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Queen web series review: Cast| Characters| book and more

Queen Web Series: Cast| Characters| book and morequeen web series

J. Jayalalithaa has been one of the most prominent public figures across the southern part of IndiaQueen web series on MX Player is inspired by her life, as known by her followers.  

The series is based on the novel of the same name by Anita Sivkumaran back in 2017. The plot was adopted in 2019 for the small screen. It highlights the glorious life of the former CM of Tamil Nadu, albeit under the name of different characters. The main characters name is Kalai Arasi (in the book) and Shakthi Seshadri (in the series). 

Major events of their lives overlap with that of the powerful actress-turned-politician, which was ‘meant to be’ according to the writer. But just because the plot follows an influential public figure, it does not warrant the lack of criticism. More on that later. 

About Queen web series

Number of Episodes: 11

Original Novel: The queen

Streaming partner: MX player

Release date: 14 December 2019

Cast and Characters 

Shakthi Seshadri played by Ramya Krishnan 

queen web series Ramya krishnan

G.M. Ravichandran played by Indrajith Sukumaran 

indrajith sukumaran

Chaitanya Reddy played by Vamsi Krishna

vamsi krishna

Young Shakthi Seshadri played by Anikha Surendran 

queen web series anikha surendran

Raganayaki played by Tulasi

tulasi queen web series

Young Raganayaki played by Sonia Agrawal 

Sridhar played by Gautham Menon 

queen web series gautham menon

Interviewer played by Lilette Dubey

Queen web series timeline

The first 2 episodes of the series show her intelligence alongside the cultural and social divide that separates her from her best friend. It sets the environment of Shakthi’s childhood.  

Nearing the age of 16, she falls into the limelight via the world of entertainment. Episodes 3 to 8 of Queen focuses on her personal life and career. Her ups and downs with GMR, her romantic relationship with Reddy, her reconciliation with her mother, and the climb to fame with box office hits.  

The next, and most important, plot point arrives when she joins GMR with his political campaign, setting off Jayalalithaa’s life’s subsequent career. Episode 9 to 11 shows her rapid rise in politics with GMR by her side. Soon, his death leaves her in charge of everything he left and the Queen replaces the King. Thus, begins her journey as Amma and Iron Lady.  

Sadly, this is the end of the first season of Queen. Fortunately, the second season is set to start shooting sometime in 2021, so you can sit tight and wait for a more action-filled political drama with a female lead. Or read The Queen, the book. 

The Queen the book

Critics and experts have pointed out how the infamous scandals in her life have either been looked over or blamed on another party, so as to keep her image untainted. It seems to brush over all her mistakes and upholds the Iron Lady persona she had by making her oblivious to her colleagues’ actions.  

Queen also looks past her medical and health struggles during the last few months of her life. Amma’s death was a great deal for the people, she truly was a mother to many.  

Queen web series and book are meant to be a fictional mirror to Amma’s life, so it is bound to have a few inaccuracies. Let us know if you can point them out after watching the series.  

Watch this web series on MX Player

IMDB ratings: 8.8/10 

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