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REJCTX: Season 1 and 2 review+ Cast+ All about season 3


Rejctx web series

REJCTX web series is directed and produced by famous director Goldie Behl. It gives a complete package of entertainment that includes thriller, mystery, sensuality and some taste of music, and much more to watch on. The director has released 2 seasons of this series REJCTX and REJCTX2. Both the seasons are somewhat connected to each other. But having the ends makes the confirmation for the release of the next season.

The series mainly convey the message that once everyone in life is being rejected by some or another situation but being rejected is the reason to take the first step towards winning. So the series is likely to be heard REJCTX

The REJCTX CAST has performed extremely best to their roles in the series.



Aarav Sharma played by Masi Wali (Lead Actor)

Masi walirejctx web series

Kiara tiwari played by Anisha victor (Lead actress)

Anisha victor rejctx web series

Prithviraj Sharma played by Khalid Siddiqui.

Farhan Hussain played by Sumeet Vyas.

sumeet vyas rejctx web series

Maddy played by Ayush Khurana

Ayush khurrana rejctx web series

Harwinder played by Prabhneet Singh

Sehmat Ali played by Saadhika Syal.

Misha Patel played by Pooja Sundar Shetty

Pornomitra played by Ridhi Khakar

rejctx web series review

Anushka Rao played by Kubbra sait


The Director of REJCTX has excellently maintained the REJCTX CAST in the 2nd Season. There are 3 new characters that are introduced else than in Season 1.

Esha Gupta plays a role of a cop, Officer Rene

Rejctx esha  gupta

Tanvi Shinde in the role of Cousin of Kiara, Yesha

Rejctx Season 1 plot, review and characters

The first season starts with the introduction to the Jefferson world school where the lead actor of the REJCTX i.e. Aarav Sharma is shown as a multitalented guy in the school who has to listen from the people as he is shown as the son of the Chief Minister, Aarav Sharma is shown as a musician and an athlete in the series where he gets flaunted into the love with the school counselor.

The lead actress Kiara Tiwari has been shown as a computer girl where she is good at hacking and she is admitted to the school because of Aarav Sharma and she holds grudges towards Aarav Sharma because of family pressures to be attracted to him. Mady is the cool guy in the college where he is dating the two friends of Kiara that are Misha and Sehmat.

Furthermore, the story takes the change when aarav kiara and the whole group including sehmat, misha, maddy, harwinder, and pornomitra. Where all of them decide to make a Music band and then name it REJCTX .  

 Besides, the series definitely gives you the thrill you want. As far as it’s this good, there’s no doubt there’s more to it. So, let’s take a peek into the second season.

Rejctx Season 2

Season 2 of the REJCTX i.e. REJCTX2 starts around the death of the counselor, Anushka for which Officer Rene is appointed to investigate. The Mystery in this season is much more interesting and forced to binge-watch as in this season.

There is found to be Secret Person “X” that is holding the secrets of every group member of the REJCTX else than Kiara. And, that ultimately takes to the death of the Kiara but the REJCTX makes it more interesting to save Kiara. But, follows every instruction of the “X” to find the “X” and knows the reason for the death of Kiara. And also, the reason for blackmailing him.

Yesha is the cousin of Kiara also plays one of the major roles in the Season. Moreover, it makes this season successful for the series, and curious about Season 3 be released.

REJCTX Season 3

Release date

As far as now, there is no commitment by the director for the release of the Rejctx Season 3. The further 2 seasons have been released in the gap of 1 year on the Zee5 OTT platform. The Rejctx Season 3 have no clue to be released, no trailer has been seen regarding the new season till now. The audience is expecting Rejctx Season 3  to be more thrilling and entertaining than the other 2 seasons.

Cast for season 3

Season 3 Cast has been nearly constant from the 2 seasons where Masi wali and Anisha victor playing the lead roles. Also, hoping that no new change to be made by the makers of this series in the Rejctx Season 3

Watch it here: Zee5

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