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Paatal Lok: Review, Cast, Plot, Book, and Season 2

Paatal Lok: Review, Cast, Plot, Book, and Season 2

Stringed together deep in Indian reality and Indian Mythology is Amazon’s “Paatal Lok”. The web series addresses the three orthodox concepts of Heaven (swarg), Earth (dharti), and finally Hell (paatal). The struggles, motives, and power of these different estates in our country are briefly mapped out in a fictitious narrative. Here is our take on Paatal Lok and its cast so that you can decide whether to watch it skip it.

Paatal lok Cast

Jaideep Ahlawat

Niharika Lyra Dutt

Swastika Mukherjee

paatal lok cast

Abhishek Banerjee

paatal lok cast

Anindita Bose

Neeraj kabi

paatal lok cast

Gul Panag

Mairembam Ronaldo Singh

Asif Basra


In the capital city of Delhi, four youngsters are arrested by the DCP himself in the conspiracy to murder an eminent journalist Sanjeev Mehra. The case is soon handed over to Hathi Ram Chaudhary (played by Jaideep Ahlawat). Hathi Ram is a struggling middle-class officer with his shares of problems and the case is handed over to him, as it being just an “open and shut case”. But as he puts his hands into the case, all does not look like an open and shut case as there are different sides of this story waiting to be pulled apart. Soon layers of the society are exposed with the greed of power and money being at the foremost of it all.

The casting of Paatal Lok and each of their performances by far exceeds all its expectations. It is an absolute selling point. Producer Anushka Sharma’s vision to bring in stories, people, and talent which deserve this stage has given the audience this opportunity to comprehend such a level of content. Jaideep Ahlawat takes the center stage as Hathi Ram Chaudhary and we see Iswak Singh as Imran Ansari his right hand. The family of Hathi Ram includes Renu Chaudhary played by Gul Panang and their son Siddharth Chaudhary who is played by Bodhisattva Chaudhary.

We have Vipin Sharma who plays DCP Bhagat in the web series. And Anurag Arora takes the role of SHO Virk, who is Hathi Ram’s senior officer.

Neeraj Kabi plays the role of Sanjeev Mehra as a well-known journalist across the nation who is the target of assassination. And we have Swastika Mukherjee as Dolly Mehra, his wife. Asif Bafra plays the role of Jai Malik, Sanjeev’s colleague, and close confidante. Singh Saab, the owner of Sanjeev’s news station is played by Akash Khurana. Vikram Kapoor is Sanjeev’s rival who later on goes on to become his ally. He is portrayed by Manish Choudhary. Sara Mathews played by Niharika Lyra Dutt is the young journalist who later on gets into an affair with Sanjeev.

The group of criminals consists of Tope Singh played by Jagjeet Sandhu, Kabir M played by Aasif Khan, Mary Lyndoh played by Mairembam Ronaldo Singh, and Vishal Tyagi is played by the casting director Abhishek Banerjee himself. Chanda Mukherjee, Tope Singh’s ex-girlfriend is played by Anindita Bose.

As the story moves forward, we come across Balkishan Bajpayee played by Anup Jalota who is a politician based in Chitrakoot. We also of Gwala Gujjar based from the same town who is a gangster and supports the politicians with his muscle power. He is portrayed by Rajesh Sharma.


Jaideep Ahlawat

paatal lok review

We are absolutely head over heels with the cast of Paatal Lok. There are no big names or superstars, but the ones who genuinely deserved this solely on the basis of their talent. From start to end, Jaideep Ahlawat is so phenomenal. He perfectly depicts the middle-class policeman struggling to find or get any good cases to his name. He also gained around ten kilograms just for this role, and had to maintain it throughout the shoot, which he did by consuming loads of ghee!

Gul Panag

paatal lok acting

Gul Panang as his wife is just so perfect. She rightly fits that role and character and makes it her own. Bodhisattva is such raw talent. So brilliantly does he bring out the feelings of a son who finds himself misplaced at school and has difficulties in looking up to his father.

Thoroughly deserving applauds for Abhishek Banerjee. Every time you will see him on the screen, he’ll run you with chills. The calm and composed demeanor of a violent serial killer. That sheer look that he has in his eyes is that of a psychotic killer. Abhishek initially wanted to play the character of Imran Ansari, but later on, went for the villain role, and oh wasn’t it worth it! The other negative characters were completely sublime in their performance. The pain and anger of Tope Singh as he faces numerous atrocities. You could see the fear on Kabir’s face, even while taking his last name just because he is a Muslim.

Mairembam Ronaldo Singh

And finally, Mairembam deserves so much appreciation for what she did, those sheer moments of fright, just playing out those scenes might’ve been so very grueling for her and she comes out with absolute perfection.

Neeraj kabi

Neeraj Kabi, what can we say more about the man, he so finely fulfills his character like he’s just been picked up from our surroundings. Special mention for his dialogue delivery (I love the way he talks!). Swastika Mukherjee is his wife in the web series and is a delight every time she comes on screen. With her anxiety trouble, issues with Neeraj, and the way in which she finds peace and comfort amidst the chaos, Dolly Mehra is such a beautifully written character. And Swastika puts a check on all those requirements needed to fulfill by Dolly.

The book and Paatal lok Season 2

paatal lok book

The first season of Paatal Lok is based on Tarun Tejpal’s book which is based on real-life incidents “The Story of My Assassins”. Season one was an absolute hit with the audience. The sheer courage to tell this story and the fantastic cast absolutely won everybody’s hearts. When asked about the possibility of a second season, producer Anushka Sharma mentioned that she’ll is totally ready to do it if Amazon Prime decides to as well.

Thus, the only update we have as of now is that Paatal Lok Season 2 is still under its scripting stage. The cast is likely to be the same for another season, but Tarun Tejpal’s book is a standalone, hence the creators and writers are likely to come up with a new plot to get season 2 going.

Paatal Lok Review

Paatal Lok is a fine masterpiece. It is truth embodied, and it’s harsh. The statement “Man is a product of society” runs through the season. The storytelling of Sudip Sharma is first class. Each and every character has been so carefully crafted. Two directors have worked on Paatal Lok, Avinash Arun, and Prosit Roy, and what a fine job they have done. We are absolutely in awe of Anushka Sharma for having the courage to go with something so bold. Hence, the criticism was in numbers.

But you need to go into this series leaving behind all your political views and opinions and let Paatal Lok show you the real heaven and hell on this earth. By the end of the web series, you might actually question yourself, who really are the villains of this world?  Without a doubt a must-watch.

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