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How to sell drugs online fast: Review+ What to expect from season 2

How to sell drugs online fast: Review+ What to expect from season 2

How to sell drugs online fast

So Netflix is dropping its second season of How to sell drugs online quick (season 2) on July 21, 2020. And if you think before clicking on the show, we are here for that. Here is a quick review of How to sell drugs online fast (season 1) and what can we expect from How to sell drugs online quickly.

How to sell drugs online fast: Plot

How to sell drugs online fast

How to sell drugs online fast is Netflix comedy-teen drama, directed by Lars Montag with first season airing on Netflix on 6 April 2019.

The show starts with a montage of a romantic relationship between Moritz Zimmerman and Lisa Novak ending up taking a break as Lisa returned from 1 year trip to America and wants to feel some change. Moritz who was prepared to welcome his girlfriend back is now heartbroken (Well I mean of course. They showed he prepared this whole book of their WhatsApp chats from the day she went to London to date. And they are together since 4th grade which is how every love story is according to Netflix teen drama. But okay.)

How to sell drugs online fast

Now heartbroken Moritz realizes some changes in his ex-girlfriend, that maybe she is into this bad boy of the school who is also drug dealer of high school and is the reason she left him. Logging into his Facebook account he knows about how Lisa is into some type of drugs and to impress her and win her back now he has to do something. ( Yes! I know! This is similar to some movie plots. But ignore that)

Leading to which he decides to come up with a plan and to do something cool (which is yes, selling drugs). Teaming up with his best friend Lenny, he decides to sell drugs online and wants her girlfriend to know he is fun too. The show then goes up and down through the situations he has to face.

How to sell drugs online fast: Direction and story writing

How to sell drugs online fast

The show direction is completely based on how Netflix is showing there recent short comedy teen dramas for example End of the fucking world and I am not okay with this. The episodes are mostly of 25-30 minutes and some even 19. (Which, for a fact when we join all the episodes we can watch it as a whole movie. And I am not even exaggerating.)

And I am cool with them parting the show into this small little parts when they can show it as a movie, but I am lying if I say I don’t find this theme pretty cool, but of course, for comedy teen dramas. This theme that gets back you into some 90s comedy shows is cool mixed with some ongoing generation based dramas. (And yeah sometimes these shows are weirdly awkward and like, I don’t know… Maybe sort of un-real, they do seem to create a new genre for upcoming shows.)

How to sell drugs online fast

The show tries to focus on all the characters of the show rather than just sticking to Moritz and Lenny who is the main focus of the plot. We see the story behind every character, we see what they are doing, and explains why they behave in a certain way.

The show also tries to showcase a part of this generation who is completely based on how they are different people on social media and how everyone is still going through their own problems no matter how great and happy they seem on social media. Also how the internet is so much more than content on the screen and how we can find so many illegal stuff through the darknet.

How to sell drugs online fast: Actors

The actors in the show are admirable. We barely try to focus on comic actors when it’s of course the acting part making you believe that things are building in the show. Like the thriller shows and sci-fi shows and psychological dramas, the actors drive you through every situation in the show. (And of course, comic actors deserves to be seen equally)

When they can act all awkward and weird, most of the actors are completely able to drive you through the emotions of jealousy, guilt, and heartbreaks and that makes the actors in the show so good. The whole cast and crew of the show are amazing.

How to sell drugs online quickly: What to expect?

(Spoilers ahead: You can skip this part to the conclusion if you haven’t watched the show)

The show ends with Lisa re-developing for Moritz and ending up in his room at the end scene, where he has pills and a bunch of stuff he works on which could hint what he has been actually up to this whole time and Lisa had no idea of it. We also see other cast being interviewed.

They could add the situation from the last part from their perspective as this whole time we listen to Moritz narrating the story and we hear other characters saying at the interview “He said that?”. We will of course see Moritz, Lenny, and dan being in the same team trying to expand the business and the cops trying to track them down and the situation they will have to face after expanding the business on the professional level.

How to sell drugs online fast: Conclusion


So, of course, the show is not close to a “must” watch. Lots of people will find the basic comic theme of the show a little off. But if you want to binge something fun and are not finding what to watch next, just sit with your snacks for three hours and boom, you have completed a season.

What do you think of the show if you have watched it already? Do you prefer this short comedy teen dramas which you can enjoy in one sit if you want? Let us know your thoughts about the second season and we will be back with another show soon. Until then, stay safe.

How to sell drugs online fast: Ratings

Story: 3.5/10

Acting: 4/5

Direction: 3.5/10

0verall rating: 7/10

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