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Iron Man: The iconic avenger of all time

Iron man: The iconic avenger of all time

Iron Man is considered as the American comic book superhero, the backbone of Marvel comics made his first appearance in Tales of Suspense number.39 in 1963. The character Iron Man’s creation can be credited to four people: firstly the editor cum writer, Stanlee, who initially plotted the first and main story. Second his brother Larry Lieber, who then scripted the writings of Stanlee. Then Don heck, an actor who actually drew it. finally Jack Kirby, the person who designed and created Iron Man’s original armored battlesuit.

Iron Man acted as the main lead of his own comic book series. in other comic stories, he acted as a guest, especially in THE AVENGERS, in tv series, in animated pictures, and also in live-action motion films.


iron man

From Comics and On-screen point

Cool chief, and a heart of steel

Tony Stark is the son of an industrialist and a weapon manufacturer named Howard Stark and his wife named Maria. Tony has a brilliant mind for technology and few inventions. After his parent’s untimely death he followed the footsteps of his father by inheriting stark industries. he designed some of the best weapons of war.  Fate took the dark side of his life when he went to make a contract overseas.

One of the bombs got exploded which brought him near to death. Tony took his near-death experience as an inspiration. he was forced to work in a cave instead he made armor for himself that will always keep him alive and also makes him a walking weapon.

After wearing the iron man suit he escaped to America. He built one more armor- the more updated version and completely dedicated his life to fighting menaces to the world.

Suits and armors

iron man suit

Iron Man designed several suits and upgrades for it over the years. The most common thing in all those upgrades is some of the offensive and defensive capabilities that are found in it. The most important defensive capability of the suit is a repulsor which helps in destroying the foes. Then any of the fighter jets, the booster contained in it, helps Tony Stark to fly even faster to break the sound barrier.

He has a helmet that provides him vision around 360 degrees. He can see what is happening in the surrounding environment. he also has the capability to block transmissions under any frequency. Another powerful weapon that is in the center of his chest is called Unibeam which helps in providing a shining light and this beam is more powerful than that of a repulsor ray.

Each and every suit which he designed consists of telecommunications which allow him to block any kind of frequency and also contains advanced artificial intelligence

Besides all these suits he made special armor like hulk buster armor[ this armor allows him to stand toe to toe with hulk whenever needed.]

Iron Man: Fighting back the repellant

hulk and iron man

There are similar armor-based foes for Iron Man. Crimson Dynamo and Titanium Man were created by Russians in order to halt the danger. Which is imposed by the Iron Man and fought with tony shark many times.

The most ferocious archvilliains of Iron Man is Mandarin. Mandarin captured Tony Shark while he was in Wong chu. And indirectly became the reason for the creation of Iron man. A skillful, paranormal, and technological intellect, the Mandarin gained a superpower. The only person who can stand in the way of Mandarin is the smartest and strongest, Iron Man.

Obadiah Stane, an engaging industrialist he is a huge fan of psychological warfare. for some time he took over the tony sharks company. even though he falls apart in the battle, his successors are even stonier than he is.

Another most Competing Industrialist is Stane, Justin hammer. Both are interested in assembling a

ll the wealth and power. And finds out that the tony shark is a  big block for them to reach the goal. Few of his enemies include Radioactive man, Advanced idea mechanics[aim], Ghost.

Afflicting, combatting, and his friends

avengers iconic scene

Iron man has many teammates and partners. Because he can’t fight alone. He is one of the originating members of Avengers along with Thor and Captain America. He left the team for personal reasons at various points. But he is one of the Avengers that we can always count upon. He is there when needed.

Tony’s best friends are his secretary Pepper pots and driver Happy Hogan. After the death of happy, tony created armor for pepper when she became a superhero for herself. One of the closest friends tony has ever had is steve, captain America. They both had different opinions when it comes to how to serve the world community. They both had their share of ups and downs. But they share things like: having complete dedication towards the task at hand and also their histories.

Tony became a mentor to Peter Parker, who is a teenage superhero, spiderman. in spite of giving updated tech to him, he gave advice on how to become an undefeated superhero and to mark his path as a hero.

Building up the adventure

Tony made pepper pots as the new CEO of Stark industries so that he can spend more time creating new technology. And he confessed his feelings for her after some time.

After knowing the worldwide as iron man, he gained the attention of Ivan Vanko. She thought of taking revenge on the Stark family. He went to America to attack tony stark. Tony shark won the battle with Ivan Vanko by escaping the government’s pressure to hand over the secrets of his armor technology.

Loki convinced thor, iron man, hulk, the wasp-ant man to come together as a team. The volatile hulk would leave the team suddenly. But iron man stood tall for his team. And he became one of the cores and important members of avengers along with Thor and Captain America.

later iron man doesn’t depend on his iron man suit because of injury many times, because of that he underwent a transplant. because of the alcohol, he had to give away his armor to Rhodey to become the new iron man until he recovered. the release cost him to lose the combat against a competitive businessman, Obadiah stane.

The change

He went to California looking for a change. He joined the newly formed avengers on the west coast. This led him to start his own company named stark enterprises in silicon valley. Later he faked his own death. Later he found out that the iron man suit is worsening his nervous system. Instead, he created a war machine suit to safeguard himself. Now he again faked his death and passed his war machine suit to Rhodey.

During combat with the onslaught, he along with his fellow Avengers were believed dead. After returning to reality, younger tony merged with adult tony. He again set up a new company named stark solutions and rejoined avengers. Iron man armor technology became so advanced that while shutting down led to a heart attack. So, he replaced an artificial one in order to save his life. Later, he kept himself away from such technologies because of the fear of life.

After revealing his identity as an iron man in the press conference he has now the potential to use his stark technology whenever and wherever needed. He became the secretary of defense. Later he was forced to resign from the position of the secretary because of the manipulation made by a scarlet witch.

Once again the world superheroes came into a conflict against each other. This time for an inhuman. Ulysses, which could see all the crimes and various events before they could happen. In the process, Rhodey was killed. Tony made sure that Ulysses’ abilities are never used again.

This led to combat between an iron man and Captain America. Tony lost in this combat and went into a coma.

Some of the best characteristic features


By looking at the tony shark, we may feel he is arrogant. But he has complete self-confidence than anything. He has complete confidence that he can do anything once he sets his mind to that. During the heroic battle, he said that he can do anything if he was assisted against the wall. Where he just had only a cave to work in. He also proved his ability by saving the world without even doubting himself a second.


The best personality trait of Iron man is that he not only maintains long-term relationships with women and stay committed to them but also to his ideas.

If we take a civil war, while he was fighting on one side he just completely committed to the plan of registering or take down all the superheroes. If we take civil war 2, while he was fighting on the other side. He was always committed to protecting miles morales from Carol Denver.  He is not any hero who backs down from any war.

Sacrifices himself for the sake of humanity

iron man snap

In the Avengers: end game, the Iron man gave up his life just to save the universe and stop Thanos. Tony Shark has done the greatest sacrifice for the universe and died. Actually, which might play into his arrogance, futurism, and commitment, but he did what should be done in order to save the world.

In the comics, Tony stark always knew that he needs to save Miles morales in civil war 2. So he gave up his life there. More than once he proves that he sacrifices or dies for the greater good of humanity.

 Most creative

Through the origin story of the iron man, he proved his capability and worth as a superhero. In the midst, he was trapped in a foes country. And there he was held in a cave by few terrorists. They gave him some materials to create a weapon. Instead he designed the iron man suit for himself and escaped from there.

Following years he has improved and made his armor perfect. That also with the technology that he designed. He solved many huge problems like saving the earth in the recent war.

He can see the future

iron man future

About the events of civil war 2, Captain America was speaking to the beast. When carol attacked iron man she said that she didn’t start it. Then beast explained that tony shark started it because he can see the future. And also, the outcomes of each and everything.

In both the movies and comics in the civil war, he had the ability to see the future with heroes running uncontrolled. And no one governing them and he didn’t use it for any immoral purposes.

Bad things about iron man

Deceiving friends

When it comes to his teammates, he is more like a batman. He feels that he can beat any of his teammates. Unlike the batman tony shark has actually turned on some of his teammates. When he decided on a war against Captain America. He started a civil war. In Civil war 2, he fought with Captain marvel.

Womanizer especially in comics

she hulk and iron man

Iron man has always been a womanizer in his life. In movies, the only relationship with Pepper Pots and having a baby with her is shown. But the scenario is completely different in the case of comics. The iron man had a relationship with everyone right from Wasp to She hulk. He didn’t settle down with pepper pots in comics. However, he always shows respect while being with them or while making love to them.

Uses people to get his work done

He uses people when he feels that something needs to be done in order to achieve his goals. sometimes he doesn’t even repay them. For instance, take in Captain America: civil war, he brought a teenage superhero and he put him against Captain America, even though peter felt unsure about it. He did it because the iron man asked him to.


Often his genius-level intellect is considered arrogance. So, more than once he is considered the most hated superhero in the marvel universe. Tony stark always believed that he is the only smartest person in the room. No matter who he is talking to. Stark insults face-to-face the most respected captain America. But whenever he faces someone who doesn’t respect him it ends up dangerous for the people who are in the room with him.

Iron man, Inspiring quotes

The iron man showed us that we don’t need any of the fancy stuff and radioactive spiders in order to become a hero. Just a bit of hard work and intelligence can make a human into an avenger.

Usually, we create our own demons

We are our own worst foes, constantly judging ourselves and comparing ourselves with others. Sometimes this can be empowering too. Because if we are capable of creating our demons then we are capable of dismissing them.

What is the very point of owning a race car, when you can’t drive it?

iron man quotes

In this materialistic world, we often tend to buy expensive things like race cars just to keep them in the garage. Or things just to keep to aside. We buy them because we can show them to the world. Even though we don’t use them or don’t know how to use them. But anyhow we live only once, we can buy things which makes us happy. Like jumping right into the Gucci jacket if you always wanted to.

You know  in the times like these I get to realize what a superhero I am

iron man quotes

 As we all know half of the tony shark’s success is because he always has his back even during the hard times when everything falls apart. He is his best cheerleader. He always advocates how cool a superhero he is. [But hey we all know that he is not wrong].

If you feel you are nothing without this armor or suit, then you shouldn’t have it at all

Tony shark makes sure that peter understands that it is not the suits or armor which make a person superhero. It’s beneath the suit who you are that makes you a superhero.

I know exactly what I am doing

If there is anyone quote that can totally sum up tony stark is this.

It is not always how much we have lost, it’s about how much we have left with


It’s rare to find such beautiful quotes that are both heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. There is a reason behind why thor, iron man, and the remaining crew are called avengers. Because if they couldn’t save the world they would at least vindicate it. This beautiful quote talks about the brighter side which is left after a certain tragic event.

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