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Raktanchal Web Series: Review, Cast, plot and season 2

Raktanchal Web Series: Review, Cast, plot and season 2

MX player’s latest addition is the gruesome and enthralling Raktanchal web series, which will keep you all thriller crime drama lovers hooked till the end. Written by Sarvesh Upadhyay the series is based on real-life incidents that took place in the 80s and 90s in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Here is our take on season one of Raktanchal web series and discussion on the possibility of a return second season.

Raktanchal Cast

Kenisha Awasthi

Kranti Prakash Jha

Soundarya Sharma


Nikitin Dheer

Raktanchal cast

Ronjini Chakraborty

Vikram Kochhar

Raktanchal season one plot

Set in Purvanchal, the storyline explores the scuffles and clashes between Waseem Khan (played by Nikitin Dheer) and Vijay Singh (played by Kranti Prakash Jha). There is a significant backstory to this ruffle as well. Waseem Khan is a gangster who smuggles around weapons, guns, and ammunition and thus holds his power over the tender mafia in Purvanchal.

Whereas Vijay Singh on the other hand was an honest and righteous man who wanted to become a civil service officer. But Vijay’s father Virendra Singh is murdered by Waseem Khan’s gang, and from there on everything turns upside down for Vijay. Once while he wanted to be a civil servant and initiate change in society, now his agenda is to avenge his father’s death, and that means going up to any extent to do so. He follows the paths of revenge, taking things into his own hands.

In the very first episode, we see Vijay make a move, one of Waseem’s contracts that was sure to be his, but Vijay swoops right in and marks his name all over it. This creates the very first conflict and Vijay sends the message across to his rival that somebody else has entered the game as well.

Raktanchal Cast

The raging faces of Raktanchal web series are Nikitin Dheer as Waseem Khan and Kranti Prakash Jha as Vijay Singh. Both these actors share the screen equally and make it their own in that given time-space. Nikitin holds that rage and fierceness in his aura itself that he carries all across the season.

The power is his and he will hold onto it, in whichever way he finds pleasing. Kranti Prakash with his actions is just as a villain as Nikitin, though his motives seem justifiable, he is the anti-hero of the series.

The supporting cast includes Soundarya Sharma as Roli, Ronjini Chakraborty as Seema, Pramod Pathak plays Triprari, Chittaranjan Tripathy as Bechan, Vikram Kochhar plays Sanki Pandey, and many others in significant roles. All of them have put forth a commendable job as the cast and their acting throughout Raktanchal web series carry balanced stability which works in favor of the dense storytelling.

Raktanchal Season 2

Season one of Raktanchal web series ends at a note where there lies the potential for the storyline to be developed further. Consider this as a spoiler alert for this paragraph, as we are going to discuss the climax scene and the possibility of a plot from thereon.

At the end of the ninth episode of Raktanchal web series, we see the faceoff between Waseem Khan and Vijay Singh on a bridge where they both take shots at each other. In this gunfire, Vijay is severely injured and falls from the bridge into the running water. Though it seems like Vijay has died, the closing scene of the series shows us that Vijay has been rescued by a couple of people and the curtain for season falls on it.

Hence the outcome of that season finale is that Raktanchal web series holds the hope as well as the potential to further bud into another season of bloodthirsty warfare between these gangsters. Although there have been no official confirmations or announcements for Raktanchal web series season 2 or a date for the season 2 release, but the lead actor Kranti Prakash spoke about this and mentioned that Raktanchal web series returning for a season 2 is very much likely.

Raktanchal Review

Raktanchal season 2

Raktanchal web series is filled with action, gruesome encounters between gangsters and wonderful storytelling to keep you glued to your seats. One major aspect that we would like to point out is the sublime work of the costume and set designers. They have brilliantly sketched out and fashioned the 1980s that takes you right back in time. The casting done is also in order, as each one of them brings in an integral part of their story to the main plot. The direction by Ritam Srivastav is engaging and full of drama, and he is able to conserve it throughout nine episodes.


The recent OTT trends have given us the likes of Sacred Games and Mirzapur which have set another level for the gangster mafia movies to keep up with. Raktanchal web series is another such attempt that follows these eminent and maintains the standards put forth by its predecessors. Spanning over nine episodes Raktanchal web series is a quick watch, and the captivating storyline will force you to binge it!

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