Medically Yours

Medically Yours

Medically yours is a 2019 series with a subtle romantic plot having moments of medical drama. This is a really short, crisp, and binge-worthy series created and produced by Ekta Kapoor on video streaming platform ALTBalaji. Let’s have a look at this Ekta Kapoor web series.

Medically Yours Cast

Shantanu Maheshwari as Abir Basu

shantanu Medically Yours

Shantanu Maheshwari is an Indian actor, dancer, choreographer, and host. He plays the role of male protagonist Abir Basu in the series medically yours.

Nityaami Shirke

Nityami Medically Yours

We have seen Nityaami Shirke previously in ALTBalaji’s “PM Selfiewali”. In Medically yours, she plays the role of female protagonist Nibedita.

Keval Dasani

Medically Yours cast

Keval Dasani is an actor, model, and independent filmmaker who loves making short films and videos. He plays the role of medical student Lolly and he has also given voiceover in the series.

Priyanka Arya

Medically Yours cast

We have seen her in movies like Student of the year and Singham. She appeared on medically yours as Nishtha, a medical student for whom the “m” of medical stands for marriage.

Shruti Bapna

Medically Yours cast

She plays the role of professor Miss. Chandni. Well, it is really similar to the character of Sushmita sen from “Main Hoon Na”.

Bijay Anand

Medically Yours cast

Bijay Anand is a Hindi tv actor and he was recently seen in the movie Shershaah. In this AltBalaji series, he plays the role of Abir Basu’s father who is a genius doctor by profession.

Medically Yours season 1

We always have one known person grinding and prepping for 5 years in a medical college. This 10 episode (20 – 25 min) web series portrayed the life of medical students in its own Ekta Kapoor’s way. It shows a complicated love story, provides a heartfelt twist to it while portraying the life of students at KIMS(Kolkata Institute Of Medical Science). Thankfully you won’t get any Student of the year vibes here and it is definitely binge-worthy.

So in the first episode, we met the protagonists Nibedita and Abir. Abir belongs to the family of doctors. He takes a good interest in music and calls himself a “stud”. Due to his parent’s pressure, he is forced to do enter a medical college and become a doctor. Well most of us will surely relate to this. Now comes our female protagonist Nibedita. She is sincere, hardworking, and often forgets to take her time to bathe for studies. She is strong enough to let go of Abir but fragile enough to fall for a filmmaker. Abir and Nibe(Nibedita) are best friends since childhood.

In the first two episodes, we saw the childhood of our protagonists. Also, Abir’s father has a very soft corner for Nibe. Abir gets jealous of Nibe and just in order to distract her, he sets her with a filmmaker Akshay. But eventually, he gets jealous seeing both of them together and fights to get her back. Here enters Miss Chandni mam, she is a professor and takes the help of her reliable students for a sexual favor. And as our Mr. “stud” wants to score good grades he goes a bit high and becomes that “reliable student” risking his love life and college life at stake.

This story also takes a “3 idiots” turn when Pallav, a friend of Abir commits suicide. Remember Raju? Well, this time it wasn’t just studied pressure but also the ultimate Ekta Kapoor’s weapon “Girlfriend” and “Marriage” scene. He was pressurized by his girlfriend to get married. Obviously, you saw it coming. We have also seen another aspect of this medical life from the eyes of Lolly, Nishtha, and Vishesh. Well as I already stated for Nishtha the “m” of medical stands for marriage. Lolly has its own complications.

The series ends with Abir being a popular young music artist and the rest of them getting their degrees.

Review of Medically Yours season -1

Medically yours is short, crisp and from the point of drama, it is definitely a binge-worthy web series. The narrative pace is fast that helps to keep you engaged with the plot. Talking about the acting, I genuinely want to praise Nityaami for her simple yet emotive acting skills as Nibedita. Medically yours shows more parts of romantic life rather than the medical life of a student.

So if you are expecting some relatable things as a medical student then you should skip this. They show the stress and complications as a medical student but fail to put a mark. The direction and cinematography need praise. No unnecessary dance /music plots and the engaging, fast-paced storyline makes “Medically yours” a good one-time watch.

Medically yours – Is there a season 2?

medically yours seasin 2

“Medically yours” season 1 ended with an emotional moment that literally tugs at your heartstrings.

We saw that Abir and Nibedita broke up. Abir left the medical college and became a famous music artist. Nibedita became what she was always passionate about, a doctor. They chose their own paths but destiny had its own plans. Abir and Nibe met again in the hospital when Abir’s girlfriend met in a serious accident. They locked eyes.

And yes there is definitely going to be a season 2. In the final episode, it was indicated that we will see an exciting plot about the loves story of Abir and Nibedita. The cast will be most probably the same with some new characters. One of them was shown in the finale (Nibe’s fiance). There is no official announcement regarding the making or the release date. Although we can expect it by next year if they will complete the shoot.

To see how does it turns out, cross your fingers and hope for the best.

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