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MX player web series: Entertainment for free!

MX player web series: Entertainment for free!

You’ve probably heard of FLAMES and Hey Prabhu!, if not watched them. One thing common between them is that both are exclusively available on MX Player. Starting off as just a media player, it has its very own Original web series collection in the past two years. So we are here to list out the MX player web series.

It produced some great hits of 2020 from action-packed High and comedy Pati Patni Aur Who to a conventional drama Mannphodganj Ki Binny and biographical drama Queen. Most of the 2020’s shows had renowned actors like Bobby Deol (Aashram), Nikitin Dheer (Raktanchal), and Sharman Joshi (Pawan & Pooja).  

Before its originals, some exclusive web series have been aired on the platform like Official Bhootiyagiri, FLAMES, and Fathers. 

MX Player is a free OTT platform by the Times Group of Media. 

Original web series

Hey Prabhu! 2 

Mx player web series

Tarun Prabhu is a character that represents a regular millennial with a dramatic twist of life. Tarun’s unforeseen and unbelievable turn of events in his love, work, and family life leaves him frustrated, much like today’s pained millennial. This MX player original has won many hearts from season 1 and now has another installment of Tarun’s life with more drama entwined with laughter.  

All 10 episodes are free to stream here. 

Hello Mini 2 

Mx player originals

A thriller drama, this one is set to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout. Things for new-in-town Rivanah go awry after the introduction of an anonymous stalker. Their infatuation with Rivanah (and her curiosityleads to her potential doom. In the second season of the web series, there is a new angle to a dangerous dare game. So, if you are someone who liked 2016’s Nerve, you should definitely check it out.  

All 10 episodes (and 15 of season 1) are free to stream here. 

Aapkey Kamrey Mein Kaun Reheta Hai 

MX player web series

Another thriller on the list. It has a comic angle to it. This Sumeet Vyas comedy follows 4 bachelors in the glorious city of Mumbai. After a grueling apartment hunting, they find something in their budget. Here’s the twist. It is built over a graveyard. Things take a turn after their housewarming party. Their guests seem to be possessed by a ghost(s) which is followed by a set of events to leave you in stitches.  

This 5-episode MX Player original web series is free to stream here. 


Bullets web series

Bullets is an action web series complete with guns, females fighting, and badassery. Tina and Lolo are two women who are trying to stop an illegal weapon trade between Indian and Malaysian counterparts. On their way, they are wanted dead by a politician’s goon, arrested by the police, and on the run constantlyIt is a face-paced story starring Sunny Leone and Karishma Tanna 

The interesting part is that Bullets was scheduled to come out as a movie almost 7 years ago, but getting shelved until MX Player picked it back up again.  

All 6 episodes are available here. 

Chakravyuh – An Inspector Virkar Crime Thriller 

MX player web series

Virkar is an inspector from the crime branch and is called in after the ghastly murder of a college student. This ensures a mysterious and confusing investigation and a long game of chase between the killer and Virkar. At some point, his personal life gets involved and now it is a matter of morals and conscience for the inspectorThis MX Player web series will, without a doubt, keep you on high alert throughout. 

The 8 episodes are free to watch here. 

Kuruthi Kalam 

MX player web series

The phrase translates to ‘Blood Period’ which refers to the action-packed story of Kuruthi Kalam. Amidst the rivalry of two gangs in Chennai, Vijay, a youngster, gets involved in the situation and is now stuck. During his journey with violence, he makes several enemies, old and new. With his dreams of becoming a police officer down the drain, Vijay is now the right-hand man of one of the gang leaders and has to face his best friend (a police officer) and pick one side. This Tamil web series is a perfect getaway for viewers who like a good action and drama combination. 

Kuruthi Kalam’s 13 episodes (Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi) are free to stream here. 



Vadham is a crime action web series. It follows a female police officer determined to solve a high-profile murder case with an all-female task force. Sakthi faces criticism, a rigged system, diabolical politicians, fights, and a supportive team throughout the case. With the help of her father and seniors, she manages to get through the rollercoaster her life becomes.  

All 10 episodes are available to watch here in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi. 

A few upcoming projects from the MX Player web series section are Bisaat, directed by Vikram Bhatt starring Sandeepa Dharstreams on 15th April; and Cruising Legends, coming 16th April. 

The platform has a new segment called MX VDesi, in which some foreign language web series, dubbed in Hindi, Tamil, or Telugu can be streamed. It has romantic dramas like Doctor Stranger and action ones like The Choice.  

Let us know if you have watched any of the series and how you liked them (or did not, whatever floats your boat). 

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