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Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video: which is better?


Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video: which is better?

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video: When it comes to online entertainment service providers, the logos of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video start flashing in our minds. At present, these two are the leading online entertainment service providers in India as well as abroad. And yet, as much as these two services compete for our entertainment money, they are quite different from each other in several areas including price, content provided, and extra features.

So, if forced to choose one, which one should we choose? It’s not necessarily an easy decision, so we are here to help you out. We’ve compared the two on some of the most important criteria so that it becomes easier for you to choose.


Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video

Netflix’s pricing model is very easy to understand: It currently offers four subscription plans in India. The mobile-only plan is priced at Rs 199, the standard definition (SD) single-screen plan costs Rs 499, the High Definition plan which lets you stream on two screens costs Rs 649 while the top-tier Ultra HD 4K four-screen plan costs Rs 799 per month. All four give you access to Netflix’s entire range of ad-free movies, TV shows, and Specials. The only things that change as you pay more are the quality of the video and the number of devices that can be used to stream simultaneously.

The Rs. 199 plan is called Mobile and it supports only one smartphone. So, users who subscribe to this plan can use it only on one smartphone. The downside with this plan is that you cannot watch Netflix content on a bigger screen with this mobile-only plan. It supports HD content streaming, which was missing until recently.

The Rs. 499 Basic plan from Netflix also supports a single screen, be it a smartphone, TV, laptop, or tablet. This plan supports content in HD similar to the mobile-only plan.

The Netflix Rs. 649 Standard plan supports two screens including mobile and TV. This plan supports HD streaming and can be used on laptops, TV, smartphone, and tablet.

Netflix Rs. 799 Premium plan supports four screens simultaneously, which is interesting. Being the most premium plan, this one supports HD and Ultra HD streaming and can be used on laptop, mobile, TV, and tablet.

Amazon Prime Video is even more straight forward. Amazon Prime is priced at Rs. 129 per month and Rs. 999 per year. And, the Prime Video service can be used in up to three devices, be it smartphones, tablets, TVs, and laptops. Interestingly, Prime Video lets users stream ad-free content across various languages. And, it lets users enjoy movies, original series, and content for kids as well. Also, Amazon does not require you to pay any additional cost to stream HD or 4K content.

What’s more interesting is that Prime Video comes along with other benefits such as Prime Music, Prime Reading, and Prime Delivery that delivers parcels without any shipping fee. And, it includes the Amazon Pay service, Amazon Pay Credit Card from ICICI and much more.

Netflix’s most affordable price plan is almost the same as Amazon Prime Video, which means that based on price, Amazon Prime Video is the winner.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video: prices (WINNER-AMAZON PRIME VIDEO.)


Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video

Netflix has thousands of licensed Hollywood movies, TV shows, documentaries, and specials. But over the years, it’s original productions, like The Witcher, Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, and Sacred Games, have been stealing the spotlight and increasing Netflix’s desirability.
In fact, over the years, Netflix has been decreasing its range of movies as it increases its collection of TV shows and it’s originals which contribute to a huge part of its growth.

If you are a movie person and in addition to that your primary language of streaming is Hindi then the range of choices is very scarce. If you are looking for movies then I would suggest not going for Netflix. But, no one can beat the amount of content Netflix has to offer. In short, it is hard to beat Netflix’s offerings if you value high-quality entertainment from almost every genre.

Amazon, on the other hand, has a much larger collection of movies and TV shows but the size isn’t everything. Some of its movies tend to be older like V for Vendetta, Clue, and others.

The best movies available on Amazon as of now include Mission: Impossible — Fallout, True Grit, Honey Boy, and The Avengers. Amazon has also been creating its original content like Mirzapur, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Man In The High Castle, The Expanse, Jack Ryan, and Homecoming.

They have tried to balance a lot between regional, Bollywood, and international which does not lead to a great range of choices but yeah it’s okayish. They also offer a greater range of cartoons and anime selection for kids and also some Hindi TV shows like Taarak Mehta ka Ooltah Chashma etc. But so far, Amazon can’t compete in this arena, and Netflix emerges as the winner.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video: content available (WINNER-NETFLIX)


I feel that Netflix has the best user interface. It is very well integrated with all platforms be it desktop, smart TV, iPad, or even a phone! It has a uniform feel to it.

On the other hand, I am not a fan of Amazon Prime Video’s user interface. It has undergone a lot of work and is pretty good now unlike before but still, it is nowhere near Netflix’s UI.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video: user interface (WINNER-NETFLIX)


One of the most appealing parts of Netflix is that one monthly price gives you access to everything. But if you are a cord-cutter, you may crave something more as you try to fill the gap left by your canceled cable subscription.

It is worth noting that there is a rent or buys section in Amazon Prime Video that provides a good selection of both newer movies and old classics.

Even though it has nothing to do with watching the video, you shouldn’t overlook the fact that the Prime membership comes with some extra perks like FREE One-Day Delivery, No minimum order value required for FREE Standard Delivery, Prime Exclusive Deals, Prime Music where you get unlimited ad-free access to Playlists, Stations and millions of songs and albums, Prime Reading where you can borrow eBooks, comics, and more from the Prime Reading catalog and read them on your Kindle E-reader or the free Kindle reading apps, Gaming Offers, etc.
Given that Netflix has no extras to speak of, Amazon Prime Video is a clear winner.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video: extras (WINNER-AMAZON PRIME VIDEO)


There is a reason why globally, Netflix has more subscribers than any other streaming video service. It is an amazing way to watch ad-free movies and TV shows, and there is always something worth watching. If having access to the best selection of video content matters to you then we think, it is the best choice.

However, Netflix subscription can still put a dent in your budget, so if you already have Amazon Prime membership for its various other benefits, try to quench your entertainment thirst by Prime Video as you are already paying for it. In the end, judge your priorities and choose accordingly.


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