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Shraddha Kapoor movies list: The rain dance enthusiast

Shraddha Kapoor movies list: The actor and rain dance enthusiast

Bollywood knows Shraddha as the bubbly, cheerful actresses. She is like that one friend who cannot keep a straight face during serious moments and would burst out laughing and the kind of friend who would pull you into the rain and dance with you. But we are not here to talk about Shraddha Kapoor as a friend, are we? We are here to talk about Shraddha Kapoor as an actress. To talk about Shraddha Kapoor movies that are worth watching at least once.

Shraddha Kapoor, made her acting debut in the year 2010, with a brief role in Teen Patti. She got her major break by playing the role of Arohi, in Aashique 2, which still remains her best work to date. Shraddha Kapoor movies are a treat for someone looking for a movie to let their emotions out. With only a decade in the industry, she has bought some memorable characters to life and proved herself in the industry.

So, this is to all the Shraddha Kapoor fans out there, we have curated a watchlist for all Shraddha Kapoor Movies. Here is the list:

Movie nameRelease dateStreaming on
Chhichhore6 September 2019Hotstar
Baaghi29 April 2016Hotstar
Ek villian27 June 2014 Hotstar
ABCD 219 June 2015Netflix
Rock on 211 November 2016 Netflix
Stree31 August 2018 Netflix
Saaho30 August 2019Netflix
Haider2 October 2014 Netflix
Half Girlfriend19 May 2017Netflix
Ok jaanu13 January 2017Amazon
Luv ka the End6 May 2011Amazon
Street Dancer 3 24 January 2020Amazon
Aashiqui 2 26 April 2013Youtube
Haseena parker22 September 2017Youtube

Shraddha Kapoor movies on Disney+ Hotstar


shraddha kapoor movies Chhichhore

We couldn’t talk about Shraddha Kapoor movies and not place this one at the top. The movie is exactly what you want it to be, a perfect watch for any and every time. The movie captures the essence of colleges in its rawest and truest form. Kapoor does a commendable job in bringing her character, Maya to life and an even wonderful job in showing her character growth, within age and maturity, in a movie, with constantly changing timelines.



Give it to Shraddha Kapoor to be the only person in the room, who would be able to terrify you while having the most innocent smile on her face and that’s what she did in Baaghi. This is that one, Shraddha Kapoor’s movie, which makes you believe that the actress is not only fit for Maniac Pixie Dream Girl Characters but also characters who are more in charge of their destiny.

Ek Villian

shraddha kapoor movies on hotstar

Ek Villian was a dark movie and a few of those Shraddha Kapoor movies where nobody got the best of both worlds. Without spoiling it for you, the tackles some taboo topics in Bollywood, like unhappy ending, abusive wives, a husband suffering from Stockholm syndrome, and how people can fall back into the darkness without meaning too. Shraddha did her, what she is known for best, bring warmth and brightness to the movie, just enough to make you lament her fate.

Shraddha Kapoor movies on Netflix



Shraddha Kapoor features in two of the three ABCD movies and we have to say she did not disappoint. For a movie that mainly focuses on dancing as suggested in the name and stars the A-lister in dancing, Shraddha definitely left her mark on the movie.

Rock On 2

rock on 2

As mentioned in an interview, the actress in the movie had to sing her own songs and that is how Shraddha was cast in the movie. Ms. Kapoor is a wonderful singer and no doubt owns up to the namesake of the movie, that is by crushing the soundtrack of the film with her powerful vocals.


shradhha kapoor movies stree

This loved by all horror comedy-drama, was one of the most talked-about movies of the year 2018. The chemistry between Shraddha and Rajkumar was one of the factors which led to the success of the movie but also showed us how versatile Shraddha is as an actor. The movie is full of perfectly timed jokes and also shows us the nostalgic streets of small Indian towns and villages.



Saaho was one of the most anticipated movies of 2019 and was a hit at the box office. The movie stars Shraddha as a police cop, and if the Shraddha in Baaghi could walk, the Shraddha in Sahoo definitely was running. The movie is packed with action, betrayal, and some breathtaking plot twists. 



Based on a Shakespearean play, Hamlet, the movie was critically acclaimed for its plot, acting, and direction. Shraddha’s character for closely related to Ophelia in the original play. This is one of the most critically acclaimed movies in her career and the movie was considered a hit on the box office.

Half Girlfriend

shraddha kapoor movies on amazon prime

Based on a Chetan Bhagat novel of the same, Shraddha played the character of Riya Somani and there is no other way to put it, she nailed the role. Although the movie involved one of the signature Shraddha Kapoor movie elements, Rain Dance. Shraddha’s character in the movie is a goal-oriented, ambitious young woman, who does not want to be tied down by the burden of a relationship with Madhav, Arjun Kapoor’s Character. We follow the story of these two individuals and witness their fates.

Shraddha Kapoor Movies on  Amazon Prime:

Ok Jaanu

Shraddha starred in this movie with none other than the co-star of her breakthrough movie, Aditya Kapoor. The movie is about two young and ambitious people who also happen to be in love with each other. What follows is a train of super-fast decisions, uncountable doubts, and slipping away of forever. The songs of the movie are a favorite among the fans and critics alike.

Luv Ka The End

luv ka the end

Directed By Bumpy, the movie is about a desperately in love Rhea, who finds out the ugly truth. That her boyfriend is hiding from her and decides to take revenge. Starting a chain of event s which would surely make her boyfriend regret his infidelity. The Shraddha Kapoor starrer was aimed at a young audience. She sure did not disappoint.

Street Dancer 3

shraddha kapoor movies on amazon prime

Shraddha Kapoor features in two of the three ABCD movies and we have to say she did not disappoint. For a movie that mainly focuses on dancing as suggested in the name and stars the A-lister in dancing. Indeed, Shraddha definitely left her mark on the movie. (Also available on Netflix)

Shraddha Kapoor on YouTube

Aashique 2

shraddha kapoor movies on youtube

This movie was a milestone in Shraddha’s career and marked her on the map. Also, it is one of my favorite Shraddha Kapoor movies. This movie with all its songs and dialogues and wardrobe is nothing but iconic. The movie follows a bar singer Aarohi and her encounter with an alcoholic. We closely follow Aarohi through her rise to fame and stardom. Besides, the movie was one of the biggest hits of 2013 and the soundtrack is still a fan favorite.

Haseena Parker

haseena parker

Shraddha played the role of HAseena Parker, the protagonist of the movie. After whom the movie is named and her performance was critically acclaimed. The movie tells the story of Haseena Parker, the sister of a don.

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