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Mission Over Mars: Review, cast, plot, and Season 2

Mission Over Mars: Review, cast, plot, and Season 2

It gives us immense pleasure to watch another women-centric web series that is morally true and to the point. And not sexually exploited just for the sake of being it. Mission Over Mars is just as the name suggests, India’s quest which has been a lifelong dream for many to reach the red planet. With name tags revised and characters fabricated, Mission Over Mars presents the marvelous story of persistence and resilience that it takes to reach somewhere, where no one has ever reached before. Here is our review of the web series Mission Over Mars, M.O.M.

Mission over mars Cast

Nidhi singh

Mission over mars cast

Mona Singh

Palomi Ghosh

Sakshi Tanwar

Mission over mars cast

Naisha khanna

Mission over mars cast

Ankur Rathee

Ashish Vidyarthi

Mohan Joshi

Suhaas Ahuja


Mission Over Mars follows a similar account of its counterpart Mission Mangal starring Akshay Kumar and Vidya Balan in key roles. The series begins on a note of the failure of the Chandravimaan mission led by the ISA (ISRO’s synonym for the web series). The accountability for the fiasco lands on Moushmi Ghosh (played by Mona Singh) and she undergoes a guilt trip. Sakshi Tanwar plays the character of Nandita Hariprasad who is the Program Director. With all the liability on their shoulders, it is a need more than a want, to prove it all to the people jeering at them.

Ashish Vidyarthi as K. Muralidharan is their encouraging Mission Director who is keen on achieving and turning odds into their favour. He always takes up the mantle to find ways to achieve success and to show his crew the way amidst politics, loathe and jealousy. Soon Neetu Sinha (played by Nidhi Singh) and Meghan (played by Palomi Ghosh) joins the team of scientists. Neetu is the senior scientist a maths wizard who believes in her maths and in her God equally. Meghan is the fanatical looking engineer. She might seem crazy but when everything goes haywire, it’s her crazy ideas that guide the team to stability.

Together they fight and built and make way for the rocket to orbit Mars. It’s not just creating or building the satellite that the crew works on, as they face misogyny and diplomacy in the power politics of patriarchy.


mission over mars review

The cast filled with experience and talent delivers a power packed performance. Sakshi Tanwar and Mona Singh are the foremost robustness of the series as they deliver their characters with absolute precision and fine interpretation. Both their characters are quite noteworthy as the play the exact opposites of each other. On the one hand where Sakshi is the cool headed chairwoman handling everything with calmness and discipline. On the other hand Mona is the short tempered ‘do anything and everything to get it done’ sort of character. But even amongst their differences they are bound together with a similar ambition to succeed.

The rest of the cast delivers a similar performance which is praiseworthy and influential. Nidhi Singh looks impeccable with another brilliant portrayal under her belt. We might’ve had our doubts over Palomi Ghosh but she was sure to smash them over, right from her very first scene. Her character portrait, her delivery, her body language of having that young blood eager to explore anything, we had to change our prospects about her, she won our hearts.

The supporting cast plays an equally important role, as we see Ashish Vidyarthi, Mohan Joshi, Mona Ambegaonkar, Suhaas Ahujha and the others delivering a remarkable act.

Mission over mars Review

What’s well-executed and notable is the web series’ depiction of women in high working posts and handling their families as well. Even though Sakshi is cool-headed at her workplace, she has her worries about her teenage son. She even goes on to spy over her son’s mobile phone, apart from already being a controlling woman who doesn’t adhere to the ambitions of her cricket-loving son.

Mona undergoes her own sets of issues, from her fights with her partner and forgetting her only daughter’s birthday. Nidhi is a faithful believer of astrology who again deals with her family matters and their wish to have a child. All these minute details and depictions showcase the real proceedings that take place behind a woman’s life, no matter where she is positioned in life.

Mission Over Mars isn’t just the quest of the scientists and their mission to reach mars. But it addresses and ranges over a number of subject topics and matters. With the women dealing misogyny and jealousy at work places, the power politics is well described and defined. But it doesn’t stop there; the web series further explores the budget constraints that the team has to follow, the red tape that needs to be abided for an operation of this seriousness which is excessive and exhausting. Over which they also have bureaucracy which hinders with their decision making powers for their own working projects.

Mission Over Mars season 2

There has been no official announcement or confirmation for a return season of Mission Over Mars. To be more precise there are neither any talks nor rumors running around the same. It is also notable that the series is based upon real-life incidents. Hence, the web series Mission Over Mars looks like a lone-season project and is highly unlikely to return for a second season.


All in all Mission Over Mars is an informative and enthusiastic watch about contemporary society. It influences and motivates the audience. At the same time, educating them about the ups and downs of a given career or any assignment for that sake. It might be a lengthier watch than Mission Mangal. As the web series lengths at 8 episodes which range from 25 to 35 minutes long. But we can guarantee you it’s worth every minute. There are very few web series that leave you with that good nationalist feels and this is one of them. Mission Over Mars is streaming on Zee5 and Alt Balaji. Where you can watch the first episode for free but further watching requires a subscription to go with.

Watch the show on Zee5 and ALT Balaji


  1. Where can I watch Mission over Mars?

    Mission Over Mars is streaming on Zee5 and Alt Balaji platforms. You can watch the first episode for free on these platforms, though thereafter a subscription is required to watch the entire web series. You can avail Alt Balaji at Rs100/- for 3 months, or at the price of Rs300/- for a whole year. Whereas Zee5 is currently available at a discounted price of Rs499/- for 12 months.

  2. How many episodes of mission over mars are there?

    Mission Over Mars consists of 8 episodes overall. The episodes vary from 25 to 35 minutes each.

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