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Skyfire Web Series: Review, Cast, Book, and Season 2

Skyfire Web Series: Review, Cast, Book, and Season 2

Zee5 continues its experimentation and takes creative calls with their new sci-fi thriller Skyfire. The Indian audience is not used to homegrown science fiction content, and Skyfire could be the first of many to come. Zee5’s web series has given us a lot of talking points. Here is our review of Skyfire as we talk about the good and substandard aspects for you to decide whether to watch this web series or to just swipe past it.

Skyfire web series Cast

Jatin Goswami

Shataf Figar

Prateik Babbar

Sonal Chauhan

Jisshu Sengupta

Denzil Smith

skyfire web series cast


Skyfire sets on a note where we experience a number of natural calamities striking the different parts of the country. A Tsunami hits the Southern Coast of India, Kerala is under floods owing to a cloud burst, there are sudden and off climate rains including acid rains in the provinces of major cities. The mountain ranges in the North experienced a number of unexpected and extensive landslides.

In the capital city, an altogether different issue pops up as the number of young children from the slum areas starts going missing. When one of her night school students from the slum also goes missing, Meenu (played by Sonal Chauhan) tries to find the truth behind all this chaos. Her partner Chandrashekar who is a journalist is caught in one of the floods and later on, helps her out in her mystery trail.

Soon we have Syed Ali Hassan (played by Jatin Goswami), an Intelligence Police Officer and a friend of Meenu and Chandra, along with the Chief of the Intelligence Bureau Nalini Ranjan Pant (played by Denzil Smith) who contribute and assist in the ongoing case.

Deeper Dive

All these sudden mysterious calamities and other peculiar activities occurring don’t look so natural anymore, and there is an even bigger and far-fetched secret waiting to be revealed.

Amidst the rumpus we catch a glimpse of Harshvardhan Dharma (played by Jisshu Sengupta) a benevolent businessman with a hand in politics and his wife Vaishali Dharma (played by Anindita Bose) who take it to the streets to help out the disaster affected areas and people.

As we dive deeper into the web series we come across several peculiar occurrences, deaths, epidemics, and kidnappings. And all the natural attacks look like a part of some larger plot. Skyfire gets into an all thriller mode as the search for truth and the safety of the nation is at absolute risk now.


skyfire web series acting

There have been some absolutely brilliant performances by the cast of Skyfire. In the lead roles, we have Sonal Chauhan and Jatin Goswami who both look utterly flawless. Sonal Chauhan has made an impact statement with her OTT debut. Jatin as the Police Inspector, trying to solve the pieces of the puzzle is the pick of the cast as he is so well-pleasing to watch.

Jisshu Sengupta presents an engrossing figure, always with a certain heaviness around his character. Denzil Smith is always a delight to watch. As he easily passes for and convinces with his character of the Chief of the Intelligence Bureau.

Another noteworthy is Prateik Babbar who is laudable yet with a lot of scope for improvements in his speech delivery. Shataf Figar (he is the main villain hence didn’t mention him in the plot because that is one suspense that they build around) plays the main antagonist in the web series. And there couldn’t have been a better person to play this role. His presence itself causes unnerving feelings and his prowess and mastery are well showcased throughout the episodes.

Skyfire web series review

skyfire web series review

Skyfire begins on a promising note with a constant look of suspense and mystery throughout the web series. In all the concept and ideology looks very appealing and fascinating but the execution seems lackluster.

There are two major points that bring out the downfall of the execution of the series. Firstly the storytelling of director Soumik Sen looks very off-color, leaving huge loopholes in between and jumping into scenes and conclusions with zero to no development.

Next up the work of the Graphic Design team is not up to the line. In fact, the line is nowhere in sight. Good science fiction to be appealing and convincing enough needs some excellent quality GFX. Which producer Shabina Khan totally forgot to invest in. And for some of the audience, the off graphical illustrations themselves might be enough to make them quit the web series then and there.

Skyfire web series Season 2+ Book

Zee5’s sci-fi thriller is based on the book by the same name Skyfire by author Aroon Raman. The book works as a sequel to Aroon’s “The Shadow Throne” where we come across the characters of Chandrashekhar, Syed Ali, and Meenakshi (Meenu). Where they face a mysterious murder and work to solve them.

Zee5 picked up only the Skyfire novel because of its plot and science fiction genre. Hence it looks highly unlikely that it could return for a second season.


skyfire web series review

The performances of the cast are a selling point for Skyfire. The strong acting and theatricals hold the web series together. But they seem to be on the wrong side of execution. The poor graphic quality is sore to the eye. It’s all good grades for the attempt and storyline. Because it’s not easy to jump into science fiction which is made in the country itself. Hopefully, this would turn out to be a source of understanding for all the sci-fi creators out there. If you can manage to keep your aspirations low and try to enjoy the cast and ideas behind Skyfire, the Zee5 web series might be worthwhile, almost.

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