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If anything happens I love you: Is it worth watching?

If Anything Happens I love you review: Is it worth watching?

if anything happens i love you

Loss is an action that invites the feeling named as sorrow. Losing a match forgetting about someone’s important loss of dear is the ultimate of any other loss.If Anything Happens I Love Youis a short movie which tells the story of two parents who are suffering the pain of the loss of their child. “If Anything Happens I Love You ” movie falls into the genre of Animation, Drama, Short Movie.

Written and Directed by Michael Govier, Will McCormack.

The movie does not include any dialogues it plays differents music to make us feel the emotions they want.

If anything happens I love you: Animation

The animation throughout the whole movie is so pleasing to see even though it’s on a dark theme. The animation style used in this movie is similar to sketching animation.

The animation feels like the story is drawn on sheets of paper.

If anything happens I love you: Story

if anything happens i love you

The story starts with two parents the animation shows that they are in some pain of some kind of loss with the music they try to tell. Slowly the story keeps going and they start looking at different things that make them think of some kind of memory related to that thing or place.

We can see two shadows behind both characters which depict some kind of actions which makes you feel that there is some emotional tension going between the characters which do not let them talk but internally their souls are getting smashed by the sorrow they are carrying.

After some time you will get to see the sole reason for their sorrow because the movie goes into the past of their lives where their child is alive you will see them smiling celebrating and every other emotion except sorrow. Then slowly as you are enjoying and developing an emotional connection with the family the day comes.

The last thing the girl texted to her parents was “ If Anything Happens I Love You ”.


  • The animation was great we could actually feel the pain by just visually seeing it.
  • The music they have used. It is just so good you cannot ignore it stays with you.
  • It will leave an impression of great storytelling without dialogues.
  • They have touched on a very crucial topic from the news.


  • The movie surely can make you cry. (So, basically, nothing!)

What did I felt?

As the movie started I was thinking that the movie will have some dialogue but as the movie progressed I did not felt the need for dialogues because the animation and music were doing the work of dialogues even better than the words would ever be able to do.

The movie is a must-watch because of some particular reasons first is it’s short because it is only 12 minutes as even shorter than some youtube videos. And the second reason is you will get to see a  new kind of animation.    

As they touched on a very crucial topic from the USA it makes it the aftermath of that incident.

The scene where there is a phone in which the child has texted “If Anything Happens I Love You” just makes your heart sync when you think about the strong emotion the child had and the thought she had about her parents while taking her last breathes make everyone think about the feeling of children and after that, the way sorrow of parents are shown is so beautiful.  

Have you guys watched this lovely short movie? What are your thoughts about it? Do you like quick watches like these? Let us know in the comment section down below. Until then, happy binge-watching! Stay safe!

If anything happens I love you: Ratings

Direction: 4/5

Animation: 4/5

Background score: 4.5/5

Overall ratings: 8.5/10

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