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Paurashpur web series: Review, plot, cast, and everything you need to know

Paurashpur web series: Review, plot, cast, and everything you need to know

Alt Balaji’s latest innovative experimentation has been in the world of the battlefields packed with sizeable amounts of love and lust. Paurashpur web series is set in the 16th century and portrays an epic period drama.

With ample amount of potential, the show significantly failed to make use of it, accumulating rather heavy criticism of its depiction of women characters and unnecessary use of sexual content. Here is our review of the Paurashpur web series for you to decide whether it’s worth your time or not.

Paurashpur web series Plot

Paurashpur is a fictional land in India based in the sixteenth century. As the name itself indicates, the whole kingdom is run by male minds, portraying a patriarchal society. Bhadrapratap Singh is the monarch of the land, a relatively old man but whose mind is always infused with his sexual needs.

He is a misogynistic king who marries younger queens to fulfill his desires. The entire kingdom itself faces the gruesome effects of his ideologies. Women hold no value in Paurashpur, further, they are just exploited by the men of the society. Moreover, women also have to follow the age-old tradition of sati, and are forced to wear chastity belts as well.

The plot of the Paurashpur web series kicks off with the Queen Meerawati arranging marriages with younger women for her King Bhadrapratap. He is now marrying his sixth queen Umanglata, but there is a certain worry in the heart of Bhadrapratap that she too might go missing like the rest of his queens.

Soon we see the introduction of Boris, a transgender who usually tends to make the King uncomfortable with his presence itself, and Boris might have a role to play in the missing queens. These horrific incidents of Bhadrapratap’s queens going missing create the main plot of the Paurashpur web series.

Paurashpur web series Cast

The Paurashpur cast is evidently a good-looking team on paper but the writing has often failed them.

Annu Kapoor as king Bhadrapratap

We have Annu Kapoor who plays the role of King Bhadrapratap. Most times are seen as the evildoer of the series, Annu Kapoor vaguely shines with his ups and downs. His serious ventures and exploitation are well played out.

Shilpa shinde as Queen Meerawati

Shilpa Shinde is seen in the character of Queen Meerawati, who just passes with her role. The nature of Meerawati isn’t anything extraordinary and hence there is not much that Shilpa can explore with her.

Milind Soman as Boris

Milind Soman as Boris, the transgender, might just be the only good thing that comes out of the Paurashpur web series. Milind remarkably glimmers through the episodes, which to be precise might have been a difficult role for him. Nevertheless, he is quite satisfactory throughout and creates the perfect suspense-filled dark aura around him.

The likes of Shaheer Shaikh, Flora Saini, Aditya Lal, and even Anant Joshi fail to bring anything exciting to the table. Their acting fails miserably, and the poor script fails them.

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Poor screenplay, directing and special effects

Director Sachindra Vats was absolutely ineffective in weaving any sort of magic into the Paurashpur web series. Well, he is also indebted to the writers Baljit Chaddha, Ranveer Pratap Singh & Rajesh Tripathi for failing to keep the screenplay intriguing. With such a conceptualized idea and budget, what could have been worked out as a massive Bahubali sort-a-project, the team entirely gets it wrong.

The depiction of women in the Paurashpur web series is horrific, it might have been for the purpose to stand up for women empowerment and justice. But the exploitation of women in the show just nullifies that purpose. Adding onto is the poor use of special effects and CGI.


Paurashpur web series

There is an ample amount of budget spread out throughout the series, but it just hasn’t been put into effect in the right manner. Huge sets are built to create the atmosphere of 16th century India. Credit where credit is due. But other than that, there is just overuse of erotica in the series and some atrocious dialogue writing to weird you out.

It was really bad to sell soft porn in the name of historic fiction. A lot of work has gone into the appearance of the show, for example, the costumes and makeup, but the real art of acting and storytelling is missing.

Paurashpur web series Release date

Paurashpur web series was released on the 25th of December 2020 on the Alt Balaji Platform. It spans over seven episodes ranging from 18 to 28 minutes. The show ended with the introduction of a new character, and the possibility of a return season is very much on the cards.


Do yourself a favor and skip watching the Paurashpur web series. Apart from some eerie plots and bizarre erotica, the show has nothing more to offer. Unless a second season gives valid answers to the eccentric plot that has played out; and in an overall manner tries to balance out the first one, you have no reason whatsoever to watch the Paurashpur web series.

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