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Marzi web series: Review, Cast, Plot, and Season 2

MARZI Web series: Review, Cast, Plot, and Season 2

Marzi show is the remake of the British TV show ‘Liar’ written by the BAFTA and Emmy nominated Jack and Harry Williams starring Joanne Froggatt and Ioan Gruffudd. It’s a gripping thriller show that takes the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions.


Rajeev Khandelwal as Anurag Saraswat

Marzi web series cast

Suhaas Ahuja as Shaan

Aahana Kumra as Sameera

marzi web series aahana kumra

Vivek Mushran as Subodh

Rajeev Siddhartha as Nitin

Shivani Tanksale as Isha

Abhay Verma as Ayaan

Amit Jairath as Dinesh


Marzi’s plot starts in Shimla where our two characters are introduced. Anurag Saraswat is a renowned doctor who is privileged and has everything. He has a son named Ayaan. He had recently lost his wife when she took her own life. Enters Sameera, who is our next character. Sameera is Ayaan’s teacher and is a single, beautiful woman.

One day when Anurag comes to drop his son at school, he meets Sameera and asks her out on a dinner date. Sameera on the advice of her sister agrees to go on the date. The date goes really well where both of them eat and get drunk. Anurag decides to drop her home as she is drunk. Sameera invites him and they end up having sex. The next day, Sameera doesn’t remember anything but she feels uncomfortable as if Anurag has raped her. She specifically remembers saying no to Anurag.

Sameera’s sister says that it is normal because both of them were drunk and Sameera was also under her depression medicine so maybe that’s why she doesn’t remember what exactly had happened. Sameera files a complaint and Anurag defends himself by saying that whatever happened that night was with the consent of both parties. Eventually, the case closes due to the lack of evidence.

The plot then revolves around trying to find evidence because Sameera wants justice and truly believes that she has been raped. She does her own investigation; the police are trying to help her because they believe that Anurag is guilty.

Six episodes later, the audience is still left without answers wanting for more. What happens we will let you find out. Watch Marzi on Voot.


Marzi web series

This show explores the idea of consent and how important it is. In India, many rape victims have not got justice due to lack of evidence and their rapists are roaming out there in the open after whatever they had done. This show takes us through the journey of a rape victim and what they go through with medical examination and police investigation. We see in the show how a rape victim is treated by society where she is slut-shamed and accused of being mentally ill. It portrays how such trauma can affect one’s life. The very well-known and talked about movement, the “MeToo” movement has a special mention in this show.


This show was a roller coaster of emotions. The storyline in itself had murder, rape and so much trauma that left the audience wanting for more. The actors Rajeev Khandelwal and Aahana Kumra have portrayed their characters beautifully. The storyline itself was so engaging that leaves the audience completely confused and longing to watch the next episode to find out what exactly happened. At times, we felt bad for Sameera being raped and want justice for her but then in another scene, Anurag shows up and the audience is left in confusion because they feel an innocent man is being framed for a false crime. In this lockdown, this show should for sure be on your binge list.

Coming to the climax, the twists and the loopholes seem a little too convenient but were made up fine acting by both the actors. The setting of the show is in Shimla and all through the show, we see beautiful backdrops and background score. The creators have managed to capture Shimla beautifully. Sameera’s sister’s extra-martial affair seemed a little unnecessary and could have been shortened. The costume design has been done wonderfully in the show in such a manner you want to buy the woolen sweaters and take a trip to Shimla.


So far there is only one season of the show Marzi with 6 episodes of about 45-60 minutes each.

Marzi Seaon 2

Marzi Season 2

Season two of Marzi was supposed to come out early this year but due to some issues, the creators have postponed the release of the season. Viewers have found it hard to predict what will happen in season two so there is quite some buzz about it. Also, viewers have an opinion that it will be based on season 2 of the show ‘liar’.

Watch the Show on Voot


  1. Is Marzi a good web series?

    Marzi is a great series to binge-watch this lockdown. It keeps the audience engaged and wanting more.

  2. How many seasons are there in Marzi?

    There is only one season of 6 episodes in Marzi so far.

  3. Is there a Marzi season 2?

    So far it has not been aired yet but the creators will soon release the date.

  4. How many episodes are there in Marzi web series?

    There are 6 episodes in Marzi web series

  5. What is the end of Marzi web series?

    In the end they show Anurag’s dead body on the mountains somewhere. Meanwhile, Sameera’s sister is washing blood of her hands. We feel that the killing was planned by Sameera’s sister and she did it. I feel we have to wait for season 2 for that to happen.

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