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My Neighbor Totoro (1988) review | Worth to watch or not? + Plot Analysis

My Neighbor Totoro Review | Worth to watch or not?

My Neighbor TotoroAnimation not only for children, but it can teach an old person also. With nostalgic feelings of childhood, we can relive our childhood again. In, animation movies, there is a large portion to share the moralities with great making. A filmmaker can show anything that is impossible in live-action movies.

Sometimes, you may wonder why animation films are still in demand. It still appeases the thirst in us. Our imagination is so broad that it is sometimes, unimaginable to portray in live-action movies. So, here comes animation in hand.

The people who just set aside the film haven’t realized their greatness. I will be giving you a review on “My Neighbor Totoro” which is an old film, released on 16th April 1988. It’s a Japanese film directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

My Neighbor Totoro: Cast and Crew

Director – Hayao Miyazaki

Writers – Hayao Miyazaki

Cast (Voice over) – Chika Sakamoto, Noriko Hidaka, Hitoshi Takagi

Running time – 86 minutes

Release date – 16/04/1988

About My Neighbor Totoro

my neighbor totoro review

“My Neighbor Totoro” is considered to be the most beloved film among children even adults. The new Encyclopaedia named it as the best Japanese film has ever made. One of the first few films which gave fuel to Miyazaki’s career. We all know that Japan has a trademark in animation films.

I have not watched a lot of anime films. There are a few I can name. This is another one that increased my bag for animation. From starting the movie, it grabbed my mind suddenly due to its visual creation.

My Neighbor Totoro: Plot Analysis

We see, at first, professor Tatsuo and his two daughters move into a village. The house where they live is filled with small creatures. Dust like spirits who go out if anyone smiles. Here we connect the scene with our lives. As there is happiness and simultaneously sadness, we forget to smile or make our environment happy.

If we can make our surroundings happy and all the melancholy from our lives will be gone. In the beginning, the film makes you interpret it as a horror movie but it’s not.

my neighbor totoro

One day, Mei finds a larger spirit in a large camphor tree. She interprets the spirit as “Totoro”. When her elder sister finds her, she is on the ground. There is no one except Mei. She tries to show her father the Totoro but fails. Totoro appears before Satsuki for the first time on a rainy night. She gives her an umbrella and Totoro is delighted. He gives her nuts and seeds in return.

Shortly after, Totoro leaves the place. As the girls plant seeds, it grows into a big tree. Totoro takes the girl on a magical flying top. Satsuko and Mei’s mother, Yasuko has a long term illness. The girls plan to see their mother frequently. But as Mei is lost,

Satsuki goes to Totoro for help. He sends a Catbus which takes her to Mei. Then the bus takes them to their mother in the hospital where they come to know Yasuko is well improving. Happiness is around the corner.

The film ends with happiness where the audience gets attracted more. At last, we see that Totoro and his friends watch Satsuki and Mei playing with other children.

My Neighbor Totoro: Technical aspect

We all know that Miyazaki is called Japanese Disney. He is famous as an animator. His style is connected to the soil of Japan. His films are not always filled with Hollywood action type movie. Being a simple plot, he pushes his film towards a great reach. His hand-crafted style of work easily catches your attention. It supplies you with the wonder of life with human comedy. It’s one of the insightful movies of all time.

If you are an anime lover or love to watch an animation movie, you may give “My Neighbor Totoro” a watch. The old people can also feel attracted by its aesthetic sense of the story.

My Neighbor Totoro: Ratings

Direction – 4.5/5

Background score – 4/5

Animation – 4/5

Overall rating – 8.5/10

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