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Lupin Netflix Review 2021 | Yet another Netflix Blast? Is It Worth Watching?

Lupin Netflix Review | Yet another Netflix Blast? Is It Worth Watching?


Arsene Lupin, as we all know him as the master of disguise comes on the screen with another name. The great characters have been portrayed on the screen every time. As I watched the title, “Lupin” on Netflix, I was curious to know if it is based on Leblanc’s short story.

People who have already read the stories know how enchanting the character is and the story also. However, this year Netflix comes with a show about a gentleman thief, Assane Diop inspired by the character of Arsene Lupin. It was released on 8th Jan 2021. I am going to give you Lupin Netflix Review in this article.

Lupin: Plot


After his father died for the wrong accusation of stealing an expensive necklace, Assane Diop sets out on revenge for his father. He steals the necklace and the unexpected consequences come one by one. There are five episodes that have twists and turns at every time. Every twist will shock you. At the end of the last episode, it gives you a hint there would be another season as the son of Assane being kidnapped.

These 5 episodes set in the city of France where you will get to see some most remarkable scenes. One of such places is the Louvre museum where the heist is taking place. In the first scene, we see that a janitor is planning for the heist. He plans with others who help him to make the heist.

The story revolves around Assane and his father’s suicide. We come to know that he has been gifted a book named “Gentleman Thief” by Arsene Lupin which inspired him to behave like the character. He wants to take revenge for his father.

It is certain that Pelligrini conspires for his father’s death. With non-linear story-telling, chasing scenes whether it is a bicycle chase or the train sequence will surely catch your heart. The question comes why black? Yes, there is a portion when someone is being guilty due to his complexion.


Lupin: Writing


Lupin was created by Maurice Leblanc in 1905. The writer duo, George Kay and François Uzan have offered the fresh retelling of Lupin as Assane Diop. Whether there is any retelling of any classic the writer is under pressure because there is a huge expectation from the audience. Here the writers are pretty good with their job.

With the complex plot, the story reveals every character like a disentangling thread. Every episode is maintained with suspense. I like some dialogues which are used from the classic.

Here is another side which makes the season more attractive. Assange’s quest for justice conveys that the minor is still being suppressed by the powerful one. Their voice is silenced. They can’t shout. There is still black and white discrimination. And that is why Assane’s father has to hang himself. I am expecting to watch the next season as it instigated me.

Lupin: Direction and technical aspects


Marcela Said, Ludovic Bernard, and Louis Leterrier are the creators of this season. They have created the Lupin magic on the screen. With their guidance, Assane has been made like Lupin. Some beautiful scenes are captured here. We always get enchanted by the view of France. Cinematographers, Christophe Nuyens and Martial Schmeltz have captured the beautiful view of the country.

Lupin: Conclusion


Whatever your reason, Lupin is always attractive. Those who are accustomed to adventures, fantasy, or crime should watch the film once. Some breath-taking scenes can hold your attention till the last episode.

Lupin: Ratings

Direction: 4/5

Background score: 4/5

Acting: 3.5/5

Overall rating: 7.5/10

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