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Mismatched Netflix: Review+ Cast+ Everything about season 2

Mismatched Netflix: Review+ Cast+ Everything about season 2


Netflix’ Mismatched was released back in November 2020 and we got to see a mixed array of reviews from the fans and critics. Here’s our Mismatched Netflix’ review and what we think about the series.

Mismatched Cast 

Rohit saraf 

mismatched rohit saraf

Prajakta Koli 

mismatched prajakta koli

Ranvijay Singha 

rannvijay singha mismatched

Suhasini Mulay 

Vidya Malavade 

Nidhi Singh 

Purely Cliché

Clichéd. Cut and pasted from bits and pieces of Bollywood. And high school teen dramas are Netflix’s next coming of age original “Mismatched”.  Starring Rohit Saraf and Prajakta Koli in lead roles. The series was all set to bring in new faces for a refreshing experience. But lacks a bit of a, well… “Refreshness”.

Right from the word go the series takes on a Gen Z cultivated group of youngsters who are structured from the eyes of an elderly persona. We wish they watched more teen shows before finalizing the screenplay. Mismatched has everything encrypted into it. And maybe that’s the problem.

Love, friendship, enmity, bullies, same-sex romance, a divorcee, an amiable teacher, a marriage proposal, app developments. Too much cramped into too little with meager addresses to each of the following agendas. The show has presented a number of undiscovered gems with immense potential. The one who deserves to experience more, much more silver screen.

Inspired from the book”When Dimple Met Rishi”

when dimple met rishi

When Dimple met Rishi for the first time, it was not at Aravalli Institute in Jaipur, but beyond waters at Insomnia Con in San Francisco. Sandhya Menon penned down the novel back in 2017 which carried an Indo-American framework. Which was then adapted into a web series fabricated into an Indians-relatable background.

Well, technically a number of plot changes come into action in the programmed version of the book. Which directly comes into play given the location and character settings.

The sequel novel “As Kismet Would Have It” was released back in 2019. Which further addresses Dimple & Rishi’ Mismatched relationship.  Given that Netflix has confirmed a return second season for its original. Excerpts from Sandhya’s novels could very well be layered over it.


mismatched plot

Mismatched Netflix kicks off with Dimple Ahuja (played by Prajakta Koli) annoyed by her mother. Because of her overly brooding marriage worries for her seventeen-year-old daughter. Who wants to learn and play and create apps. Though she has offered a summer development course in Jaipur, she is reluctant to talk about it to her parents. Given their expected outcome and the large mounting fees. Things turn around for Dimple when her mother actually does agree to her studying further on. And moving to Jaipur, only to learn later that she has been double-crossed by her own mother who sets up a marriage proposal waiting for her in Jaipur.

Rishi Shekhawat (played by Rohit Saraf) is an eighteen-year-old teenager. He lives old school, listens to classic Hindi numbers, and believes in an early and life-lasting marriage just like his grandparents. He is not a fan of swiping through online dating apps. But makes his grandmother swipe through marriage proposals. How cute!

One such right swipe for Rishi is Dimple as love, at first sight, hits him with an unfiltered photo of hers. And thus this love takes him to the same app development course that Dimple has joined too. But Dimple is not aware of this setup. And shocked to find a stranger come up and say hello future wife. (Thank God what Dimple held in her hand was just a cold coffee.LOL)

Then follows a string of college classes with the jaunty Rannvijay sir, Dimple’s anger bursting on her mother and Rishi as well. College teenagers and their insta worthy outings, an app development program turning into a competitive contest. And a further blooming and blossoming of Dimple and Rishi’s arranged love relationship.


Prajakta koli and Rohit Saraf

rohit saraf

No amount of cringe writing and uncanny plots can take away the stupendous performances by the cast of Mismatched. We have already seen Rohit in a couple of major movies such as The Sky is Pink and Ludo with spectacularly sublime roles. And Rishi from Mismatched is just another addition to his growing acting career. This was the first time for Prajakta Koli over an already blooming YouTube career. And a short film that MostlySane has worked in before. And it was such a delight to watch Prajakta being in a leading cast. The cast shedding light on the importance of talent over hierarchal stardom and beauty.

Devyani Shorey 

Devyani Shorey as Namrata Bidasaria has our heart (Insert puppy eyes). With her innocence and serene calm facial expressions, Devyani was the one to stand out after the main two. Her tranquil nature and heart-wrecking dialogues carry a huge impact on the emotional essence of the series.

Rannvijay Singha 

Ranvijay singha

Finally, we get to see Rannvijay Singha in a better role than his reality show. As he plays the character of Professor Siddharth Sinha, the cool and savvy mentor. Who parties with the kids late at night. And then yells at them for being late the next day. Vidya Malawade was exceptional in playing the character of Zeenat Karim. A forty-year-old widower who is keen to learn in life. We could experience sparks flying around her and Rannvijay and would love to see something grow between the two in the upcoming season.

Supporting Cast 

Mismatched cast

The supporting cast includes Muskaan Jaferi. (playing Celina Matthews) She is a sassy girl with her share of problems. Vihaan Samat (playing Harsh Agaarwal) Silicon Valley born sent to India for further studies plus a porn addict geek. Tarruk Raina (playing Anmol Malhotra) an arrogant gamer who is confined to his wheelchair. Kritika Bhardwaj (playing Simran Malhotra) a next-gen social media influencer. And Abhinav Sharma (playing Krish Katyal). He well brings in some personal issues of his own to the story.


mismatched review

Mismatched has too much in too little. With so many characters in, the series had a huge opportunity to build them. And then provide them with reasonable drama to play. But what we experience is just sheer unexplained dramatization and action sequences. The characters are wonderful. They have huge potential. But their portrayal needs to improve significantly in the coming season if Mismatched has to impact.

The high points of Netflix’s Mismatched are the vivid characters that will stay with you. And the beautiful cinematography of the city of Jaipur. With magnificent old buildings and alluring panoramic settings. The scope for improvement is the storyline and character building. A lot could have been done, and a lot can still be done.

Netflix’ Mismatched has been rated 5.4 of 10 stars on IMDb. Which clearly emphasizes the mixed opinions amongst the fans.

Mismatched season 2

As kismet would have it

Mismatched 2 was announced by Netflix. Which is a part of their next upcoming line up #AbMenuMeinSabNew. It consists of a majority of series returning back. Netflix India’s Instagram account and Rohit and Prajakta on their personal handles also expressed their excitement for Mismatched 2.

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