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Jeet Ki Zid: Review, Cast, plot, season 1 and season 2

Jeet ki zid: Review, Cast, plot, season 1 and season 2

There have been several biopics and representations of the Indian Army and other forces as well. Whether it be the age-old classic such as Lakshya starring Hrithik Roshan, or the new-gen contemporary depiction of Gunjan Saxena with Janhvi Kapoor in the lead role. Jeet Ki Zid is another biopic pertaining to the Indian Army and talks about the struggles and achievements of real-life Major Deependra Singh Sengar. Streaming on Zee5, here is our review of the web series Jeet Ki Zid for you to decide whether to watch it or skip it.

Jeet ki Zid Cast

Amrita Puri plays Jaya

jeet ki zid

Amit Sadh plays Major Deependra

jeet ki zid

Sushant singh plays Colonel Ranjeet Chaudhary

jeet ki zid

Gagan Randhawa plays Dipti

jeet ki zid cast

Aly Goni plays Surya

Mrinal Kulkarni


Jeet Ki Zid narrates the story of Major Deependra Singh Sengar right from his childhood. Amit Sadh portrays this titular role. A happy to go 10-year-old is full of satisfaction and content. Spending time with his family for a vacation in Jammu Kashmir turns out to be a catastrophe for Deep Singh Sengar. A terrorist attack takes place during their vacation, and his elder sibling becomes a victim of this incident and loses his life. This agonizing episode leaves a mark on Deependra’s heart and later provokes him into joining the Indian Army.

The narrative takes place in snippets and different chapters as we explore his life from his interest in being a commando to the setbacks that follow him after the Kargil War. His participation in the Kargil War leaves him half paralyzed. And hence that forces him to not continue anymore in the Indian Army.

Deependra now might be physically incapable but his hopes and heart are at high. He faces a number of disparities and difficulties, both bodily and mentally. Deep Singh goes on to work in the corporate world, climbing the ladder and reaching the top of the business circle.


jeet ki zid plot

Jeet Ki Zid is jotted down by Akash Chawla and Arunava Sengupta with the screenplay by Siddharth Mishra. Telling the story of such an exemplary figure would have been one that stays with the audience for years to come, being an epitome for others to follow. But Jeet Ki Zid’s screenplay fails to do precisely that. The web series is set in an episodic scenic form, where one incident takes place after the other, in fragments. Jeet Ki Zid spans over seven episodes and traverses around decades in Major Deependra’s life. Hence at times, it’s just the highlights of his life, like watching the goals being scored in a match but not the important play that leads to it.

The editing department holds some criticism as well for the haphazard emends. Sudden jump cuts, vague camera movements and certain looped dialogues and scenes. It might not be a lot, but for someone with an eye for this, these issues might ruin the experience.


Amit Sadh is an underrated performer who can sync into any character and role given to him. He might’ve not showcased splendid out-of-the-box characters, but whomsoever he plays, he gives it his all heart. The transformations that his role of Major Deependra demands, checked. Plus, his physique accurately qualifies to that of a commando. The falls (literal falls), the setbacks, the emotional ruins, and above all the courage to get up and rise, all are played with immense passion and utmost intensity by Amit.

As the supporting cast, we have Amrita Puri who plays Deependra’s wife Jaya. She is exquisite in her role as she fulfills the devoted wife category elegantly. Sushant Singh portrays the character of Colonel Ranjeet Chaudhary. The unsympathetic and cold-hearted colonel is equally wonderful to watch, as he has the love for his country as the one and only priority. Mrinal Kulkarni plays the role of Deependra’s mother, though she doesn’t experience a lot of screen time. And whenever she does, she’s portrayed as the cliched Indian mother.

The title track by Diptarika Bose ‘Zid Hai’ is absolutely heart-winning, rightly catching the emotions of the main in the frame all throughout the episodes.

The cinematography is definitely eye catching especially scenes from Deependra’s training that takes place in Manali.

Jeet ki zid Season 2

As of now, there have been no official announcements or talks going on about a return season of Jeet Ki Zid. Given that the web series is based on a real-life figure and that his story has already been mapped out in these seven episodes, it seems highly unlikely that we would see a Jeet Ki Zid Season 2.


jeet ki zid review

Major Deependra Singh’s life and the story are one of perseverance and willpower. One that deserves and needs to be told. Jeet Ki Zid is a wonderful watch that will leave you propelled and full of enthusiasm. He is a living testimony to millions of Indians and to people all over the world. Especially for the younger generations who aspire to represent the Indian Army. Amit Sadh is a delight to watch in that role, absolutely nailing it’s from the first minute to last. Should you watch it? Certainly yes. Apart from certain drawbacks, it is a moving and heartening watch, one that everybody should experience.

Watch it on: Zee5

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