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JL 50 review : Another time travel hit?

JL 50: Another time travel hit?

Sony liv recently dropped its new sci-fi show and guess what? It’s about time travel. We have been loving Netflix’s dark, which was an absolute masterpiece and we now doubt that will there ever be a show as great as Dark. So is JL 50 worth watching? Let’s see.

JL 50: Plot

jl 50

A plane crash near a village leaves everyone in shock as a plane named A60 is missing and can’t be found anywhere. After CBI gets to know that the plane crash far away from the A60 route, they discover that the plane that crashed is JL 50 which went missing 35 years ago.

After realizing that the plane, the things on the plane, the people on the plane are in the same state as they were 35 years and haven’t aged a bit, CBI investigates the case deeply if this actually a plane from 35 years ago or just a setup. (I can’t tell you anything more than this because of spoilers. Not my fault!)

JL 50: Direction, Screenplay, and Writing

As JL 50 ‘s crew claims that they had a really low budget creating this show, which was actually a film, you can actually tell that there is something wrong in a few shots. Like the shots that needed VFX work, doesn’t quite satisfy you as much as it should have. You keep coming across these scenes and all you can do is watch it, it does not really captivate you.

On the other hand, the drone shots were impressive as it really shows you the beauty of Kolkata. The shots are so beautiful that you will want to through those lanes.

So if it is a low budget, and has a really impressive story so we can ignore some points right? And the story successfully does that. The plot itself will make you keep on clicking on the next episode. (Well, it is just 4 episode show with every episode being 30 minutes, so that could be another reason for doing that.)

Talking about the screenplay, it is actually quite slow. You can actually feel the length of the episode even though it is just 30 minutes. You can literally put it on 1.25 speed and can understand every single thing. In fact, it will feel like what the actual speed of the episode should be. (And I am not exaggerating, I have done this and I never watch a show this way until it has a really slow screenplay. Or it is boring. Depends!)

JL 50: Acting

Abhay Deol

jl 50

Abhay Deol in JL 50 plays the role of a CBI officer who is still recovering from his past and we are kept in suspense what it actually is. So that could bring a big twist in the movie. (I can’t tell you guys about that but it is amazing. It will definitely blow your minds)

He is super fine in the movie and carries the role perfectly where he has to solve the case but also has issues in his personal life. He really seems to bring that character that is sad but is in the closet and the one who doesn’t seem to open up a lot without making it over the top. He keeps his character grounded throughout the movie which is so amazing.

Piyush Mishra

jl 50

Piyush Mishra in this show is absolutely phenomenal. He plays the role of a survivor of JL 50 and seems to be still recovering. He has to carry this intense psychopath character in the movie and boy oh boy, didn’t he nailed it!

I have always praised Piyush Mishra and his work because I really think he really works on the character he is playing and nails it every single time. And he did the same in this show.

Pankaj Kapur

jl 50

Pankaj Kapur plays the role of a professor and knows a lot about physics. The professor is a mysterious character in the show who knows a lot about JL 50 than he shows. He is one of the suspects of the case as he was supposed to be on the plane that day.

Pankaj Kapur has always been one of the finest actor and he carries the role perfectly. You can actually see the love for physics he has in the show. (And also some of the iconic lines he has in the movie just makes his character better.)

Other than this, Ritika Anand and Rajesh Sharma did a great job as well. Both of them played their part really well and we have seen Rajesh Sharma as a cop frequently which makes us adopt him as a cop quickly.

JL 50: The conclusion

The show definitely has a unique way of showing time travel. As for where time travel seems to have a cliched concept almost every time, they really had a different way of showing that. Of course, there are lots of issues with the show because of the budget issues and the screenplay and direction really leave you a bit unsatisfied.

Even there is a bit of action scene in the show which really looks choreographed rather than realistic. (But it could be just me. I would have appreciated a well-choreographed action in the show. But if you are not a fan of action scenes that can be perfectly fine for you)

So the show is actually binge-worthy as it has a unique concept in a way and it is really short, so you just watch it in one sit. If you are finding something to binge that you can finish in a day, this can be for you. And the show is definitely not terrible as claimed by some of the reviewers on youtube. It really can make you think about time travel and can actually blow your mind. (There is just lots of unnecessary hate on the internet nowadays. So ignore that.)

Let us know what do you think about the show and its time travel concept. Did you really buy the concept of the show? And I will be back with some more really really soon. Until then, stay strong. Stay safe.


Acting: 4/5

Direction: 3/5

Background score: 3/5

Overall rating: 6.5/10

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