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Mirzapur Season 2: What can we expect?



The article contains spoilers in case you haven’t watched Mirzapur Season 1  yet.


Soon after it’s release on November 16, 2018, Mirzapur Season 1, became the talk of the town. The show received mixed reviews from the critics but the response of the audience was completely different, as Mirzapur became one of the most popular web series in India as well as one of the most-watched ones. Set in the town of Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh, the show revolves around drugs, guns, and lawlessness. It depicts the putrescence, governance, and rule of mafia dons and the rivalry and crime prevailing in the Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh.

Mirzapur recounts to the narrative of two siblings Guddu and Bablu, who become involved with a universe of drugs, firearms, and viciousness after they get to know Munna, the child of Mafia supervisor Akhandanand Tripathi (Pankaj Tripathi). Akhandanand Tripathi, also known as ‘Kaleen Bhaiya’, is a millionaire carpet exporter and the don of the city of Mirzapur, which is the most coveted seat of power in the region. The ruthless Tripathi’s have been the unchallenged rulers of Mirzapur since Satyananda Tripathi, Akhandanand’s father, took the reins of the city twenty years ago in a bloody uprising.

Munna Tripathi, Akhandanand’s son, is power-hungry and will not stop at anything to inherit his father’s legacy, an empire built on illegal gun trade and opium smuggling. But his father believes him unready for the seat.

Guddu and Bablu Pandit are the sons of the city’s only righteous and upstanding lawyer and activist, Ramakant Pandit. Guddu and Bablu aspire for a better life, that breaks the drudgery of middle-class living, while Ramakant crusades to take on the mighty Tripathi’s. Meanwhile, a generation-old rivalry between Kaleen Bhaiya, his father, and Rati Shankar is rekindled.

An unrelated incident, involving Munna at a wedding procession, ignites a series of events entangling the lives of the Tripathi’s and the Pandits. This sets off a game of ambition, power, loyalty, and greed, eventually threatening the control of the Tripathi’s on Mirzapur.

In Season 1, we witness the death of Rati Shankar Shukla, Kaleen Bhaiya’s generation-old rival, and Sharad’s father who was killed by Guddu, and the death of Bablu Pandit who was killed by Munna. In the last scene, Munna is shown to take his gun to fight back and Sharad is shown shaving his head and remembering that his father wanted Mirzapur.


MIRZAPUR SEASON 2 – What can we expect?



I think in Mirzapur Season 2, Guddu will recover and turn out to be more intellectually stable than ever before and a big-time will be spent on how the family repents the death of Bablu. His father, Ramakant Pandit, will start to make serious attempts to end the villain regime in Mirzapur.

Sharad will become the next headache for the Tripathi family as he seems to be much smarter than his father, Rati Shankar. He will make all possible attempts to avenge his father’s death and end the unchallenged rule of Tripathi’s in Mirzapur. I feel that eventually, he will forgive Guddu and bring him on his side and the two of them will team up against the Tripathi’s.

Munna will be lashed by Kalin Bhaiya and his father for not finishing the undertaken task as they have learned from their past error that tasks must not be left incomplete. Even though Munna has been given a green sign to govern Mirzapur by Kalin Bhaiya, he doesn’t have any progressively evident companions left; which is the reason he will have lesser force in College. This may end up being help for Guddu in the second season and a headache for Kalin Bhaiya.

Beena Bhabhi will continue to abide by the agreement with Bauji, Kalin Bhaiya’s father, and will also be working to figure out a way to turn the regime and hand it over to Munna because she thinks Munna’s regime will set her free.

With the death of Bablu, the transgender community feels suppressed but they will provide their full support to help Guddu in the coming episodes.

IPS Maurya seems to be a very intelligent man and he, no matter what happens, is not going to stop at this point. He might even get transferred but the pact that was broken between Yadav Ji, Rati Shankar, and Tripathi has led to the fact that emotional support from Bhaiya Ji (CM) will ultimately be provided to whoever stands against Tripathi’s.

Lala, even after being a very preventive person and playing it safe couldn’t save his son-in-law; this automatically gives Guddu a strong hand in the future requirements of arms and ammunition. Tripathi’s are bound to fall short of arms shortly as Lala, no matter what happens, will not supply arms to those who disrupted his daughter’s wedding and killed his son-in-law.

Babar, Maqbool’s nephew, has been taught to be loyal but he has been directed to be loyal to Guddu and Babloo. Maqbool is Kalin Bhaiya’s most trusted henchman but something inside me tells that there will come a time when Munna’s actions are going to shake the pillar of loyalty in Maqbool’s family which will create a ripple effect from Maqbool to his nephew making Guddu’s case more strong.

Golu, being the president of the campus, has power and due to her sister’s murder in front of her own eyes, she will get accustomed to weapons. This will also lead to the decay of inspector Gupta’s loyalty towards Kalin Bhaiya and thus will be a support to Guddu’s case. Also, Golu is going to be a very active component against Munna, if at all he survives the conundrum he will be in.

I feel Mirzapur Season 2 will introduce us to new characters and by its end, we will witness the death of characters like Munna and Maqbool but somehow, Kalin Bhaiya will manage to survive.


MIRZAPUR SEASON 2 – Release Date

As per the latest update, the official release date of Mirzapur Season 2 is 25th November 2020.




An official cast list has not been released by Amazon Prime Video but hopefully, the main cast will return, dead or alive.

Actor Ali Fazal who plays one of the show’s main characters, Guddu Pandit, confirmed that he would love to return.

It is unclear if actor Vikrant Massey will be back as Guddu’s brother, Bablu after he was killed in the season finale.

Fingers crossed Divyendu Sharma will return as the evil Munna, the son of mafia boss Akhandanand Tripathi, played by Pankaj Tripathi.

Other returning cast members to Mirzapur include Shweta Tripathi as Golu Gupta, Rasika Dugal as Beena Tripathi, Harshita Gaur as Dimpi Pandit and Kulbhushan Kharbanda as Bauji.



At the end of February, Amazon released a short video marking the season two announcement. The video is a montage of clips from the first season of Mirzapur. The text throughout the video reads: “In season one we heard Sitar, Peepni, Tabla. In season two, Bajega Pura Band.”

Then on August 21, 2020, they announced the next season by releasing “Mirzapur- An ode to Fandom” video on youtube. This was to thank the fan for so much love and support too. Then again, to tease their fans, they released “Mirzapur kab aa Raha hai?” as an announcement for date reveal of the release date.

Then they released the “Mirzapur 2- Release date announcement” to announce the release date, on August 24, 2020, announcing that Mirzapur will be released on October 23, 2020. And then on October 6, 2020, they gave an official trailer to the season. For sure they created a lot of hype for this, but all we can do is wait and see if it lives up to the mark.

Till then, stay home, stay safe!

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