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Resident Evil: The imperfectly perfect masterpiece

Resident Evil: The imperfectly perfect masterpiece

Resident evil: Village

Resident Evil is an action-adventure film series. It is based on the Japanese video game by Capcom. It is one of the highest-grossing film series based on a video game with a total gross of about $1.2 billion.

The film series

The following are the series of films:

  1.  Resident Evil (The original film) [2002]
  2.  Apocalypse [2004]
  3.  Extinction [2007]
  4.  Afterlife [2010]
  5.  Retribution [2012]
  6. The final chapter [2016]
  7. Infinite darkness [2021]

Started as a cult game

Resident evil

Resident Evil started as a cult game that almost scared a complete generation before it actually released as a film. This can be considered as one of the best body horror work for a writer.

Let’s go to  March 1996 where the world is taken over by the Fugees. Billy Madison in cinemas and people are like oh hey that’s adam Sandler. He is just amazing. Moreover, if you play any of these video games where you are walking past through a window where it’s completely dark and you are frightened.

That a skinless beagle will come out of that window and will rip your organs in the dark. This is just because you have played Resident Evil. Did it scare you?  The answer will be yes. Scared like no other video game has done this to us.

The Realism

Resident evil

Watching the above scene through 4k- accustomed eyes are not much terrifying when compared to the original game.  But back then it is ghastly.

Playing this game almost feels like a reciprocal horror film that is far more mature, ingrained, and completely suffocating. This is one of the most meaningful and innovative games ever made. This is more of a past time for grown-ups and less of a toy. After playing, grownups will sleep with their lights on,” because the light switch is almost broken my dear I’ll fix it by tomorrow.”

So, now almost 21 years later, and nothing much has changed. There is another new Resident Evil game with the same intensity. It received the same mad appraisal from the audience.

Game-based series

After the success of the first video game, two more sequels released. But it didn’t do well like the original one. Characters in the game are no longer controlled. It’s almost like you are taking a stoned, blindfolded uncle to the washroom over the phone.

Before the release of the 2002 film, Veronica had introduced 3D environments for better and excellent effects. After that came the 2004 film which was “Apocalypse Series”, it changed forever, abandoning the series atmosphere. And sometimes we feel it’s annoying. Because of its fixed camera positions and also the over and above shoulder third-person angle or viewpoint in the film Resident Evil: Afterlife [2010].

It is actually now an action-based game that has now shifted that action to rural Spain. And it displayed some of the most amazing sets of pieces in the whole series. That was quite intense and brilliant. To date, we often get to hear in a hushed voice that this is one of the greatest games ever made. And the following fifth and sixth series i.e., Resident Evil: Retribution and Resident Evil: The Final chapter developed its newly found action theme. But we can observe there is a somewhat decline in returns.

It was not that bad, neither it was amazing.

Imperfectly perfect masterpiece

So, we are still talking about how Resident Evil is tangible proof of how amazing and groundbreaking it was, and somehow it still continues to be. For every quiet risk, the series took for itself that actually didn’t pay off. .It took three series that actually did pay off. Somehow it produced countless feeble semi- sequels that are not worth mentioning right now. Yes, some of its storylines are so dull and naive that they pose an obvious threat to our skull/head.

Also, yes the acting is more forced and wooden than the wood sculpts of a ferociously awakened woody woodpecker. actually, as it is 2021 let us not call the series as completely bad. let us just call them as good and now everybody will be happy.

Let us just say is there any game that is absolutely perfect and flawless? Obviously no. Does this even matter to us? Not even a bit. It’s almost like finding out that one of our closest friends really really hates Golgappe. And he loves Chuck Lorre comedies. You will just love them in spite of having absolutely perplexing flaws. Every survival monstrosity game released since 1996 should actually owe a sense of gratitude towards Resident Evil.

Conclusion: The game series and the upcoming film

If you are a huge fan or love survival horror and for some reason, if you haven’t played any. then try taking a journey back to 1996. I am sure that you will not be disappointed in the end.

Coming to the series which is going to release to in 2021, let’s hope that this series will leave us with a great experience by being super duper scary. And also being to the original game than the previous six films.

Also the producer Robert stated that they are trying to recreate the original first two games. And also they want to leave the audience with a ghastly intuitive experience. So, they are trying to make the film both relatable and also relevant to us

Let’s hope for the best and let us wait and watch what kind of mark this film leaves on us.  Resident Evil 7 is already on pc, play station 4. Until the film releases let us all enjoy the game.

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