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Project power: A new Netflix hit?


Project power: A new Netflix hit?

Project power: A new Netflix hit?

So Netflix recently dropped its new original, Project power, and well the name itself gives us a feeling of some kind of mission. So what it is really about? Scared of ruining your perfect relaxing time with a boring movie. We got you.

Project power: Plot

Project power: A new Netflix hit?

Project power is a Netflix original superhero movie directed by Ariel Schulman and henry joost. The story revolves around drug pills that are being sold around anonymously.The pills are not any normal pills and hence have lots of consequences to deal with.

The pills are considered to be the evolution of mankind. The pills that can give you superpowers but you ain’t get to choose it.It can be either bad or cool but you have to take the pill to know what superpower you will get. (Don’t you agree? Some risks you gotta take)

But Project power kind of flips it from simply being a drug movie to some Five-minute-superhero on a mission movie.Yes, the story is about a dealer who is at least bottom of the dealer chain but it changes into something else really quick.

We have got robin who is a drug dealer, we have got frank, who is a cop and the one who sometimes goes out of his ways to run a mission or to save someone.And we have got Arthur who is some guy, who looks like a secret agent first but for sure he has got some personal issues with the pills.

Every character has their connections to the pills which kind of acts as the chain of the story and how it all leads to what project power is all about.They are finding their answers about the pills which leads to something really big later ( Yes, I know, sounds a little cliche but its a superhero movie. What can you expect. But it’s a bit more than that and talking more about the plot will give spoilers.)

Power project: Story-line, Direction, and Screenplay

Project power: A new Netflix hit?

So the story is about the main three characters, Robin, Frank, and Arthur and we know why kind to get their connections to the pills and why they want to know about or are selling it.But the story has some poor writing going on throughout which will maybe kind of take you out.

When we say a superhero movie, we know what to expect. There are going to some good action scenes, some superpowers. We get that. But what Project power lacks is the attachment we want to get with the characters.All the characters lack character depth. We want to connect to Robin selling drugs, we want to connect to Frank being a cop doing his duty, we want to feel his love for the city.

We want to be with Arthur being on some mission of his own and why he wants to find the source of the pills, but we just can’t. We just can’t feel them taking decisions, we just have to watch them doing so.

The power project is something that could have been made about emotions when we look at the plot but we don’t see character developing, we don’t see them making connections in depth.( And for me, when it comes to a movie, I want something from characters. Something so that I can attach to the story in some way. But it just made me sit in my room in front of the screen watching them doing some cool stuff instead of making me be in awe)

Project power: A new Netflix hit?

But the Power project does not lay flat. It moves so quickly and so inaction that you just won’t even be thinking about leaving the screen.

It keeps you right on the edge and direction plays a huge part in it. The movie has some amazing scenes back to back and is well shot.

Yes, you sometime will think that they could have done better in some scenes but as I told you the movie runs fasts so you will be out of that thought real quick.

I wanted some superhero scenes to be shown more to be explored more but the characters itself have 5 minutes to enjoy it but they seem to be using it frequently so I did want to see more of it.

Even one action scene pulled me a bit out of the scene as I couldn’t see the hero fighting but instead, we see someone else’s getting through their superpowers and I think it could have been shot in a much better way but, oh well, that is power project movie is all about. (It’s called expecting from a movie, don’t blame me. I am not being rude.)

Project power: Background score

I have said this before and I will say it again that I don’t talk about the background score that often unless it impresses me. Now, I have been complaining a lot about the way some scenes have been shot, but I have no complaints about the score.

Project power does a pretty good job in that. You get some raps in the movie which makes the movie cool, you have got some cool background score which adds the intensity to the fighting scenes, and oh god, the background score was pretty good.

The way the put it in certain scenes the way they made it go with the flow instead of taking you out from it is just amazing. (And what I expect from a superhero movie is come cool shots with amazing cool music and hell yeah, I find it in this movie.)

Project power: Conclusion

So I could have talked about acting but as I said that I did not find the depth in the characters and they are just making quick action scenes in the movie.

But I could say that I loved Robin. She acts as the chain between the characters and characters and characters and storylines and how would the story go forward and for that, she has to be good and she was that. She was really good.

And we have seen the other actors which we of course like and has done an amazing job playing their parts and I could have talked more if I could attach to the characters. ( But its okay, at least you guys got the review with one topic short article and you can just turn it on after reading this.)

Project power is the movie that could have been a blast it was done correctly and a little bit better with the plot and character, but I won’t say that the movie sucks.It is quite amazing. Just the fact it seems to keep you on edge. And Imagine if it had some character depth to it and attachment factors, it could have been the superhero movie of the year.

So if you want to chill and relax on weekend and want to watch something cool and superheroic, this is the movie. And yes, I recommend watching it. Even though I don’t agree with some aspects of the movie, I will not disagree with the fact that I enjoyed watching it.

I will be back with some pretty amazing movies and series. And this week I am planning to expose you guys to a complete badass series so tuned for that. And stay safe. Be kind. Spread love. Until then, Peace!


Acting: 4/5

Direction: 3.5/5

Background score: 4.5/5

Overall rating: 6.5/10

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