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Stranger things season 4 will reveal more about the audience’s favorite cop, Jim hopper. Let’s take a peek into it.


STRANGER THINGS: Season 4 to reveal more about Jim Hopper

As we all know stranger things made our eyes bawl out with the season 3 finale. We almost lost our hero, and no one liked it. We all confirmed the fact that the Hawkins only manly Sherrif brings a lot more to stranger things and makes it even more fun.

The bond between hopper and eleven, the spark between Joyce and Jim, we, of course, would have missed it more than anything. Yes! Even more than Alexie! Then we all screamed on our screens on 14 February, when stranger things season 4 first official teaser was released saying

From Russia with love… “, which was the best Valentine’s gift for stranger things lovers, and clearly stated that Jim Hopper is safe and sound in Russia. Phew! If this won’t excite you to watch the new season, I don’t know what will!

Although the fans claimed that this could be the directors, taking all of us back to the past, where Jim first worked in Russia and then became a cop for Hawkins Indiana. Lol.

But we think that could totally not summon up Jim’s first reaction towards “Missing will”. No cop, facing a past mental and physical trauma, would react to a situation like that, when he knows what it feels like to stay away from the family. Like, come on! (Don’t kill us, but straight facts!

Stranger things to MCU (Marvel cinematic universe)

stranger things to mcu

Another theory by fans connects Stranger things to MCU (Marvel cinematic universe), claiming that hopper is actually the “Red guardian”.

The fans came up with theories when the Black Widow trailer dropped on 3 December 2019. The MCU comic claims that the Red Guardian actually worked for Russians and got his powers after he lost everyone in his family. The looks were a bonus to add to the theory.

But let’s be clear, Stranger things seasons are consistently based on the early 80s, starting the first season from 1983.
And the MCU based film Black Widow is from the 20th century and makes the theory nothing, but the audience being a fan of both stranger things and MCU. (Another straight fact)

Stranger things: Huge reveal” about Jim hopper’s past

Although, season 4 will include a “Huge reveal” about Jim hopper’s past was confirmed by David Harbour himself. (Our hero knows how to tease us)

“I know specifically that in Season 4 we will give you a big, huge reveal about Hopper’s backstory,” said during a panel at Liverpool Comic-Con.

This was always brought up by the audience, when all we knew is that he lost his daughter “Sara” and is, therefore, pretends to have harsh nature. This has to do something with the boxes found in Hopper’s cabin by Eleven, in Stranger things season 2.

The boxes were named “Vietnam”, “New York ” and “Dad” which could say a lot about what season 4 has to talk about. (Other than “Monster screeching” and “People screaming” and Dustin“Purring”)

The previous seasons of stranger things did not show us much about hopper but left little pieces to summon up which could help lead us to Hoper’s past life.

Stranger things: We are not in Hawkins anymore

we are not in hawkins anymore

In the season 3 ending, Byer’s family left Hawkins. And Joyce previously told hopper that they want to move to New York, but we still aren’t sure where the next season could set up as the announcement teaser just left us with the tag line “We are not in Hawkins anymore “.

It could jump between Russia and New York, or we saw Russians building some kind of track, and could not be somewhere in the middle of Russia.

Also, one of the boxes found by eleven was named “New York” which gives us more to think that, New York had something to do with revealing Hooper’s past, which could make us cry more, as what could have left a man take sleeping pills and pretend rude and harsh to whomever he met.

(Like, he straight smoked a cigarette in the face of Murray Burman! Sorry, BAUMAN! Who was a freaking investigator? Literal Badass!)

Stranger things: Hopper’s daughter and his wife

We could also consider that we could see more of Hopper’s daughter and his wife and the relationship between them.

Because we know that there was something more to the relationship between hopper and his wife, as there daughter’s death left them divorced instead of getting each other’s shoulders to cry on and whatnot.

This could also include hopper’s big mistakes in the past and him not valuing his family and have bigger, and maybe, bad prioritize.

And there are chances of that happening because in the first season we all got introduced to the hopper we hate. The character development leads us to love the character so much that we couldn’t control tears hearing him read the letter he wrote for Eleven.

His obsession for El in season 3, trying to keep him away from the mike, worked well to tell us that he didn’t love her daughter any less, and losing her was the worst thing that happened to the hopper.

Stranger things: What can we expect from season 4

The upcoming season will not only bring us more just about hopper but also answering more questions like,
How will eleven gain her power back again?

Are there more numbers like 011 and 008?

Will elven and Byers and the rest of them will ever come to know that hopper is alive?

what will they do this time to save them, if eleven doesn’t gain her powers back again?

But as we all know, we all are in Quarantine these days, which of course will lead to the delay of the new season, as it has left many of the films and series delayed.

This doesn’t make us any less excited rather just leaves us with exciting questions “Why Russians so desperately want to open “The Gate” to upside down? ” and “What they want to do with Hopper and made them keep him alive? “.

Let us know your thoughts about what could be hoppers “Huge reveal” or more theories related to the series in the comments section down below.

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