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Notes for my son Movie review – Is it worth watching?

Notes for my son movie review – Is It worth watching?

Notes for my son

Life is unfair. It is going to disappoint you, break you and compel you to give up. Because that is how it is. It is totally up to how you are going to deal with it. There are options for everything in this world, right? You can either opt to look at the brighter side of it or just focus on all the negatives that have been going on.

Well, “Notes for my son” is a movie that is going to teach you no matter what, optimism and a little bit of humor can make your suffering look slightly ‘bearable’. Notes for my son is a 2020 Argentinian drama film based on a true story directed by Carlos Sorin and starring Mónica Antonópulos, Paola Barrientos, and Valeria Bertuccelli. It is streaming on Netflix now.


Notes for my son: Plot

Notes for my son

Marie is a 42-year-old woman facing terminal cancer. She starts tweeting everything about her cancer in a humorous way and becomes quite a sensation over the internet. One night, in the hospital she asks her husband, Fede to get her a notebook and tells him that she wants to write everything that their son, Tomy has to know as he grows up.

She expresses how she wants her son to think about her every now and then. Marie wants to ensure that her son feels her around through the notebook in her physical absence. Later, she decides to have terminal sedation as soon as she finishes the book as the pain becomes unendurable for her.

Notes for my son: Direction

Carlos Sorin, as a director has done a fair job. He has kept it simple and close to the real story without much drama. But, the film is a little slow and predictable. It can easily sink the audience, or in other words, the film is not captivating. It is hard not to get deviated. Carlos is quite successful in what he wanted to get across to the audience but I feel the movie should have had something more.

Notes for my son: Acting

Notes for my son

Valeria Bertuccelli is a stealer. She plays the role of Marie. I felt she was kind of dull at the beginning of the movie and her acting was on and off sometimes. In some scenes, she was completely into the character like I could literally see the pain in her eyes. I think she has done a pretty good job throughout.

Esteban Lamothe, who plays the role of Fede is slightly a disappointment. I could not really feel the kind of pain or anguish in his acting as the role demands. His acting is very much dry. The supporting actors have done a good job which makes the film, watchable.

My honest opinion about Notes for my son

The film is intense and is loaded with the reality of life. You know, when we lose our loved ones we all have our own patterns of grieving. After a while, we all tend to adapt ourselves to not having that one person around which results in not thinking about the departed souls in the end. This movie depicts that nothing ever dies, something always lives on. 

The movie doesn’t make you believe that “It is going to be alright”, instead tells you how to deal with situations that are not going to be ‘alright’. I really loved how Marie had filled herself with optimism and accepted that her death is going to come anytime. She rather believed in having a quality life. She used humor to shield her pain and did not really crave attention. She did not need sympathy.

The idea of writing a notebook for Tomy, so that he could not be deprived of not knowing his mother while growing up is something very sweet but at the same time, heart-rendering. I did feel the movie was very slow and has some elements which were not really necessary. I felt that if the director had focused on showing the mother-son relationship more than just confining it to the notebook, this movie could have been the best till now.

Notes for my son: Conclusion

Get set to cry at the suffering, to laugh at the humor, and to just hope Marie survives even when you know that she won’t. So what I want to let you all know is that this is a great movie for lovers of a slow burn and something emotional.

 Notes for my son: Ratings

Direction – 2.5/5
Acting- 2.5/5
Overall rating – 7/10

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