IIT Krishnamurthy: Review, Cast, A film title that misleads

IIT Krishnamurthy is a Telugu thriller movie that came out in December 2020. The movie is directed by Sree Vardhan and is dubbed in Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam with the same name.

IIT Krishnamurthy movie cast

Dandamudi Pruthvi as Krishnamurthy

IIT Krishnamurthy movie CAST

Maira Doshi as Jahnavi

Vinay Varma as ACP Vinay Varma

IIT Krishnamurthy movie CAST

Satya as Mahesh Babu

Alok Jain as Swaminathan

Banerjee as Auditor Narayana Rao

Swarnakanth as PA Kiran

Other mentions of IIT krishnamuthy cast

  • Vinodh Nuvvula as Siddharth
  • Anand Bharathi as Srinivas Rao
  • Chitti Babu as CBI Officer
  • Bala as Mrs. Srinivasa Rao
  • Pravalika Reddy as Vidha, Jahnavi’s friend
  • Sahithi Dasari as News Anchor

IIT Krishnamurthy plot –

Krishnamurthy who is an IIT Bombay graduate comes to Hyderabad in search of his missing uncle. When he enquires about it, the police tell him that his uncle is dead and they took it in their hands and have already cremated him.

Krishnamurthy doesn’t believe this and feels that there is something deeper that the police are trying to hide from him. He decides to take matters into his own hand. He provokes ACP Vinay who is an honest but egoistic cop to continue the investigation.
ACP Vinay takes charge and does further investigation and finds some really shocking information. We won’t ruin the ending and the suspense and thrill for you.

IIT Krishnamurthy Review –

IIT Krishnamurthy movie review

Just by looking at the title of the movie IIT Krishnamurthy, you won’t expect it to be a thriller. The movie has a lot of twists and turns. The actors have done an amazing job in portraying their roles in the perfect manner.

The storyline however could have been a little more gripping according to the audience. The first half of the movie sets the base and the basic story but the second half is amazing with its own twists. When all the mystery unravels, it is very satisfying to watch and you feel a sense of relief.

Acp Vinay Verma’s performance deserves a mention. It is acting done so well that leaves the audience mesmerized. The climax scenes especially are the highlight of the movie where the whole plot unravels and it’s fun to watch.

The movie had its own bits of unwanted elements also. There is an unnecessary love sequence in the movie which makes no sense to be added in a thriller movie of this sort. The love story is overdramatic and a tad bit painful to watch.


Since music is a very important part of the Telegu industry, let us talk about music in particular. It looks like music director Naresh Kumaran has been disappointed in the area of music. The audience is of the opinion that such a mystery thriller does not need any music other than good background music but like in every Telegu movie, there are unwanted love songs and other songs.

The only mention-worthy song in the film is “Samayam Jaripe” where the lyrics are written by Manapaka Nagarjuna and the singer is Hema Chandra. The background music is done really well in the movie.


The run time of the movie is 110 minutes but the audience still felt that the movie was long and boring till the last-minute twists. The storyline could have been more gripping. The last-minute climax twists were really good but the overall story could have been better.

We cannot stress it enough that the love scenes were absolutely unnecessary and were not required and if the director really wanted to add it, it could have been shortened.

IIT Krishnamurthy Ratings –

We would like to give this movie 2.5/5. It’s a good movie overall but could have been better. Some of the actors were underutilized. There could have been a few more twists and turns and a little less lovey-dovey scenes.


You can watch this movie on Amazon Prime Video. It is available in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada.

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