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Marvel ultimate alliance 3: The black order- A game where you can be your own superhero

Marvel ultimate alliance 3: The black order– A game where you can be your own superhero

Marvel ultimate alliance: The black order

Marvel ultimate alliance 3: The black order is a video game that is published by Nintendo. this game has a completely different universe when compared to the first two games Marvel ultimate alliance which is released in 2006 followed by Marvel ultimate alliance  2 which is released in 2009.

Marvel ultimate alliance 3: The black order

Genre: Roleplay Action, slash

Published by: Nintendo

Released on: July 19th,2019

Play on: Nintendo switch

Modus operandi: Multiplayer, singleplayer

Players: maximum 4 Players

File size: 17.9GB

Marvel ultimate alliance 3: The black order | Game

This game can be played up to four players on the same screen with the single rendezvous Nintendo switch system or imperforated with up to four different systems or also this game can be played online with our peers or just with random players. Players have to choose four different Marvel characters from various Marvel families to meet different stages, fight with the enemies, and to destruct the bosses.

Various apathetic buffs are collected with character combinations. every character control is similar which means each and every character has its own control to jump, to attack heavily, block, to move quickly to the opposite side in order to avoid getting hit by the enemies, light attack, and also another four special controls.

If all four players are playing the game then the special controls can be corresponded or synced with each other for harmony in case of any powerful attacks by enemies. By synching the special controls as a team simultaneously, those attacks can be unleashed.

Character advancement is managed in a similar way to the remaining role-playing action games. Like, all the four players go to the next level by defeating all the enemies and by destructing their bosses. In addition to all these, players stat can also be increased and a radiating tree is available in the game which enables players to get permanent stat increase by earning and contributing to in-game currency.

Marvel ultimate alliance 3: The black order – Positives

You can be your own superhero

In this game, you have lots and lots of characters to choose from, each having their own abilities/strengths. and we keep unlocking each of them as we go on playing it. you have a lot of heroes from Marvel films. We get to choose from either avenger like captain America, thor, hulk,  iron man. or from nightcrawler, the beast also from the guardians of the galaxy.

A good amount of fun playing the game just comes from unlocking all the heroes and just trying each of them out.

This is a game where you can happily sit on a couch and play with your friends and family

I remember most of my time playing with my friends and family online. This game has a feature of multi-players where we can reserve the same room and have fun with our friends by destroying the enemies. I feel most of the things become funny and amazing when you are doing them with your family and friends but the most satisfying part of the game is playing your favorite hero, defeating enemies, and destructing the bosses.

Marvel ultimate alliance 3: The black order- Negatives

Messing up

A lot of things will happen at the same time, sometimes we forget to keep track of our role because of the visual clutter. even though it has the feature of highlighting our character with a colored line, we often forget to keep track of what is happening with our character because of the whole distraction.

Everything related to the character like its stat increase i.e health, energy, and also special moves are on the bottom side of the screen. so, when we are trying to look at the information at the bottom of the screen, we lose track of our character because of the whole visual clutter.

Partly done

Sometimes, while playing we get a feeling like its partly done because it’s messing up its visuals, and also we cant manage the character abilities and its hardware at the same time, because the hardware suddenly becomes slow and does not function properly when there are a lot of things happening on screen.

Marvel ultimate alliance 3: The black order- Conclusion

Marvel ultimate alliance 3 is a lot of fun when we are playing with our friends and family. even though if we play it alone it’s cool to actually explore all the superheroes by ourselves by unlocking each one of them.

To conclude, this can be a decent tribute to marvel.  the game is pretty simple we will be satisfied with the great action sequences unless the hardware interrupts us by slowing down.

Our satisfaction will be high if we don’t expect more from the game and just go with the flow.

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