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QuickSand Netflix review | Worth watching or not? + Episode Analysis

QuickSand Netflix review | Worth watching or not?


QuickSand: How it came into being

quicksand netflix review

The novel, Quicksand, was a big hit in 2016, written by Malin Persson Giolito. It was also awarded the Nordic crime novel of the year. So, there was already a discussion going on. It’s an intense courtroom drama that is told through the eyes of the defendant, Maja an 18-year-old girl accused of the deadly school shooting.

Sweden has a big reputation in crime literature. Netflix gave the space to relive the culture on the screen. It was released in 190 countries all over the world on 5th April 2019.

Creator: Camilla Ahlgren

Directors: Per-Olav Sørensen, Lisa Farzaneh

Stars: Hanna Ardéhn, Felix Sandman, David Dencik, Anna Björk, Rebecka Hemse, Reuben Sallmander, Ella Rappich, William Spetz

QuickSand: Take on the film


With the intertwining stories between the present day and flashbacks, the film makes a great impact on the audience. The film is too relevant today as we see the mass shooting in schools of America, France, and all around the world. But it is not based on true events. It not only tells the story of a school shooting but also shows us the economic and racial discrimination.

This is why the film can grab your attention and connect you easily. It’s an interesting storytelling device that makes the film more complicated. To make the more complex stories where flashbacks and forth are connected to each scene is the sole responsibility of a screenwriter.

Here, the screenwriter, Camilla Ahlgren has done her best job. Some compelling shots are too chilling to give you enough sense of reality. The quality of capturing a scene is developing day by day. A cinematographer is finding new ways to create such scenes that give you an emotional impact. So is editing in this film which is another complex thing here. Every flashback and present-day is neatly ordered. There are 6 episodes of which every episode I am going to dig deep below.

Quicksand: Episode Analysis

Episode 1

The opening scene gives you a little glimpse of the real sense. Maja Norberg, an 18-year-old girl is arrested for the suspicion of the school shooting and taken remanded. She gets an attorney. As we see the flashbacks, we come to know more about Maja’s character, her boyfriend, Sebastian. The thread of the story disentangles further.

It seems that the love story between them doesn’t have any complicacy. It happened so easily which is, I think an exclusion from reality. Their love story doesn’t have power. But in the end, it grabs your attention again when Maja and Sebastian enter the school room and we hear gunshots.

Episode 2

After watching the first part, curiosity has already been created. It is a must to watch the second episode also. The opening scene shows us Maja is shooting Sebastian as he is shouting, “Shoot me” with a gun in his hand. As Inspector Nilsson asks about Sebastian, she recalls a wild part at his given place. We come to know how she gets involved with drugs and the killing of Claes Fagerman, father of Sebastian.

Episode 3

In the third part, we see Maja’s attraction to Samir. His analytical personality attracts the audience also. From this episode, we start to confront discrimination- the difference between rich and poor, the difference in culture. We see Maja’s other side. The love story between Maja and Sebastian starts to wane as she falls for Samir. The last scene ends with the interrogation of Amanda’s killing, Maja’s friend.

Episode 4

As the flashbacks unfold her past, we come to know Maja and Sebastian’s break up. She wants reconstruction of the crime that happened on the day of the shooting. The reconstruction scene is minutely created with the flashbacks. In the end, Sebastian is in hospital and Maja goes to see that gives the hint of their togetherness again. It apparently holds your attention to watch the next episode.

Episode 5


The trial begins. We confront with more revelation of what happened that night. With the troubling discoveries, there are some hard scenes to watch and it pushes the film to the climax. Maja as an actor has given a better performance than we expect. The chilling scenes enrich this episode.

Episode 6

Episode 6 gives you a shocking revelation. The witness who survived the shooting gives a whole scenery of that night when Sebastian threw a party.

Quicksand: Conclusion

At last, Quicksand impressively holds the attention of the audience with suspense and mystery by the non-linear story structure. Despite being a different language show, it makes a universal bond due to human themes. If you are finding some complex narrative this winter, Quicksand can be a worthy watch.

Quicksand: Ratings

Direction – 4/5

Background score – 3.5/5

Acting – 3/5

Overall rating – 8/10

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