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Khuda Haafiz: Worth watching?

Khuda Haafiz: Worth watching?

khuda haafiz

So Vidyut Jamwal is here with a new movie. And majority of people are comparing it with Baaghi 3. So is really just another cliche action movie? Does Khuda Haafiz have nothing new to offer? Let’s see!

Khuda Haafiz: Plot

khuda haafiz

So it’s the year 2007 in Lucknow and Sameer’s family wants him to meet Nargis and her parents and wants him to settle down. We know they are from different caste but the reason behind it is their family being friends for a long time and Nargi’s parents even had a love marriage. They meet and talk to each other and seem to like each other. (So they show this cute little montage of their journey from first meeting to wedding.)

One year later, India is facing problems with employment and hence, lots of people have lost their jobs. This affects Sameer and Nargis and now they are figuring out the solution to the problem. Doing this, they apply for a job in Noman, as they have no hope in India, with help of a manager.

khuda haafiz

Unfortunately, Nargis gets selected first and has to leave without Sameer. Thinking about it, Sameer decides to let her go alone, telling her to call after she reaches there. Waiting for the call, Sameer and family comfort themselves by believing that she must have not bought the international call card yet.

After a while, Sameer gets a call from Nargis saying that she is in danger wants him to get her back home. The story revolves around how Sameer will find her wife in an unknown city, Noman. Will he be able to rescue his wife?

Khuda Haafiz: Direction and Screenplay and other discussions

khuda haafiz

Khuda Haafiz is directed by Faruk Kabir who is also an actor himself. Khuda Haafiz is a romantic action thriller film where our hero is nothing more than a software engineer. And Faruk just knew how to do this. He knew that this is a film about a common man going to an unknown country to save his wife, not a soldier nor a cop.

That’s why he kept the direction ground to earth, our hero ground to earth instead of just making him flip over the villain’s head. He kept him simple, he kept him sweet, he kept him scared and he kept him confused. Yes, we see our hero fighting but not like a superhero.

I have seen lots of youtube reviewers saying that, if they were working with Vidyut Jamwal, who is a martial artist, why didn’t they use him properly? I don’t know how this makes any sense. Why would you want to see a character, who is a software engineer, fighting like a soldier? And I know that if they would have shown him flipping around, they would have complained about the same. ( And I also know that the people who are comparing this with Baaghi are saying this just by watching the trailer.)

In this case, I would like to say if you want the movie to make absolutely no sense and you just want some straight fighting scenes, consider watching something else. When you want a software engineer to fight like a martial artist, I don’t know how I would praise a film who tries to maintain logic. (And also, we need some honest reviewers who are not just like the normal audience who just wants everything spiced up. We already have people like those in comment sections.)

khuda haafiz

Apart from this, they tried to maintain every detail in the film, like showing visitor card to security guards outside the Indian embassy to the accent of the people living there. The action scenes were amazing, the shots in narrow space were amazing, the long wide shots of Noman were amazing, you can clearly see what’s going on when they are in narrow spaces like corridors and lanes.

khuda haafiz

There were way too many slow motions montages in the movie, that increases the screenplay a little. But the songs makes it bearable. The songs are absolutely beautiful and their placements in the movie do not bother you. The movie is 2 hours 10 min long so it could have been shorter, but it wasn’t a huge problem. (I sat through it and I get bored easily, so the length shouldn’t be a problem more most of you guys.)

Khuda Haafiz: Acting

  • Vidyut Jamwal

khuda haafiz

Vidyut Jamwal was a big surprise in the movie. We have seen Vidyut in action movies. He is amazing at his martial arts, and no one can disagree with this fact. But Khuda Haafiz is something else. We don’t see a usual Vidyut Jamwal in Khuda Haafiz. We see a simple, sweet, and scared Vidyut Jamwal. Every time he is the one who beats, now he is the one going through the same. (Yes, he is fighting, but we also see him getting hurt. Which helped in the logic part of the movie.)

khuda haafiz

In an interview with Hritik Roshan, Vidyut said that Khuda Haafiz was a journey of him untraining himself. He has to turn into this common software engineer from a professional martial artist. And he did it so well. We can actually see the ACTOR Vidyut Jamwal in Khuda Haafiz. (I can say this that this can be Vidyut’s boost in the acting career.)

Because the way he carried himself throughout the movie, the way he was anxious and shivering when he mentioned his wife or couldn’t think of what to do next, everything was great. You can feel his emotions through his eyes. (Okay I should stop, I am rambling now. But he was amazing in the movie.)

  • Annu Kapoor

khuda haafiz

Annu Kapoor is like a second wheel of Khuda Haafiz if Vidyut Jamwal is first. He was this Pathan driver who helps Sameer and has to have this Arabic accent, and he did it so well. His accent was consistent throughout the movie and so realistic. We already know what a great actor Annu Kapoor is, and he was as amazing in Khuda Haafiz. Kudos!

khuda haafiz

Shivaleeka Oberoi, who we have seen in “Yeh saali aashiqui”, and gave us goosebumps through her acting, plays a short but important role in the Khuda Haafiz. She is just as amazing and beautiful in the movie. Shiv Panditt and Ahana Kumra did a great job playing cops and carrying their accents too. Overall, the whole cast of the movie seems great.

Khuda Haafiz: The conclusion

khuda haafiz

Khuda Haafiz is a romantic action movie about a simple sweet couple and tries to be as logical as possible. There are things that make the movie predictable. And it is an action movie so it has to leave some logic behind but the movie does make sense.

The direction of the movie is amazing, the songs are beautiful, the background score is great. The caste of the movie is amazing and plays their parts perfectly. I loved Vidyut Jamwal and Anu Kapoor in the movie, with all due respect to supporting cast of the movie. I had no problem with Vidyut being an Actor in the movie instead of a professional martial artist, to be honest, I wanted to see him in something like this. And Khuda Haafiz was a perfect opportunity.

Let us know what do you think about the movie? Are you the one who agrees with reviewers who says that they didn’t make perfect use of Vidyut? Is it okay to compare Khuda Haafiz to Baaghi 3? I will be back with some more movies and shows and maybe some other topics this time. Until then, Stay safe! Stay strong! Peace.


Direction: 4/5

Acting: 4/5

Background score: 4/5

Overall Rating: 8.5/10

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