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Pieces of a woman review: A dark but beautiful movie

Pieces of  a woman review: A dark but beautiful movie

Pieces of a woman

Netflix dropped “Pieces of a woman” on 7th January 2021. The trailer fascinated so many people as it looked beautiful, promising, and powerful.

So is the movie really for you? Do we need to get some tissues? Or is it some cliche drama you may want to stop after 15 minutes? No worries. I got you!

Pieces of a woman: Plot

The story focuses on Martha and how she wants her baby to decide when she wants to come. This means that she strongly wanted a home birth. Which makes her all ready with the midwife, a backup plan, a partner i.e. her husband, who also supported her decision.

Pieces of a woman

But for some or the other reason, her real midwife couldn’t show up and both of them are left with a midwife that they did not personally choose.

The situation kept getting worst, which led to the death of her newborn baby. Now how will Martha and her family get over this heartbreaking episode? Will she ever get over it? What changes will this bring to her life?

Pieces of a woman: Direction and story writing

The direction of the movie is ground to earth. There are no dramatic shots, crazy editing, or even different shots of different place at same time. The movie is silent and kind of focuses on one event at a time. Which makes the movie have lots and lots of long takes which makes it insanely beautiful.

You kind of feel you are one with them. The movie flows both in terms of camera and story. As it has long shots, you get to move around the house or the place where the characters are. Sometimes it is with a character, sometimes it’s you yourself. (And hell yeah, I am so down for that.)

Pieces of a woman

As the movie just focuses on the aftermath of the situation, it is straight to the point. We get to spend lots of time with Martha (Which is obvious because she is the main character) and a fair amount of time is given to other characters as well so we can know why they are doing what they are.

Pieces of a woman: A poetry

The main thing is, the movie doesn’t have lots and lots of dialogues. It is more of a character living in the moment and it is up to us to spend time with them. And not going to lie, you can actually feel them surprisingly. (I was surprised as I am just 19, and I could feel each and every moment with Martha. Or it is just me overliving a movie! I don’t know!)

It is more of you seeing them do things, and being in the moment with them. And no, it does not make it confusing at all. The movie even explains the little acts of the character i.e. why they are doing certain things and why they are not. ( Or you could just tell it in some scenes because now you spent a lot more time with the character.)

For example, in the movie, Martha seems to love apples. We always see her with an apple in hand, or her buying apples, etc. And the movie explains that too.

Pieces of a woman: Acting

Vanessa Kirby

Pieces of a woman

Venessa Kirby plays the main character i.e Martha. And this woman literally stole the show. Every moment, every scene, every emotion, and god knows what, she has nailed every single thing.

We already talked about how the film is more poetic and does not have lots of dialogues, which leaves the actor with just expressions or the little acts, and keep the viewer one among them. And Miss. Venessa did it all together. ( I would not be surprised if she wins an Oscar for this one, cause Oh my god!)

Shia Labeouf 

Shia Labeouf plays sean who is Martha’s husband. His character had two sides to it (I don’t know if I can say that clearly because of spoilers) and he has nailed it as well.

We can see him grow into other emotions and developing into a completely different person.

All the other actors in the movie played their roles very well. Overall, for me, the casting of the movie couldn’t have been better than this. I loved all of them.

Pieces of a woman: Background score

Pieces of a woman

The movie is basically poetry. ( I am saying this 100th time now. lol.) The background music with the long shots of the movie is what keeps you on your seats. Everything and every emotion they are feeling are made look so beautiful that sometimes you may want to cry for no reason at all. (Because I know I did.)

The “In the moment” scenes of the movie ( I won’t say slow scenes because basically, that is what the movie is. You know what you signed up for!) like birth scenes, bathtub scenes, are so well done along with the background score of the movie. It won’t harm if we call it a musical.

Pieces of a woman: Conclusion

Pieces of a woman shows a woman grieving for her newborn baby. So of course, A) it is emotional B) it is dark. Moving along with the other characters, it is a movie that makes you understand that not every woman reacts the same to the situation. Some are strong, some cry it out, and some pretend they are strong.

It is a heartbreaking movie that takes you on a journey of dark but beautiful emotions. So if you are someone that is looking for something meaningful, silent, beautiful and at the same time you want to shed some tears, this movie is for you. Just know that the movie has some adult and sexual abuse scenes so it definitely makes it 18+.

Pieces of a woman: Ratings

Direction: 4/5

Acting: 4.5/5

Background score: 4/5

Overall Rating: 8/10

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