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LOKI – Release date| Cast| Characters| what to expect?

LOKI – Release date| Cast| Characters| what to expect?

Towards the end of 2020, Marve Studios released the exclusive clip of several anticipated projects. LOKI, the Disney+ series was one of them. 

Let’s break down a few Easter eggs in the trailer and see what we can expect from the God of Mischief 

The ‘Should be’s of LOKI trailer 

Losing the Tesseract 

loki tesseract

We all know how Loki, the series starts somewhere in the middle of Avengers: Endgame. Where it disappears with the help of the Tesseract during the Time Heist from Stark Towers. In the next scene, although, Loki is found in a desert wearing the same clothes but without the Tesseract. This can lead us to believe that the containment vessel is lost somewhere during his journey. That can lead to more alternate branches of reality and more drama. 

TVA – Time Variance Authority

Loki Trailer Stills

Next, Loki is seen to be taken away to the TVA facility. Now, TVA (like the Timecops) is a governing authority in charge of keeping track of all universes and alternate realities. They also possess the power to reprimand those trying to mess with it (which the Avengers did in Endgame). Since his escape is a branch to another reality, the TVA must bring him in for several potential issues. More on those further.  

Why TVA took him in? 

Lokis Dagger flip

It is possible that TVA took Loki in as a prisoner, indicated by the x-men-esque collar and TVA jumpsuit. Given how he messed with realities by taking away the tesseract and whatnot.  

Another reason might be because they need someone equally, if not more, evil and sinister to catch another fugitive (if Lady Loki does really appear) or discern the fate of other exploding timelines/realities (one of the apocalyptic shots). And who better than the God of Mischief, right? The latter could be true as Tom is seen decked out in a TVA uniform in several instances. It could be both too. As in ‘bring in another criminal to let yourself off.  

In another scene, we see the iconic dagger flip from the main man himself. It appears as if he’s getting ready to fight Justice (Mbatha Raw’s character), which shows how he might try to escape. Or it might just a different scene cut while trailer edit to confuse us. 

Cast and New Characters

Mobius ang Justice

(L) Owen Wilson as Mobius M Mobius; (R)Gugu Mbatha Raw as one of the justices two new characters that we saw in the trailer are Owen Wilson as Mobius M Mobius and Gugu Mbatha Raw as one of the justices (possibly). Mobius is a recurring character from the TVA in the comics. He also indicates how the bureaucratic authority has kept tabs on Loki over time.  

As for Mbatha Raw’s character, she might be one of the Chief Justices who would look over Loki’s case and further events.  

There is another cloaked figure appearing in the trailer in several places. This figure is seen burning up places and creating hurdles for the TVA officers. It can be the being the authorities are trying to capture and need Loki for. This character could possibly be Lady Loki, picked up from the comics and/or from a different universe.  

In a few leaked pictures from the supermarket sequence, Sophia Di Martino has appeared. She is wearing, what looks like a green ensemble similar to Loki’s backing up this theory, as her role in the series has not been revealed yet. 

The end of a reality

We see a few apocalyptic scenarios in the trailer itself. One of them is where we a celestial body disintegrating itself over a shadowed figure. That might be the Vormir Planet from Infinity War and Endgame (and the shadow is Black Widow). Or it can be a planet from an alternate reality (and the shadow being Lady Loki). Coming to those in a bit 

Another one is similar to devastated New York, with a banged-up Avenger’s buildingThis means that Loki is in another alternate reality where he succeeded in the Chittauri Attack (from The Avenger’s first movie). It could be something else entirely, but this seems the most plausible to me. 

This because the TVA holds the authority to prune ‘dangerous’ realities. 

Popular Myths for gags 

Is Loki D. B. Cooper?
Is Loki D. B. Cooper?

The writer of the film definitely wanted to have more fun with the abilities of their main character and creative liberty. They justify the infamous D. B. Cooper mystery by making Loki the guy who then flies into the Bifrost with (most of) the money. They also put Polybius, a mysterious arcade game that was a topic for American conspiracy theorists for a long time. It will be interesting to see what they do with other myths. 

Loki for President  

Loki for President
Related to ‘Vote Loki’ Comics

Towards the end, Tom Hiddleston is seen, albeit slightly ruffled, in his green-themed outfit, smaller horns, and a badge that reads ‘Loki for President’. Thus, overshadowing the 2016 comics ‘Vote Loki’, where it runs for and almost manages to win the US Presidential Elections. This could be a villainous move or a social experiment or anotheranother reality. The last seems more fitting based on the funky-looking characters in the same setting.  

There appears a disheveled throne with ‘L’ over it, for Loki. So, it might be some sort of gathering/political campaign gone awry. Nonetheless, this part seems to be a lighthearted-drama-free-just-for-gags episode, like the popular myths above. Don’t quote me on it though! You never know with Marvel. 

The ‘Maybe’s from the LOKI  trailer 

The Living Tribunal 

TVA Facility
The TVA courtyard

The three heads and statues in the courtroom and courtyard of the TVA are speculated to be the Living Tribunal, a humanoid cosmic entity that safeguards the multiverse from mystical imbalances. People also link to the Kang the conqueror, a time traveler wanted by the TVA, one of the powerful villains because of whom the authority came into existence, i.e., their biggest threatTheir appearance is questionable, but they might be mentioned somewhere or the other. So, be on the lookout for those references for further Marvel Projects. 

Re-visiting the Stark Tower 

stark tower

In a shot, Loki is seen standing in front of a cluster of mirrors, whose background looks like Tony Stark’s home (where he oh so brutally lost). If that is right, he might be revisiting the place. Either sent by the Timecops for another mission or by himself, as he is not wearing the uniform but his own green ensembleUnlike other scenes, for example, post-apocalypse NYC and a very retro-looking sequence with the God of Mischief swinging a lady around.  

Potential Comebacks 

Devilish stained glass
The devilish stained glass in the background

In the trailer, Loki, as D. B. Cooper is seen jumping off a jet and getting sucked into the Bifrost. This hints at Heimdall’s return, or even a cameo appearance. We can hear Loki say ‘brother’, his usual way to refer to Thor, so another potential appearance. It would make sense because, here, events of Infinity War haven’t taken place yet. This means that all of Asgardians and other Thor characters are very much alive. 


loki  mephisto

In a mystical-church-like setting, we can see Mobius receiving something from a little girl. The thing to notice is the stained glass in the backdrop, which looks highly demonic. Some speculate it might be Mephisto, a devilish character throughout the MCU. Suggesting something sinister going on in that particular reality.  

Nexus Loki 

loki nexus

As he flits through timelines and universes, it is possible that Loki might be another Nexus Being in the MCU. Alongside this, he possesses magical powers and can warp realities (his tricks overall MCU installments). It is a shot in the dark, but it might be true. His heavy involvement with the TVA, multiverses, and other mystical powers and events can be the catalyst.

The catalyst for other MCU projects 

Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – As the series deals with alternate universes, time travel/jumps, and magic (with Loki, it is very probable), it might affect the events of Dr. Strange’s next installment. Also, since Strange is the keeper of the time stone, the TVA might keep an eye on him and vice versa. The movie’s cast list also includes Tom Hiddleston as Loki so far. 

WandaVision – We now know how Wanda is playing with reality and time, warping it to her (or Agnes’) needs. Her being a Nexus Being also means that the TimeCops are keeping a close eye on her, given their history and literal job description. Scarlet Witch also has an appearance (at least) in the Dr. Strange sequel. So, they might be all interconnected. 

Spider-Man FFH Sequel – It is speculated that Agatha Harkness (Agnes in WandaVision) might want to bring other universes together, backed by the latest events of Wanda’s show. That gives way for previous Spider-Man actors/versions to merge into the MCU. Much like Sony’s Spider-verse. During that too, Wanda might have a role and Dr. Strange would be the father figure to Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, exactly like the comics. Involving the Time Variance Authority because of the MULTIVERSE! Also, because this film is set between WandaVision and Multiverse of Madness. 

Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania – If the Kang theory is right, then that might connect to the next Ant-Man film, as per the declared cast and characters (Kang as the villain of the story). Hence, bringing in the TVA to their most wanted criminal and another Nexus Being, looked over closely by the authority. 

LOKI will air on Friday, June 11th, 2021, on Disney+ Hostar. Let us know if you think we missed any eggs.  you can watch the LOKI Trailer and let us know if you were able to spot these references in the trailer.

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