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Surviving Death: This is what happens after death

Surviving Death: This is what happens after death

Surviving death

Surviving Death is a documentary series that is directed by Ricky Stern. This series is about certain beliefs in life after death and psychic mediumship. The first season was released on Netflix on the 6th of January, 2021. It contains 6 episodes. This series is based on the book named Surviving Death, which is written by Leslie Kean.

About Surviving Death

Directed by: Ricky Stern

Producers: Ricky Stern, Jonelle Conceicao, Jesse Sweet, Jessica Wale.

Genre: Docu-series

Streaming on: Netflix

No. of seasons: 1

No. of episodes: 6


Surviving death

I remember most of my childhood watching various tv shows which are based on life after death. And I would often discuss my views about the afterlife with others. Predicting exactly what will happen to us the minute we die. I clearly remembered some people usually frightened by my ideas. And few others used to share their own views or beliefs.

After the entry of Covid-19, many of us thought about our mortality more than we usually do.  So, Netflix clearly knows what it is doing by releasing the document-based series in the midst of the lockdown. The complete series constitutes about six episodes. Each dealing with a different side of the afterlife. Comprising of experiences of near-death, medium, rebirth among them.

While most of the investigations relating to this topic seem to be ridiculously unreasonable. Some of the shows which I saw lacked originality and freshness. But somehow Surviving death took this subject seriously by perfectly blending both the unscientific and scientific evidence.


Surviving death

So, Surviving Death begins with the inquiry of Near-death experiences. One of the doctors almost drowned in the kayaking accident. She says that after she had died she was welcomed by all the happiest and brightest beings. With a field full of flowers and dazzling light! By listening to her explanations we can imagine the pop culture settings. But a lot of other people said the same when inquired.

Some of the large organizations are set up for all the people who experienced near death. That is a place where they can discuss their experiences and record what happened to them. If at all the series was only a description of reassuring narration. This surviving death might not hold this much amount of reputation.

What makes it unique?

What makes this series different is the complete amount of all the scientific. And scientist’s evidence which brought backup all the stories.

And again the complete second half of the episode comprises interviews with all the Academics. Including the University of Cambridge Peter Fenwick. He investigated some of the illustrative physiological theories. Like for example, lack of oxygen would lead to realistic illusions. But somehow he usually questions our meaning of consciousness. Like does it even shut down whenever our brain shuts off? If at all this statement is considered to be true, then how can people remember their after-death occurrences?

Fenwick is not the only specialist who had been interviewed. Dr. Bruce Greyson says that there are a lot and a lot of scientific theories. It talks about life after death that is not correct. So, when we try to speak scientifically the fact is we do not have the exact answers anyway. So, somehow the balance between all our personal experiences. And all the scientific theories made this Surviving death infuriating unexpectedly.

The next two parts of the episodes mainly concentrate on all the mediums and particulars of how the mediums work. Those people who are interviewed are shown interacting on the other side. While participating in various activities like attending various workshops and also conferences. Both these episodes do not indulge in many of the scientific theories initially. But they clearly discussed how some of the mediums are dubious of others.

Clearly, they didn’t interview as many scientists as possible. But still, this series remained neutral. As it can rather than being astonishing by speaking the craft from the perspective of journalistic disbelief.

Thereby Surviving Death leaves us with some fascinating bites.


Each and every single episode satisfies in the investigation of an afterlife. But somehow this series will not try to change the minds of people. Especially those who are not ready to believe in the concept of life after death. Or also to the people who are not interested in this paranormal. This series can be quite comforting. Especially to those people who are even slightly interested in the concept of mortality.

Now I find questioning myself about my own beliefs. Which I had once about the afterlife. And now I am not feeling as worried or anxious as before. Somehow after watching I even feel a bit soothing about the death and afterlife. During this pandemic where daily we are encountered with huge raise in death counts. At the same time frightened of our own survival.

This series: Surviving Death will offer us a fascinating look at what is on the other side of the coin. It also leaves us with the thought that we should not get frightened as we think about it.

It also offers us a captivating, delicate extensive framework of humans after death. In which we all have a pile in.

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