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Karoline Kamakshi – Review, Cast, Plot, and more

Karoline Kamakshi Web Series

Karoline Kamakshi is an action-comedy Tamil web series streaming on ZEE5 starring Giorgia Andriani and Meena as Karoline and Kamakshi respectively. It was released in December 2019 and has one season with 10 episodes. Karoline Kamakshi marks the South Indian cinematic debut for Giorgia Andriani. The cast includes Y.G Mahendran, Veena Angelina Sweety, Anto Thomas, Spike John in pivotal roles.

Karoline Kamakshi – Cast

Meena as Agent Kamakshi
Andriani as Agent Karoline
Y. G. Mahendran as Chidhambharam
Balaji Murugadoss as Vikram
Poraali Dhileepan as Inspector Kunju Mohan
Veena Angelina Sweety as Victoria
Anto Thomas as Furkhin
Spike John as Old Monk
TSR as Dr. Venkadam
K.P.Sathish as Sameer (Assassin hired by Fukhrin)
Raaghav as Kamakshi’s husband
Uma Sreenivasan as Kamakshi’s mother-in-law
Pranita N. as Mallika, Kamakshi’s daughter


Karoline Kamakshi

The plot is just like any buddy cop genre. Two polar opposites get together to track an international artifact thief who goes by the name of Furkin and Karoline Kamakshi is just that in all its glory. Karoline is a French detective suffering from alcoholism after a breakup, Kamakshi is a lazy, conservative CBI officer. Together, they have to figure out where Furkin hid the Virgin Mary, the artifact in this case.

The entry of the characters shows Karoline sipping wine in an auto and beating the auto driver when he tries to make a move on her while Kamakshi is shown sleeping at her desk and waking up only to reprimand someone for disturbing her nap. The entire web series revolves around Karoline getting in violent situations and Kamakshi trying too hard to prove herself to her family and colleagues. Her husband puts her down, mother-in-law swears at her and daughter looks down upon her by asking “What have you achieved for me to respect you?”, a question everyone seems to ask.

Karoline KamakshiReview

The web series seems to have missed the mark with their characters, writing, and staging. The characters are portrayed to be a bit colorful in nature. Furkin, the villain, is both dangerously scary and funnily clumsy at the same time. Kunju, a local cop, doesn’t quite seem to be good at the job. Victoria, another criminal looking for the Virgin Mary, smokes and stares into space mindlessly. And then there is Old Monk, the only lead to Furkin somehow is at the receiving end of all inappropriate jokes.

The writers try very hard at comedy but fail as Karoline Kamakshi looks like a hot mess where middle-aged women are acting naïve and irresponsibly when they could have made the characters more mature with age and experience. The jokes seemed to be one-tone as one of the scenes includes Chidhambharam, Director of the Indian CBI, and Kamakshi’s mentor trying to explain how he is “bachelor but not a virgin” and that he has Kama Sutra because he misheard a French officer when asked about Furkin.

The staging seems bland as it includes an old boat to be the villain’s spot and action sequences to be poorly choreographed reminding us all of the 80s action movies when the sound of the punch would come first then the landing of the punch. To conclude, Karoline Kamakshi did not live up to the mark despite being a buddy-cop action-comedy.

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