writing of the show. The concept of the show being about drugs and fusing it with the comic is a pretty amazing idea.

It would be a great watch if you want to watch something quickly like and finishing it in one sit. The show is straight forward and not wasting any time to stretch it out is also one of the amazing things about it. In no scene, you would be pausing the show and question yourself that why are you watching it. This kind of show being short is a bonus point of the show if you are totally not into wasting your time.

How to sell drugs online season 2: Ratings

Acting: 4/5

Direction: 4/5

Background score: 3.5/5

Overall rating: 8/5

So this was us on How to sell drugs online fast season 2. Let us know what you think about the show. Do you prefer this type of short shows which are short episodes and not stretched setting out a different genre? What do you think about this kind of show if it does create a specific genre? Let us know if you want to be exposed to more kinds of these shows and we will gather up some for you.

We will get back to you with something new to watch or something new to talk about to maybe stop you from wasting your time or telling you to give time watching what. Until then, be kind spread love. And stay safe!


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