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Puncch Beat: Review, Plot, cast, and season 2

PUNCCH BEAT: Review, Plot, cast, and season 2

Puncch beat is a high school drama that revolves around the lives of a few wealthy teenagers who study at Rosewood High. Here is everything you need to know about the show.



Harshita Gaur as Divyanka Tripathi

puncch beat

Priyank Sharma as Rahat Sharma

puncch beat cast

Siddharth Sharma as Ranbir Chaudhary

Khushi Joshi as Padmini Aror


Kajol Tyagi as Lara

Krishna Kaul as Roy

Nikhil Bhambri as Adhish

Sindhuja Turlapati as Aditi Tripathi

Mrinmai Kolwalkar as Bansuri

Jayati Bhatia as Miss Gayatri Bose

Samir Soni as Rajbir Chaudhary

Niki Aneja Walia as Maya Chaudhary

Mehak Ghai as Jasmine


Puncch beat starts off with a few new students joining Rosewood High during the midterm. Rahat has recently lost his mother and is in the care of his guardian Maya Chauradry, who is also the principal of Rosewood High School. Maya’s son Ranbir is the head boy of the school. And also, the boxing champion. His father Rajbir Chaudhary is an Olympic gold medallist in boxing.

On the same day, Rahat joins the school. Two girls, Aditi and Divyanka also join. These people had a chance to get admission to such a prestigious school in the midterm because of their contacts. Aditi and Divyanka have also recently lost their mother and are under their caretaker Mrs. Bose. Divyanka is a state-level dancer. But unfortunately, Mrs. Bose doesn’t like or approve of dancing. Because their mother happened to run off the family to peruse dance which bought disgrace to the family.

The storyline is based around these people where there is a lot of drama based on love, jealousy, and hatred. There happens to be a love triangle between Rahat, Divyanka, and Ranbir. Ranbir falls out of love with his girlfriend Padmini because he is in love with Divyanka. Divyanka kisses both Rahat and Ranbir but falls for Rahat. Rahat is of the opinion that he doesn’t need anyone in life, so he doesn’t love Divyanaka back. Ranbir then tries to sleep w Divyanka’s sister just to make her jealous. All in all, very complex love story.

If you feel the love part of the show is confusing, there comes the boxing part. The show is called puncch beat because it is mostly based on boxing. We see that Rahat is also interested in boxing and goes against Ranbir. In the first match, Ranbir happens to win. But he is not able to knock out Rahat. This brings disgrace to Rajbir. As the plot unravels, we get to know that Rahat is also Rajbirs son. Amidst all the drama, only Maya seems to be sensible and accept both Ranbir and Rahat. But somehow Rajbir isn’t able to accept Rahat as his own and calls him the biggest mistake of his life.

The show revolves around flings, hook-ups, boxing, and 13 episodes later the show ends in a cliff-hanger. Leaving the audience thinking, was it even worth watching this show?


Puncch beat review

If you are going to watch the show punch beat, get ready to throw logic out of your brains while you watch the show. The first thing that crosses one’s mind is how can girls be allowed in an all-boys school? Even if they were children of big trustees and teachers, having 5 girls in an all-boys school made no sense.
The storyline of Puncch beat was predictable. And people who watched it could find its resemblance to Student of the Year. It was most obvious with some twists that were a little shocking but not shocking enough to keep the audience on their toes.

The main rule of Rosewood High School is to follow all the rules but all throughout the show, the students have done nothing but disobey and break the rules and very conveniently seldom fell in trouble for the same.

The whole boxing angle of the show was great. It was gripping till the last episode when the audience wanted to know who wins – Rahat or Ranbir. The viewers are more than disappointed when a non-player (Divyanka) enters the boxing ring during the match and hits Ranbir where he becomes unconscious. This kind of unrealistic drama spoils the show.
The show also ends in a cliffhanger hinting at another season. Hopefully, the next season will be realistic and a little more interesting. Rather than adding drama for the sake of it.

One thing the show has been successful in is beautifully portraying Dehradun. The background score is great and the scenery is pleasing to look at from start to end. Other than that, this show shouldn’t be on your binge list this lockdown.


Puncch Beat has one season with 13 episodes. The episodes range from 15 mins to 30 mins each. There is a good job done in naming the episodes. Because the names of the episodes keep the audience kind of hooked to the show. The show is available on Alt Balaji and MX player.


Alt Balaji has announced Puncch Beat season two over a 15-second teaser named “Who are you cheering for?”. The official dates are not known to the audience. The character Divyanka played by Harshita Gaur will not be available for season two. Rumours say that there might be a new love interest introduced.

Watch the Show on ALT Balaji.


  1. Will there be a season two of puncch beat?

    Alt Balaji has announced Puncch Beat season two over a 15-second teaser named “Who are you cheering for?”. The official dates are not known to the audience.

  2. Where can I watch Puncch Beat?

    Puncch Beat is available both on Alt Balaji and Mx player.

  3. Who wins in Puncch Beat?

    No one wins as Divyanka interrupts the match and starts hitting Ranbir.

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