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Safe Explained: Characters, plot, and second season

Safe Explained: Characters, plot, and second season


We all watched Netflix’s “safe” and some of us still want to know more. So here I am with back with your favorite characters. If you are looking for an explanation, you are in the right place.  If you haven’t already watched Safe, then this one is not for you. Check out our no-spoiler review of the series before you watch it.

Safe Review: Is it worth watching?

Safe: What do we know at the final scene of the show?


Jenny is at last Safe, literally now for the first time since the series set about. The daunting concern of who murdered Chris Chahal has been answered. It was Sophie, it had to be Sophie! (With Rachel already dead, Helen now dead, Bobby was not aware of Chris’s knowledge of their little secret, Craig well he is not capable enough to do so being a patient at Jasmine Hall, it had to be Sophie!)

Safe: Where was Jenny all this time?



The major suspense of the whole series revolved around Jenny going missing. We did start getting glimpses of her from the fourth episode (thank God she was alive!), but only until the final episode do we entirely understand her whereabouts.

When Jenny goes over her mother Rachel’s possessions after her death, she comes across a diary which talks about an incident that took place and names her friends as well and sets out to find out more about this particular incident (the fire at the school!). Resulting in her missing from her house, then choosing not to go back to her house where she didn’t feel safe to go back to since she was now a suspect in her boyfriend’s murder and then later gets abducted by Bobby.

Safe: Characters and their roles

There were a lot of twisted secrets and subplots to throw us off-guard. The Marshalls, though not guilty of murdering Chris Chahal, hid his body that was found in their swimming pool and did not go to the police about it, after all, to save their daughter Sia who apparently sold drugs on the night of the party.

The Chahals have a lot going about, with their missing son, Chris doesn’t seem to be much worried about him as he claims that he is now an adult, and Zoe is already dealing with an accusation of having an affair with one of her school students after having found the USB with her intimate photos and letters for her from an unknown lover.



But wait! It was Chris who planted all that! How deceiving was that! There was a feeling that somehow Zoe might be involved in Jenny’s disappearance and her son’s murder but it was just Chris’s way to get back at her. That’s not it, in the end, we come to know that Zoe did actually have that affair with her student, loan.

Pete looked very suspicious in the opening episodes, obviously because of such actions; him dropping Jenny at the community at the night of the party and later not informing Tom about him, also him sneaking behind a fence in two of the scenes, only later do we understand that he sneaks back to get a glance at his gay lover. Emma Castle comes into the town with her new job partnered with Sophie and looks as suspicious as well. Photographing Pete and following him around, little did we know that Pete might turn out to be her father after all! (Literally an awe moment!)

Safe: Who killed Chris Chahal?




Sophie, Sophie, Sophie! We have a lot to talk about Sophie. Her character development was smooth. Being a sergeant now and girlfriend to Tom, she always gave decent cop vibes doing her duty respectfully. We had no clue she was doing this community work out of guilt after all. And thank you Harlen for not setting up a final scene of Sophie and Tom getting into a fight or a gunfight between them which would’ve been totally off-putting.

Until the last scene, there was hope for their romance to bloom, but Tom had to let out the secret after all, but technically he didn’t right? When he calls the police he only mentions that the murderer of Chris Chahal has been found. He says ‘no more secrets’ to Sophie and yet now the secret is buried again! (Also the CCTV footage is still in Jenny’s hand! Ta-da! More suspense!) It’s been years since they all were filled with that guilt, the guilt which Rachel took with her to her grave.

Safe: Have you guessed it was Sophie?



Amidst all the suspense and the thrill, there was a long gap in the final episode between Jenny revealing the secrets and killer of Chris Chahal being discovered, and that might have led to a lot of viewers being able to do the math that it could just have been Sophie who is responsible for the murder of Jenny’s boyfriend. Since she was the only one alive and capable, apart from Bobby among the five friends who were responsible for the fire at the school.

Will there be a season 2 of Safe?


It might not be a typical happy ending, but satisfying answers to all questions and that was what Harlen wanted to convey. It was the story of Jenny going missing and the secret of the five friends that they thought had been buried ‘Safe’ behind them, and not about what might happen next to Sophie and her kids or with Tom and his family.

As of now, Harlen or Netflix haven’t let out any further news on the possibility of a new season. If we have a look at Harlen Coben’s other TV shows that he has created and worked on; The Stranger, The Five, No Second Chance, Just One Look, and The Woods, all of these TV shows fall under the category of Mini TV series comprising of just one season and of the length of as few as four to eight episodes.

Looking at that pattern it is the highly unlikely situation of Safe returning back for another season. But what if? Let’s not rule it away. If Harlen was to come up with the next season, the first question would be what happens to Sophie’s kids Henry and Ellen Mason? The most probable likelihood is Josh moving back to the house to look after the kids, after all, he has always have had a good relation with them.

Also a big question mark on the relationship between the Delaney’s and the Mason’s.  And most importantly, a big plot for the second season to get going. There was big suspense about the fire at the school, and then each character brought in their own little secrets into the plot. And now that everything is out in the open, there has to be another murder or possibly another fire?

The prospect could be of getting Sophie out of jail in the first place and have tense scenes between her and her family and also between her and Tom. Onto which Harlen could build the story with an incident or another particular suspense to get us going.


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