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Money heist: What can we expect from season 5

Money heist: What can we expect from Season 5

Money Heist (La casa de Papel, which means “House of paper”) is Spanish crime drama series that was first aired on 2 May 2017 on Spanish network Antena 3 and was then picked up by Netflix, as the show was a huge hit. But every season has a hanging loop and season 4 is not an exception. So what’s in season 5, let’s take a peek into it!

Money heist

Money heist

Money heist is a crime drama series which was created by Alex pina and was directed by Alex Rodgiro. And no doubt both of them have done a great job. Both of the Alexes knew just what the audience wanted and still the caste claimed that they had no idea that the series would be a huge hit.

It was after the good response by the audience that the caste decided to continue the season by bringing season 3. And they still kept the plot the same somehow and did not make it look weird. (Which was genius because the 1st heist ends in season 2)

Money heist: Why it was a huge hit?

The caste played a huge role in making this heist drama different from others. Money heist season 1 starts by introducing us to each member of the gang and how they are different and important for the heist. And it was proved true. Every single one of them played a huge role in the heist and are tried to be given some screen time.

The heist is planned by a man who is called “The Professor” and keeps a deal in front of some people who have committed various crimes in their past life to rob “The royal mint” of Spain.

And as we are talking about the gang members, some of the hostages plays the main role in making the series have a “story”. The hostages like Arturo, who is director of “The royal mint”, Monica (His secretary) who is pregnant with the child of the director, Alison Parker, and more bring more to the story throughout the heist. (So basically it just does not revolve around the robbers.).

Not just the hostages but, of course, the police have a big part in this series too (Because where there are criminals, there is police.No shit!).

Officer Raquel Murillo, who is the official set to handle this case, and is also divorced because her husband was abusive, is also a love interest of The professor. (So much to one character, I am out of breathe!).

Another inspector is an angel Rubio who is Raquel’s friend and also is secretly in love with her. Yes, he is married. (Come on, marriage does not stop your feelings. It should be though. Because then you are basically cheating on your partner.No shitt)

And the “Royal mint of Spain” heist was successful with few of the gang members losing their life, like Oslo, Moscow, and berlin. With the professor’s work of art, everything went as the professor planned, and the gang got out of the royal mint even after the huge massacre. (Thanks to berlin).

But as we said, the caste realized that the show was a huge huge hit, and everyone wanted it back, and of course, how long one heist can be. So, Money heist season 3 brought another plot and reason to plan one more heist, which would take place at “Bank of Spain”.After season 3, they show everyone enjoying their own lives. But Tokyo decides to move out of the place where Rio and she both were hiding for two years. Rio gives her an unregistered phone says they can stay in connect. But Tokyo fails to pick up the call one time and the police have both of them. They take Rio into custody, and Tokyo manages to reach the professor.

They realize that they have Rio and still haven’t contacted any of them, neither they published news about having him and nor did provide a lawyer. They torture him and force him to tell the professor’s location, which he actually does not know. The Professor decides to come out with a gang with a heist plan which originally was Palermo’s. This time it would be rather about gold than printing their own bills.

Money heist: How the professor is one of the iconic characters of all time?

First of all, a big round of applause for our original professor, who brought the character into life, Àlvaro Morte. (Like this dude screamed out loud that no one can do it better than him.)The professor is basically the artist of the heist of “The royal mint”. Actually, he is the eyes, brain, heart, and every other body part of this heist. He is the whole body.

This dude…Sorry, Man, did it so well that the name professor suits him in every way. The professor is called so because he was planing this heist for years, which was basically a dream of his late father, and has spent months making the gang understand the plan. And he tells the plan in a “Classroom”, where he teaches the gang what should they do and what they should not in certain situations.

He also almost perfectly even predicted how the police and the hostages would react when they would do things to solve problems. What will be their reaction? And if they won’t react that way, the professor has the power and mind to manipulate them to think so. (I told you, he is the brain of the heist.)

The story writer even made the professor’s character look innocent, cute, and “wannabe loyal” and who has his own principles and his own way of looking at things! The audience bought that so well and was basically the reason we would rather dig for the professor to win than the police. (Even The professor has a similar theory said in the show which he uses into plans. Watch it, you will know!)

As the series goes on the episode by episode, we fall in love with the professor more and more. Every plan, every step of his left the audience biting their nails. Where he did knew what to do in certain situations, he also handled the situation which he didn’t know would come up! (I mean, of course, mistakes! He is not a robot, neither is the gang).

Season three, were robbing the bank of Spain was not his plan, the series still shows us how precious the professor is. Robbing The royal bank of Spain was originally Palermo’s plan, and the professor did not approve his plan, as it was not as clean as his. He believed that he left so many end loops hanging around, that made for him impossible to think about its execution.

This was actually true, we realized why the professor said no to the plan in the first place, and was not just him being egocentric. We get to see and differentiate between the two heists that how professors plan of robbing the royal mint was clean and well planned, whereas Palermo’s plan was all over the place.

There can be other reasons like the new inspector Alicia sierra, who was also responsible for Rio’s torture and keeping him totally abandon from the outer world. Even Palermo becomes a huge psychopath when he thinks that the gang is not being under his control and hence, sets a monster named Gandhia free! I could write a whole article about why the professor is iconic and why everyone loves him, but this different heist and how well it goes shows that not everyone can be a professor and have a huge fantastic brain. ( Hats off!! Literally)

Money heist: Season 5: What can we expect?

After we saw that monster, Gandhia, just being more monster than any other monster in the world, and killing our all-time boss, Nairobi, we all thought it’s now the end of the gang! Everything is in water and nothing can happen now! But our guardian angel didn’t let that happen! He saved the only love of his life and got her in the bank of Spain with the gang!

But then we saw Alicia, the inspector who has been unpredictable and heartless throughout the season, has the professor now. Now either she can join the gang as the inspector Raquel did, or she can just pick up the phone and hand him over to the police and the game is over. But again, Alicia is unpredictable, anything can happen. But a lot of theories say that only Tokyo lives in the end and all of the gang members have died and it’s just Tokyo narrating the story that how she lost everything, including the gang and the professor.

Also, after Nairobi dies, we see her in heaven with Oslo and berlin and they are smiling at each other ( And has us bawling our eyes out at the same time). But at the same location where we find three of them in heaven, in the previous scene, we see the gang having dinner all together, and Nairobi is wearing the same dress in both the scenes. Which could be the director indicating to us that they are all going to die or just them describing “Heaven” is “Together”. But if it’s the first case then there’s a lot to the story.

Tell us your theories about Money heist season 5 in the comment section down below? Will Alicia join the gang?

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