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Picasso (Film): Review, Cast, A fine National Award winner

Picasso (Film): Review, Cast, A fine National Award winner

All the world’s a stage, the famous monologue from Shakespeare’s play ‘As You Like It’ portrays what Art and Artwork is to the world. Abhijeet Mohan Warang with his debut movie ‘Picasso’ puts together a fine combination of the Dashavatar an early form of folk theatre, artistry of painting and sculpting, and the art of making a living in this world. Here is our review of National Award-winning Marathi film ‘Picasso’, so that you decide whether to watch it or skip it.

Picasso Cast

Prasad Oak

picasso  cast

Ashwini Mukadam

Shreenath Ambeskar

Samay Sanjeev Tambe

Vitthal Gaonkar

Nilkanth Sawant


The movie is set in a remote village in the state of Maharashtra. Where in we have our main protagonist Pandurang Gawade who is a Dashavatar artist and a sculptor. To run the house, he does plays and also sculpts at times, thus owing to a very meagre income coming into his house.

His son Gandharva Pandurang Gawade is set to walk in his footsteps with similar artistic abilities. Gandharva is awarded the first prize for his painting in the state for the Picasso Arts Scholarship competition, and hence qualifies for the National round. He is very excited since the top three of the nationals avail the Picasso Scholarship and thus get to travel to Barcelona in Spain to learn the art at the Picasso Museum for a whole year.

The struggles start when Gandharva has to pay a fee of Rs.1500/- to be able to participate in the nationals. Pandurang’s theatre career has been on a decline owing to his alcoholic problems. With a sick wife to look after as well, Gandharva’s fee is an additional fee which he cannot afford.

Thus, the movie explores the struggles of the Gawade family, in an earnest way as they try to keep art alive, and art trying to keep them alive.

Actors and Characters

Prasad Oak plays the main character of Pandurang Gawade, and Ashwini Mukadam plays the role of his wife. Young Samay Sanjeev Tambe is seen in the role of Gandharva Pandurang. Most of the cast of Picasso is handpicked from theatrics and artists profound in Dashavatar. We have Niklanth Sawant who plays Mohini in the play. Abhay Nevgi plays the Drama company owner.



Picasso is a tightly knit movie just over an hour, and most of the screen time is taken up by the father-son duo. Prasad Oak had long before made his love for art clear being a director, writer, poet, singer especially after winning Sa Re Ga Ma Pa (celebrity round) in 2007.

He beautifully depicts the character at hand and the pain that follows him around. His love for art is quite evident, and that feeling of watching his son follow the same path and knowing that he might not be able to afford things just as him. Yet that doesn’t stop him from keeping his son away from art.

Samay Sanjeev Tambe is absolutely phenomenal with young Gandharva. The innocence of his childhood and yet the maturity to grasp the pain of his parents is brilliant. Samay holds raw talent which is waiting to be sculpted out.


Abhijeet Mohan Warang dedicated the movie to all stage performers, singers and artists. His intention of trying to keep the folk theatre form of Dashavatar was true to his idea, as he staged real artists of the art form in his movie. The movie ‘Picasso’ itself is an experience of watching a Dashavatar play, with the audience members walking up to the characters right after a splendid monologue or song and conferring upon them their appreciation in the form of ready money.

For years artists in this field have struggled without any support from the government, thus their daily life depending on the sparse sum they earn from performing. Hence Abhijeet beautifully crafts the entire storyline, leaving the audience with a food for thought, what really is the worth of Arts in today’s world?

Picasso National award

‘Picasso’ went on to be featured for the 67th National Film Awards, and thus grabbed a special mention at the awards. It was debut for writer and director Abhijeet Warang and that earned him a well-deserved mention at the national level.

Picasso Review

At times the world looks down on the field of arts. Amidst the chaos of ‘development’ and ‘modernity’, the real quality of life is merely a façade. What even deems the real quality of life? If not emotions then what? Arts is not merely entertainment or a source of escapism.

It can be, and it is, but above all a piece of Art provides emotions. Purest form of emotions to experience, to laugh out loud, to cry till your heart calms, to acquaint yourself with those feelings of grief and horror or triumph and exultation which you might not have conversed with in real life.

Thus, an artform (the movie) about an artform is an absolute must watch. Picasso runs at 73 minutes making it a crisp quick watch with loads of feelings attached to it. Abhijeet Warang’s Marathi film is streaming now on Amazon Prime.

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