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Morbius| Most anticipated Marvel film of 2020

Morbius: The most anticipated film of 2020


Morbius is a film that is based on a Marvel comics character that is planned to release on the 19th of March,2021. Initially, the team decided to release in July 2020 but it got postponed to next year because of the pandemic outbreak worldwide. This film is directed by Daniel Espinosa and produced in association with Marvel and distributed by Sony Pictures.

Character closeup

MorbiusMorbius was raised by a single mother in Greece. His childhood was lonely because he had some unique blood condition. Because of this condition, his looks would be obnoxious and hideous.  He was a Noble prize winner, a Biologist who is an expert in the fields of human and animal biology.

Later he escaped from his home country to find a cure for his rare blood condition. He used the past experience of a biochemist to treat himself. instead, he identified that he was diagnosed with the worse illness which is called pseudo- vampirism. Now, Morbius has to drink blood in order to survive and he also gained the competence to fly.

He can turn any person into a living vampire by biting them and drinking their blood. The person to whom he bites will be infected by that disease but they do not gain the ability to fly. Morbius later found a cure to his disease.



Unintentionally, Morbius turned himself into a living vampire because of this rare blood condition. he finds himself rip up between human and ghastly natures.

Cast and crew

Gibson stated that his character in comic books is actually white but the producers decided his character to be black while casting him.

Jared Leto played Michael Morbius


Jared Leto when asked about this film, he said that he always loves vampires. he used to watch vampire films when he was a kid. he is an ardent reader of Anne Rice vampire novels. . he and his brother used to pass those books to each other. in the recently released trailer, he said that ” he is playing a marvel character in this film.

He tries to cure his rare blood condition. meanwhile while trying to cure himself he becomes a living vampire. he also added that this is going to be a lot and a lot of fun and he is super excited for all of us to watch it. he stated that this is the most exciting character he played”.

Matt Smith played Loxias crown

Matt Smith who is well known for his work in the doctor as the 11th doctor played Loxias crown in Morbius. in this film, he is a friend of Jared Leto who is suffering from the same rare blood condition. he joined the sets after refusing several superhero film characters.

From the trailer, we can surely say that there is some exciting stuff awaiting us from the film. From the trailer, it is clear that Loxias crown will be playing the role of hunger and Hunger is our Antagonist. so Loxias crown is the yin to Morbius yang. he plays a culprit turned murderer.

So, to conclude his role it starts with being Morbius’ friend who is suffering from the same disease but in the middle, they choose different ways for themselves. ultimately, both characters meet each other with brutal consequences.

Adria Arjona played Martine Bancroft: fiancee of Morbius

Adria Arjona who played  Martine Bancroft in Morbius is a fiancee of Morbius. she plays a very prominent role in the film. Adrina and Jared Leto share a deep relationship. In the midst of the experiment, Morbius become a living vampire or a pseudo vampire.  Morbius had to survive only by drinking blood but he does not harm Matrine Bancroft because he still identifies Matrine besides turning into a pseudo vampire.

Jared Harris played Morbius guide

Jared Harris who played Morbuis mentor in the film shared that he is super excited for working again with Smith. They became friends on the sets of the crown and they continued their friendship to date. he also added that”he grew up reading comic books and novels and now being a part of it is super exciting”.

Al Madrigal played Alberto Rodriguez (Who is an FBI Agent in search of Morbius)

Al Madrigal played Alberto Rodriguez in Morbius. they did not reveal much about this character. from the trailer, we can know that Al Madrigal plays an FBI Agent who is hunting Morbius. so, we have to wait till the movie releases to know how the character unfolds throughout the film.

Tyrese Gibson played Simon stroud

Tyrese Gibson who played Simon Stroud, first revealed that he will be playing an FBI Agent role in the film. Later he confirmed that he is going to play Simon Stroud. In the Marvel comic book, his character stroud is an Ex CIA who continuously targets Morbius.

In this film, he is seen as an agent working under the FBI in the search of Morbius. let us all speculate about this character until the film releases. we all are eager to know how this character is going to unfold itself.

Let us wait until the film releases because no matter which marvel film it is, they are all fun to watch.

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