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Scarlet witch: 8 Reasons not to interfere or stand in the way of Scarlet witch

Scarlet witch: 8 Reasons not to interfere or stand in the way of Scarlet witch

Scarlet witch

Scarlet witch, a fictional superhero that is published by marvel comics and this appears in American amusing books. This character, The Scarlet witch was designed by the artist jack and the writer Stan Lee.

About Scarlet witch

Designed by: Jack Kirby and Stanlee

Published by: Marvel comics

Potentialities: Manipulation of time, energy, Probability, and matter; twisting of reality; Teleportation

Scarlet witch: Memoir

Magda while she was pregnant escapes from her husband Magneto, and takes sanctuary in Transia. There she gave birth to twins named Pietro and Wanda. Chthon, who is considered as an elder god transformed Wanda during the time of birth gave her the capability to use magic along with her special abilities. So, Chthon wants to use Wanda as a receptible when all of her powers gained the stage of maturity.

Scarlet witch: Reasons not to stand in the way with the Scarlet witch

With her fighting skills, confusing magic[ there is chaos in her magic], Wanda Maximoff a.k.a., Scarlet witch is one of the most powerful superheroes in the marvel cinematic universe.

She can simply take us to the future. she can also get armed forces out of nowhere. The most important thing that we can never forget is that she is the person who condemned for M- Day, the day which is considered the worst day in mutant history.

She has the power to take or turn down anything and everything that tries to cross her path. Don’t you believe that she can do all of these? Here are some of the best moments in Marvel history.

An avenger

Captain America created another group when some of the members of avengers who founded it took a leave. so, the group consists of the Scarlet witch, Hawkeye, Quicksilver. even though her journey with avengers became difficult sometimes she always found her way.

She conquered Cable in close combat

Scarlett witch learned many combatting skills from Hawkeye and Captain America while she was working as an Avenger. She used all of these skills in Defeating Cable. Conquering Cable is not a small thing. Gaining victory over cable can be regarded as one of the best wins for her in showing her physical ability.

To conceive children she used magic

Scarlet witch married vision, a teammate from avengers. she used magic to give birth to twins named, billy and Tommy. the magic which she used to give birth to twins was from the devil, Mephisto who later reabsorbed billy and Tommy which led to the end of their existence. later they reappeared as Speed and Wiccan who are in the group of young avengers.

She is Chthon’s receptible/ vessel on earth

Scarlet witch a.k.a Wanda Maximoff was apprehended as a child and was performed a ritual in a sanctuary to use her as a receptible or vessel on earth.  When Chthon tried to clear off Wanda Maximoff’s humanity and conscience Avengers entered and stopped him. But this left  Scarlet Witch with confused/chaos magic but it turned into a high-level reality manipulator.

She has the most powerful ability which is to manipulate reality

scarlet witch

With some coaxing from Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch changed the reality where most of the people i.e., majorities are mutants and minorities are humans. and that reality was ruled by Magneto. Later with the decision of 3 words: ‘no more mutants,’ she changed back the created reality into its original form where she put an end to Mutants X gene which led to a huge depowering of the whole population and the entire fatality.

Scarlet Witch recovered Wonder Woman

When wonder woman joined the iron man team named force works, he gave up his life while obstructing a bomb. At that time scarlet witch came to save him and rejuvenated him in the form of insubstantial energy.

She put an end to Agatha Harkness

When Wanda came to know about her lost children accidentally from the wasp she broke down mentally and lost control over all her powers. This led the scarlet witch to put an end to hawkeye and vision unknowingly along with several other avengers and also her main mentor, Agatha Harkness. Without intentionally and unknowingly she killed the most powerful witches in the marvel universe

The scarlet witch set down Dark phoenix

The scarlet witch has the powers to combat the phoenix force and also to harm and cause suffering to all its, later when professor x was killed by Cyclops, he took over the personality of the dark phoenix thereby forced scarlet witch and hope summers to accompany their powers and to set him down. ‘ NO MORE PHOENIX ‘ was said slowly in an audible voice, so this is how phoenix force disappeared.

So, this Avenger is no joke. Scarlet witch is one of the strongest Avenger of all time, and you can’t deny that.

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